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Magazine Sunday

October 05, 2014 | Other

During our vacation a couple of magazine arrived. Especially the Dutch one took a while, not because of difficulties with the language, but because of the content that was really funny (and a lot).

My Happiness

My Happiness

From France comes the 89th issue of Elvis My Happiness. Next to the usual items this issue looks back on the Memphis trip of last August, remembers the 60th anniversary of That’s All Right, continues with the live appearances of 1974 and extends the Leiber and Stoller Dossier. This is all brought to you in a very tasty way!

The OEPFC Magazine


The October/November issue of the OEPFC Magazine has an article by Anne Nixon, looks back on the 1974 Omaha shows, brings an article on actress Jane Elliott (Change of Habit)  and continues the Elvis At The Movies series. This all in between the regular fanclub stuff.

Almost In Elvis

Almost In Elvis

This issue of the Dutch magazine is called Find Out What’s Happening and is based upon the infamous bodyguard book. It is funny, very funny, but you need to be able to appreciate sarcasm and irony (and read Dutch of course). The editor described the content way better than I can.

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