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Almost In Elvis: Find Out What's Happening

September 25, 2014 | Book

The 16th episode of Almost in Elvis, titled Find Out What’s Happening is out in the open.

The theme for the 16th episode of Almost in Elvis, titled Find Out What’s Happening, is the infamous book Elvis: What Happened? by the three former bodyguards (and friends), Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler.
This edition of Almost in Elvis is a paperback, with 70 pages of stories and pictures. The style of this episode is clearly based on Elvis: what happened?.
Eight friendly followers of Elvis during his lifetime and after that, share their thoughts on paper with Almost in Elvis. Besides sprinkling their thoughts about the sensational book, they all take it a little bit further by question what could happen to us if we would become famous. To put it stronger even: What if you made an invention that is not only uplifting humanity, but that invention is yourself?
The writers are honest as hell and that can cause some frowning brows (excuse us for the translated expression from Dutch, if you don’t get this. It means something like being upset: Ed.)
To give an impression, of the character of the content, hereby some quotes you can find in the pocket book, Find Out What’s Happening: ‘In short, it’s not easy to stay normal if you are an Elvis.’; ‘You don’t have to see Elvis to understand that his end was so logical.’; ‘Even the most convincing leather queen wouldn’t walk in his stage outfits.’; ‘An overdose shame drove Elvis in the arms of the save bathroom.’
The readers will find out that they have no other choice then traveling along in the emotional rollercoaster of this edition of Almost in Elvis. But be warned that without any talent for irony, cynicism or self-deprecating you don’t want to read it.
As poet Jan Alfrink (one of the eight authors) has put it so clearly: ‘Fans will read it and will get pissed at Almost in Elvis, because they know every word is honest. We will even take an polygraph test to proof it. But maybe, yes maybe, this episode of Almost in Elvis will do some good for the bigots.’

Source:Almost In Elvis