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Elvis, '68 Special Edition Vol. 1 DVD

November 19, 2014 | Video

Many years ago, Elvis fans were delighted with videotape releases containing spectacular outakes of the famous '68 Comeback Special featuring sensational camera angles and performances of Elvis during one of his finest moments in his career. Over the years since, most of the footage has seen the light of day in various official releases. 

So why then this DVD production? Well, this DVD series takes the '68 Comeback Special to a whole new level, in a fantastic split screen production combining all the available footage and capturing all the excitement - making watching the '68 Comeback Special a whole new experience.

Source:Elvis Australia
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 21, 2014
I would guess, this is not a re-release of the classic DVD. The 3 DVD box set from years back was the ultimate version with all the outtakes. It's since, been discontinued and not sold in the United States. I am hoping the next step will be a re-released H.D. blu-ray letter boxed version of the 3 DVD SET.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 22, 2014
The 3-dvd set from years back included everything except for the ending of "It Hurts Me" after the fight scene. How & why they omitted that part remains a mystery.
circleG wrote on November 24, 2014
yeah a few mysteries regarding this one - one being the failure to release the directors cut ( my VHS copy is wearing thin ) the real, true version and not the rubbish version we had on DVD a few years ago and also the lack of any interviews or commentaries by Steve Binder - has he pissed off someone at EPE?