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The Ghosts of Graceland

April 16, 2015 | Book

Author Pam Harris has recently published her first novel 'The Ghosts of Graceland' a 130-page mystery targeted towards girls ages eight to 12. Harris, who has taught Spanish, French and journalism said, “I first had the idea for the book while visiting Graceland almost ten years ago,” Harris said. “I heard about two ladies who had moved from their homes in other states and bought houses in the neighborhood behind Graceland. I wondered what kind of obsession would drive someone to do that, so the idea of the Aunt Trina character was born.”
The book revolves around the main character Mandi and her twin, age 12. Much against their will, they have been sent from their home in California to stay with a great-aunt they barely know. When they arrive in Memphis, they are thrilled to be reunited with their father, who has just returned from a military deployment in the Middle East. While at their great-aunt’s home, Mandi is intrigued by unexplained voices coming from nowhere in the middle of the night, a strange man lurking around them, a quirky great-aunt who has an obsession with Elvis, and a homeless teen-age boy with a secret. To Mandi, they are all mysteries that she must solve.
Pam Harris notes to Elvis fans that "My book has a lot of description of Graceland and information about the Presley family interwoven in the story line, so maybe young people will enjoy it and become Elvis fans as well." - Print Price $8.99, Kindle Price: $3.04

Source:Elvis Information Network