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Elvis For Everyone

July 30, 2014 | Music

This 2-disc 7” set celebrates 1965’s classic album “ELVIS FOR EVERYONE.” The original press release posted by RCA in August 1965 says, “This is the first Elvis Presley album since 1962 [POT LUCK] that is not a movie soundtrack album.” In this new album, Presley demonstrates great versatility by singing a wide range of songs, familiar and unfamiliar, slow ballads and hard-driving rock’’n’rollers. Only one of these songs has ever been issued before (“Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”). The lead off-song, “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” Is the title song of the new movie based on the life of Hank Williams, currently playing throughout the country. Varied repertoire and Elvis in top form make this really Elvis For Everyone.”
Although it was complied from previously unreleased recordings, it appeared like a breath of fresh air to Elvis fans that had become somewhat tired of the formulaic soundtracks. The LP hit to the top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic.
This 2-CD classic edition features insightful essays, rare memorabilia and great outtakes!
It also features the rare overdubbed version of “Wild in The Country” that featured maracas and additional bass guitar. Although, the source remains a mystery to this day, it was supplied to RCA-UK for its stereo version of the album as a replacement for “Summer Kisses.” This track had been issued two months before on RCA-UK’s unique album, Flaming Star And Summer Kisses.
Apart from OPTIONAL MASTERS that could have been used, DISC 2 contains 23 Previously Unreleased Outtakes from the ‘60s!!!!!!




01  Your Cheatin’ Heart
02  Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
03  Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
04  In My Way
05  Tomorrow Night
06  Memphis, Tennessee

07  For The Millionth And The Last Time
08  Forget Me Never
09  Sound Advice
10  Santa Lucia
11  I Met Her Today
12  When It Rains, It Really Pours

13  Flaming Star
14  Wild In The Country (U.K. stereo LP version)
15  Lonely Man
16  Mama
17  Plantation Rock
18  Night Life
19  Do The Vega
20  Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas
21  What Now, What Next, Where To
22  Western Union
23  Blue River
24  Tell Me Why



01 For The Millionth And The Last Time – take 2 
02 Lonely Man – take  9
03 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell – take 10 
04 No More – take 9 
05 Slicin’ Sand – take 10 
06 I’m Not The Marrying Kind – splice of takes 5&6 
07 For The Millionth And The Last Time – take 6 
08 I Met Her Today – take 7 
09 King Of The Whole Wide World – take 6
10 Home Is Where The Heart Is – take 12
11 Riding The Rainbow – take 6 
12 This Is Living – take 8 
13 Something Blue – takes 5&6 
14 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow – take 6 
15 I Feel That I’ve KnownYou Forever – take 2 
16 Fountain Of Love – take 6 
17 Happy Ending – take 9 
18 I’m Falling In Love Tonight – take 5 
19 How Would You Like To Be – take 1
20 Bossa Nova Baby – takes 4&5 (2:34)
21 I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here – remake take 15
22 Vino, Dinero Y Amor – take 1 
23 The Bullfighter Was A Lady – remake take 10

