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King Creole

April 15, 2015 | Music

FTD’s “Classic Album” series continues with “King Creole”. This 2-CD set features the original RCA masters, unique Thorne Nogar live monitor mixes* many of which contain slates, and original song demos. It features a 16-page booklet  featuring great photos, behind-the-scenes chronology and memorabilia. The CD will be released in May


Disc 1

The Album

Side 1

01 King Creole

02 As Long As I Have You

03 Hard Headed Woman

04 Trouble

05 Dixieland Rock

Side 2

06 Don’t Ask Me Why

07 Lover Doll

08 Crawfish

09 Young Dreams

10 Steadfast, Loyal And True

11 New Orleans

Bonus track

12 Danny


13 Hard Headed Woman (take 10 – master)

14 Trouble (take 5 – master)

15 New Orleans (take 5 – master)

16 King Creole (first version – take 3)

17 King Creole (first version – take 18)

18 Crawfish (take 7 – unedited master)

19 Dixieland Rock (take 14 – master)

20 Lover Doll (take 7 – unedited/undubbed master)

21 Don’t Ask Me Why (take 12 – master)

22 As Long As I Have You (take 10 – master)

23 Muskrat Ramble (instrumental)

24 Steadfast, Loyal And True (first version – take 6)

25 As Long As I Have You (short version – take 4)

26 As Long As I Have You (long version – take 8)

27 King Creole (revised version – take 13 – master)

28 Young Dreams (take 8 – master)

29 King Creole (main title – instrumental – take 8 – master)

Recorded at Paramount

30 Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed record master)

31 Steadfast, Loyal And True (movie version)

Disc 2

Demos and Acetates (not featuring ELVIS on vocal)

01 King Creole

02 Trouble

03 Dirty, Dirty Feeling

04 New Orleans

05 Hard Headed Woman

06 Dixieland Rock

07 Crawfish

08 As Long As I Have You

09 Danny

10 Don’t Ask Me Why

11 Lover Doll

12 Young Dreams

13 Steadfast, Loyal And True

14 Turtles, Berries, Gumbo

15 Banana

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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mholdr05 wrote on April 15, 2015
In my opinion, this was Elvis at his peak....excellent movie, great soundtrack. I wish the movie or EP had won some type of award to encourage him to keep taking quality roles instead of the crap that Col Sanders lined up for him.
Rusty wrote on April 15, 2015
I've been waiting for this a long time it's wonderful news to finally have this as a CD only version instead of with the very expensive book, I'm ordering this one.
burton wrote on April 15, 2015
I wish they would release the movie on Blu-Ray as well.
schemies wrote on April 15, 2015
At least this time the list seems to be complete, as two versions were missing on the CD/book release and still had to be taken from the "Essential Elvis" Vol.3 CD.
wildfishie wrote on April 16, 2015
In my opinion disc 2 is unnecessary.
whetherman wrote on April 16, 2015
I agree that disc 2 is unnecessary, I'll probably only play it once, but then it doesn't cost any more than a single CD does so it's for interest only (or not). I'm definitely getting this one.
marty wrote on April 16, 2015
I am looking forward to this release. It's a pity that the session tapes haven't survived (or been found) and only a handful of outtakes are available. Using the demos as a second disc is great, it gives us an opportunity the hear the songs the way the writers intended them to sound and compare with the finished master. Better than having just one disc for the same price, isn't it?
circleG wrote on April 16, 2015
My favourite soundtrack too, hopefully the sound is much better than Essential Elvis Three.
Jamie wrote on April 16, 2015
Hello. Does anybody know anything about 'Live Mono Mixes'? I'm unsure what the phrase means. And I can't imagine what the members of ElvisNews who complained that FTD's 'Flaming Star' CD was "scraping the barrel" are going to make of disc 2 - it doesn't have Elvis on it!
bennie wrote on April 17, 2015
nice package, but not much Elvis news for those who have the FTD book on king creole.
Biffx wrote on April 17, 2015
Will be getting this one. I hope this is going to open the gate for CD only versions of Fashion For A King and A Boy From Tupelo. A long overdue release thank you FTD.
TheMemphisFan wrote on April 18, 2015
circleG wrote - "...hopefully the sound is much better than Essential Elvis 3" More than likely, yes, circleG... and I'm looking forward to buying it! All that remains now for Ernst to issue on the FTD label for original soundtrack albums... Roustabout, Kissin' Cousins, and Speedway.
Cruiser621 wrote on April 18, 2015
As much as I hate to admit, I'll be purchasing this FTD CD; the only other one I'm looking for is the 45RPM Extended Play "Just For You" with all the available outtakes on FTD CD. "King Creole" was so very different as far as song content and sound and it takes me back to my youth when I was a mere 13 years old (soon to be 70 come June 2015). My how time flies and I'm still an avid Elvis fan when it comes to his 1950's music. His best.
TheMemphisFan wrote on April 19, 2015
'wildfishie' and 'whetherman' think the demos on disc 2 are unnecessary. Maybe so, but I think they're a very unique bonus at no extra cost. It's a way for us to listen to exactly what Elvis heard before his own recording process began. Therefore, disc 2 will be the first thing I listen to after opening the package, then I'll listen to all the "live mono mixes". I'm looking forward to it and I'm hoping the 16-page booklet is well done... providing a nice icing-on-the-cake addition to the set!
VivaLasDavies wrote on April 19, 2015
I wouldn't advise anyone to hold their breath for FTD to start issuing E.P.s as standalone releases. The soundtracks make sense but all the others were incorporated into albums. Apart from the remaining soundtracks, I hope Elvis (68) makes it to an FTD classic album. The cover alone makes it worthwhile.
TheMemphisFan wrote on April 19, 2015
VivaLasDavies, Cruiser621's point about the possibility of an FTD release for the EP, "Just For You", could be a way for Ernst to issue all of the studio Stereo '57 recordings in one package. "Just For You" (EPA-4041) - March 1957 MONO - I Need You So / Have I Told You Lately That I Love You / Blueberry Hill / Is It So Strange STEREO Bonus - All available masters and outtakes of the studio recordings from 1957 (excluding the "Jailhouse Rock" soundtrack recordings & excluding most of the "Loving You" soundtrack recordings).
JerryNodak wrote on May 12, 2015
Really looking forward to this release. Unless something earth shaking is discovered within the next few years, this will likely be my final purchase of King Creole material.