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Elvis Wurlitzer

October 09, 2014 | Other

After the turntable Ricotech now brings a classic "Elvis"-Wurlitzer jukebox. A must have in every collection!

Natha wrote on October 09, 2014
If I would win a lottery . . .
Loesje wrote on October 09, 2014
Love this one :-)
Deano1 wrote on October 10, 2014
I am very fortunate to have a wurlitzer jukebox filled with Elvis 45s. It doesn't have his name etched in the glass, his silhouette or two pieces of cardboard with his likeness (one for back drop and one in the title strips), but it cost about half of this one so I am good. I did buy the red vinyl Elvis 45s that were made several years ago and they do look cool in the jukebox carousel.
Jerome wrote on October 15, 2014
what a great looking jokebox!...