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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Steve V wrote on July 30, 2014
Troubleman wrote on July 30, 2014
It is really ‘Elvis for everyone’ given the range of songs in this release! I’m guessing that the optional masters are all songs unreleased at that time that could have been included in the original album. The outtakes however seems to come from several movies (Blue Hawaii, Fun in Acapulco, World’s fair, etc.) that would not have been included in the original FTD releases. I am happy to get more unreleased outtakes but this is a strange release (IMO). I’m now wondering if FTD will do the same for the other ‘mixed bags’ releases: ‘A date with Elvis’ and ‘For LP fans only’. The only unreleased albums left from the 60s are ‘Kissing cousins’, ‘Roustabout’, ‘Speedway’, ‘Singer presents Elvis singing Flaming star’ and the ‘1968 TV Special’. TCB
Lex wrote on July 30, 2014
Orion wrote on July 30, 2014
This one is definitely hard to figure out... I am assuming the outtakes for "Summer Kisses" are being saved for the impending FTD "Flaming Star" soundtrack. The second disc should have been like the FTD 5" releases of old since it's really a mixed bag of goodies. Calling it "Pot Luck II" would be a really bad pun, indeed. As far as disc one, I would've rather had outtakes of "When It Rains" and "Santa Lucia" instead of the optional masters.
Biffx wrote on July 30, 2014
For an outtake collector such as myself this seems ok to me. This provides tracks that I don't have nothing wrong with that at all. Buying!!!
Lex wrote on July 30, 2014
It's okay they release them... but do it on a 'regular' FTD, "Outtakes you don't have yet", but not in the Classic Album series!
marty wrote on July 30, 2014
The original album was 'weird' in many ways, just a collection of unreleased songs! It didn't make much sense then and it doesn't now. It is not a classic album in my view but this release is one way of releasing some of the previously unreleased outtakes. Not an essential release but a welcome release anyway.
japio wrote on July 30, 2014
There is an acetate lp with different tracks. The undubbed but edited tomorrow night and an alternate you'll be gone. Why used not this version as optional masters.And yes tomorrow night was edited and later overdubbed.
Steve V wrote on July 30, 2014
Does anyone know if this take 7 of I Met Her Today is the one where Elvis uses his full voice on the ending verse of 'Last Bit of Pride in Me' instead of his falsetto? I dont think that take has been officially released yet, but I believe it was on one of the bootlegs from the 90's. Very good version.
JerryNodak wrote on July 30, 2014
Back in '65 it was a non soundtrack LP mixed bag of goodies that sold/charted well. A breath of fresh air. Now all these many years later comes the FTD expanded version with even more goodies. Still a mixed bag with a thrown together feeling, but that's in keeping with the original. Really looking forward to putting this release in my CD player and setting it on repeat.
Deano1 wrote on July 30, 2014
OMG I just wrote a post on another article in which I stated the original release should have stayed an anniversary LP and made into a 2 record set that would have included many of the optional masters listed above. "Great" minds (or maybe warped minds) think a like! I agree with Steve V's weird comment concerning selections 3-6 and 9-23 on disc 2. How are these tracks associated with the original LP? Other optional tracks for this LP could have been Harbor Lights, I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (not on an LP at that point), Tonight' All Right For Love and 45 only tracks at the time Mess Of Blues, Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello, Witchcraft and It Hurts Me.
Lou A wrote on July 31, 2014
Don't forget the iconic cover which reeked of the Colonel's carney way of thinking and showed the dollar sales amount for each Elvis album up to that time . Front and back one of my favorite covers.
claunath82 wrote on July 31, 2014
compilation tote but interesting because we have ??many new outtakes, however logical disk 2 should contain alternates from the original album as Memphis, cheatin 'etc ...I m shared.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 31, 2014
I actually bought this when it came out as an LP, not realizing it was a hodge podge of leftovers, some exceptional to be honest. I could never understand why certain songs like "I Met Her Today" and "For The Millionth and the Last Time" were never released on "Pot Luck" for starters, they were that good. On the other hand you could tell there was a definitive difference in vocals by Elvis; the young 1950's Elvis and the mature 1960's Elvis. "Tomorrow Night" a Sun original actually sounded pretty good with the added guitar break and the vocal background. Personally, I will not be purchasing this FTD issue as I have everything on it. This is definitely the last dying gasp of FTD unfortunately.
Biffx wrote on July 31, 2014
That's not a bad album title Lex " outtakes you don't have yet " lol. I would personally like to see more of these type of albums issued. FTD i would like to think have plenty more of these left on the cutting room floor , some hidden gems or funny studio chat. After all this is kinda how the label produced their early work prior to the Classic Album series. It does appear the 5inch cover is now deceased but I have no objection to the 7inch format. I also agree with Marty that this is possibly an outlet to release further outtakes that have not been made available. I would like to think it possible that by taking this route several more albums will find there way on to our shelves.
whetherman wrote on July 31, 2014
Some good unreleased outtakes here. I'll be buying it. Steve V, Yes that's the one!
benny scott wrote on July 31, 2014
Bought the original vinyl album, later also the CD version.Definitely on my list . Nice addition to my collection. Great outtakes, love 'em ! Always El.
Steve V wrote on July 31, 2014
Thanks weatherman. May be the only reason I may purchase this. The rest of it is buying the same stuff again, doesnt interest me, or is non-essential to me.
