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From Elvis In Murfreesboro

April 10, 2015 | Music

Another TNT Records release... From Elvis In Murfreesboro, here is their announcement:

With a little help from our friends at “Audionics” we are able to present another fine CD release by TNT Records – this time it´s the show in Murfreesboro/Tennessee from May 7th 1975. Here we go with a concert (recorded from the soundboard) that has coincidently its 10th year anniversary related to its first release on – you guessed it – Audionics. For this new release the guys from “Audionics” have remastered their 2005 Version and out comes a significantly better sound – you will like it! The concert is COMPLETE and this is rare (if not unique!) for an SB recording from April/May 75.
When Elvis was ready for his April/May 1975 tour it was already clear that it would be another big success in his career. By now the “King” was such an iconic performer that it virtually was a matter of unimportance to his many fans if he sang his usual setlist or just read the names of the local phonebook. No, not really of course. But in some way it was simply astounding how fans – maybe mostly female fans – reacted when Elvis came to town. Already on the second station of the tour Jacksonville Journal Staff Writer Sandy Strickland wrote in her article titled “Elvis Presley (Sigh) Is Here!” that “One woman threatened suicide. Another is fasting in some mystical hope that it will bring the desired results. Secretaries have threatened to put all phones on hold or close down the entire switchboard while they try to catch a glimpse of him” and explained this behavior very simple with “Elvis is in town”.

Take your time and read the full article within the 16 page booklet that accompanies the release. It also has many photos from the concert and the whole tour.

Enjoy Elvis in his last concert from the above mentioned tour. The “Closing Show” can easily be called a fine performance from a seemingly relaxed entertainer. The year of ´75 didn´t look that promising at the very beginning, but with two more soon to follow extremely successful tours all through the country Elvis headed for more fun, as being on stage in front of thousands of fans was more than likely what he just loved. As Joe Esposito, his Road Manager, said once in one of his many interviews: “Elvis Presley loved to be Elvis Presley!”


01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 02. See See Rider 03. I Got A Woman / Amen [medley] 04. Love Me 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 06. Love Me Tender 07. All Shook Up 08. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel [medley] 09. The Wonder Of You 10. Burning Love 11. Band Introductions 12. Johnny B. Goode 13. Drum Solo [Ronnie Tutt] 14. Bass Solo [Jerry Scheff] 15. Piano Solo [Glen D. Hardin] 16. School Day 17. Bridge Over Troubled Water 18. T-R-O-U-B-L-E 19. I'll Remember You 20. Let Me Be There 21. An American Trilogy 22. Funny How Time Slips Away 23. Hound Dog 24. Little Darlin' 25. Can't Help Falling In Love 26. Closing Vamp 

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