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Jailhouse Rock - The Alternate Album

January 26, 2015 | Music

The previously on CD released Jailhouse Rock - The Alternate Album will now be released by "Mr. Suits" on pink vinyl on March 6. There will only be 300 copies.

Side A:
Jailhouse Rock - Treat Me Nice - I Want To Be Free - Don't Leave Me Now - Young And Beautiful - Baby I Don't Care - Jailhouse Rock (Movie Version 1) - ailhouse Rock (Movie Version 2) - Young And Beautiful (Movie Version 1) - Young And Beautiful (Movie Version 2)

Side B:
Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version 1) - Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version 2) - I Want To Be Free (Movie Version) - Treat Me Nice (Movie Version) - Young And Beautiful (Version 3) - Young And Beautiful (Spliced Take) - Young And Beautiful (Take 19) - Baby I Don't Care (Remix) - Jailhouse Rock (Remix #1) - Jailhouse Rock (Remix #2) - One More Day (Mickey Shaughnessy)

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Cruiser621 wrote on January 26, 2015
Is this for real? Please give me a break.... "MR. SUITS"???? On Pink Vinyl??? Wow!!
circleG wrote on January 26, 2015
Oh dear, I know I bang on about more vinyl releases but not like this. Come on Ernst, the round black discs are flying off the shelves in town. Original albums available to all, not limited editions.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 26, 2015
Ernest has nothing to do with is release. This is not F.T.D. release.
circleG wrote on February 01, 2015
sorry for confusion George, I realise that . I meant that FTD could start a sensible catalogue of vinyl releases for old fans and new comers and we could be spared rubbish like this particular release.