benny scott wrote on July 31, 2014
Steve, just a couple of minutes ago I listened on Youtube to take 7 of 'I Met her Today.' Never heard it before. OMG, that's the magic of our man ! That full voice during those 2 or 3 seconds , goosebumps all over.... Would gladly pay the price of a full CD just for this one (alt.) track. Should have been the released master imho ! Always El.
jimsayshello wrote on August 01, 2014
Benny Scott… I know exactly how you feel. I still remember the first time I heard it too… sensational. Must have rewound and replayed that section a thousand times. I think it was first out on volume one of the There's Always Me import.
benny scott wrote on August 01, 2014
Hello Jim, glad to know it gives the same feeling to other fans, many of them I hope ! As I don't have the mentioned import it was completely new to me. Take care. Always El.
Steve V wrote on August 01, 2014
Benny Scott - my point exactly. Why it wasnt the master , or why on the other outtakes of this song, Elvis doesnt use that voice again is a mystery. Furthermore, after all the years of countless Sony CDs, FTDs, re-releases, etc, , why was this take only available on bootlegs up to now? Indeed weird. But I am glad its finally getting its official release now.
Rusty wrote on August 01, 2014
I wish they had used the UK cover art I hate the cut and paste job the colonel concocted it looks so false.
theoldscudder wrote on August 01, 2014
SteveV, At your advanced age in life why would you consider buying this for a track or two with a sightly different ending. You could spend your money more wisely. Perhaps on the Puswar ala tar tar or on your dear friend that lives in Verona. As the Killer says thinh about it!
benny scott wrote on August 01, 2014
Hi oldscudder, respecting your opinion, let this be clear, in spite of the fact I'm also an 'advanced old age'-member of the club (lol !), I'm gonna buy this release, and you kno why ? because in life, sometimes some things happen and leave such an impression you find it more than worthwhile to buy, collect, obtain...whatever, you name it. This special ending of this alternate take gave me the shivers, I listened to it countless times since I found it on Youtube. It touched me so deep, I can't explain the feeling. When something touches you, be it a song, a poem, an expression, an article, etc... age is of no importance imho ! Absolutely nothing personal, I know from other postings you're an OK-guy ! Wishing you all the best and a nice weekend. Always El.
Steve V wrote on August 01, 2014
Oldscudder I said I might consider it lol. In this day & age, one can always purchase something, burn it to his computer , then make up a cd of favorites, & sell the original. FTDs mean nothing to me as far as collectibles go, so perhaps this is an option. Its the way of the world these days, and even an advanced aged person like me can understand why CD sales are down because of all these options!
John4126 wrote on August 01, 2014
Why did the outtakes on disc 2 not appear on the original FTD albums? Check out the running times for Worlds Fair, Fun in Acapulco, Wild in the country et al. Plenty of space. Something I predicted several years ago on here. That the 'classic' (sic) albums were far from complete in terms of available outtakes and that they were being saved to further illicit money from your pockets in future releases/upgrades.
John4126 wrote on August 01, 2014
Steve v - I don't know of many people who actually buy music. There are plenty of opportunities to download stuff from utube etc onto your tablet/ mp3 player. You can do it for take 7.
Steve V wrote on August 01, 2014
John4126 - No doubt. You are correct on both your posts!
JerryNodak wrote on August 01, 2014
John4126: The only thing I ever download is software/security updates for my computer. I don't download music. And I never will. If I can't buy it and hold it in my hands, I'm not interested. Yes, I know that makes me a dinosaur, but so be it. Can't wait to get this release. You'll have to excuse me now. I need to order the 2 CD Legacy edition of TTWII.
John4126 wrote on August 01, 2014
Hi jerry - I've no issue with how you prefer your to collect your music. Indeed why would I? I won't be ordering ttwii legacy. I will download it for free and if I feel like I want to be a touch nostalgic, I'll burn it onto a cd. Perhaps you'll lend me your CD player? I'm pulling your leg of course. Ttwii - my fav album and era.
benny scott wrote on August 01, 2014
Hi Jerry, not downloading music doesn't make you a dinsaur at all, on the contrary imo.Just like you I will never download music myself, I love to have, to look at , and feel the real thing, vinyl, cd, even 78rpm shellac discs. Nice to look at the covers,inlays, read the info, look at the pics etc... Don't want all this compressed stuff in minor quality. But : to each his own ! Always El.
Orion wrote on August 01, 2014
John4126 - you might be right. FTD could extend its life a several more years by releasing 5" companion releases to many of its Classic Album releases with additional dialogue and outtakes. That's why I think FTD will be around another 3-5 years. I'd also love to see the Elvis Today album revisited with better mixing and mastering. It's an absolute injustice to an excellent album that we have it in our collections with mastering by Lene R.
John4126 wrote on August 02, 2014
Orion. With you on the today album. Pieces of my life, a favourite song of mine sounds just plain lifeless on the ftd.
marty wrote on August 02, 2014
I agree with Benny and Jerry. I will never buy music in digital format. If I am buying something, I want to be able to hold it with my hands! I will download music but it will be something I don't care enough to buy. And I often buy a cd from some not well know singer of group that I downloaded their music and liked it!
Lou A wrote on August 02, 2014
I agree- CD's and DVDs for me . No down loading . I want the product , and I have the money to pay for it . Someday if and when they stop producing physical product , I'll sit back and enjoy what I have. And I'll have plenty of CDs and plenty of Elvis then, so it 'll last until the end of my life.
benny scott wrote on August 02, 2014
Hi Lou, good thinking, agreed ! Don't wait to sit back and enjoy till there are no more physical products ! Do it right now and as much as possible (lol !).Best regards. Always El.
NicoD wrote on August 02, 2014
Two tracks have always made this album one of my favourites: "Memphis, Tennessee" and "For The Millionth and the Last Time". Hope they use the original album master (especially for "millionth"). I always listen to a vinyl version of these songs. One sad note though: it seems FTD is slowly but surely (not the song ;-) coming to a close. I wish they released more studio takes with little snippets like CD2.
Steve V wrote on August 02, 2014
Wow John, you said the 2nd most dirtiest word on this website, download (of course Beatles is the first lol). I for one, have never downloaded and wouldnt even know how to. However, I am not adverse to borrowing someone's CD and burning tracks that I like & make my own CD. As it stands, this release is a total mish-mosh, similar to how the LP was in 1965. I will try & borrow one, and as a last resort maybe buy it off ebay at a discount. CDs are not collectibles to me, only orig vinyl is and this one means nada to me except for that track. Outtakes of material like Slicin Sand & Bullfighter Was a Lady make this a very non-essential release and surely shows FTD is starting to scrape the bottom just to get a product out IMO .
Christer wrote on August 03, 2014
It would have been nice with ftd on spotify. I am right now listening to the deluxe edition of ttwii there.
John4126 wrote on August 03, 2014
It is with some irony that as I read the latest posts I'm listening to Rodney Crowell singing about ignorance being the enemy. Spotify hey? Bet that's got a few scratching their heads. Notice any discernible difference? A distinct lack of quality? No, didn't think so. I'm not going to justify downloads over a shiny disc, the choice is and always be yours. But what I will say, is any difference in sound quality won't be detected by your ears. A sceptic, a friend of mine and a massive Beatles fan (there you go Steve another no no!), who shares John Lennon's view of Elvis, was of the same opinion about download quality. We tried a little experiment. His CD v a download of Nowhere Man (About Elvis??). He couldn't tell. We tried several more. Same result. It's all dependant on the quality of the equipment you're using, where you've obtained the download from etc... I I remember quite a few of my Elvis lp's. They're stored in the cellar somewhere. How many tracks were often squeezed onto the vinyl. Compression? But what a warmth that came out! Yer right! Elvis music is half a century old. A download is not going to make any difference to its quality. Steve, i'll happily send you a file of I met her today take 7. You can burn it to a disc if you want.
Steve V wrote on August 03, 2014
Much obliged John. I think I still have that take 7 somehwere on one of my boots. Will let you know after I read a review of this CD. I may buy it yet if some of the other takes are worth having. Then burn those as well lol!
marty wrote on August 04, 2014
I personally can tell the difference between a downloaded file and a cd but I am using earphones worth about 200 dollars! It also depends of course on other things such as the bitrate of the downloaded file, the degree of compression etc...
LarsG wrote on August 04, 2014
Is there anbody who can explain for me what an OPTIONAL MASTER is?
LarsG wrote on August 04, 2014
Is there anbody who can explain for me what an OPTIONAL MASTER is?
LarsG wrote on August 04, 2014
Is there anbody who can explain for me what an OPTIONAL MASTER is?
benny scott wrote on August 04, 2014
Hi Lars, in this case I guess we're talking about other songs that could have been used for the Elvis For Everyone-album. The record company had a choise of 24 songs for the album and they choose the 12 you finf on the LP. Someone correct me if I'm wrong pls, I'm still prepared to gather more knowledge. Always El.
benny scott wrote on August 04, 2014
Sorry, typo, "you find on the LP". Always El.
Orion wrote on August 04, 2014
Benny (hope you are well old friend...) - Thanks for the YouTube alert to the outtake of "I Met her Today." Never heard that one before. Glad to know it's on this CD. As far as the rest of the CD, I hope the original album has the new masters as prepared by Vic Anesini. It didn't mention that in the FTD press release, but I'm hopeful that's the case.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 05, 2014
Considering the fact that "Your Cheatin' Heart" was/is the lead song on the album, I find it very strange that Ernst didn't include alternate take 9 on Disc 2.
JerryNodak wrote on August 05, 2014
Perhaps Ernst is saving take 9 for an FTD 'Classic' release of "Welcome To My World." Just sayin'.
Chop983 wrote on August 05, 2014
I know this was a pretty successful album in it's day, but weren't RCA scraping the bottom of the barrel when they originally released this?
Deano1 wrote on August 05, 2014
Chop983, I don't look at it as scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but it was not right to pass it off as a "new" LP. It should have been left as a 10th anniversary LP as the selections have almost an anthology feel to them (imagine expanding it to two LPs with a gatefold cover and notes on each song). RCA did have the option of releasing a "Tickle Me" soundtrack and using songs like "I Met Her Today", "For The Millionth and The Last Time". "What Now, What Next, Where To" and a couple others as bonus songs. They would have been duplicating songs from previous LPs, but if you look at many albums released by pre-Beatle artists, duplication of material happened all the time. Dean Martin's version of "Welcome To My World" was so popular with his fans they used it to highlight two of his albums and artists such as Paul Anka would do LPs of newly recorded versions of their old songs (with atrocious results). With the "Tickle Me" movie doing big business with 3.1 million its opening weekend (true revenue numbers, not rentals like Variety reported) and producing two #15 hits, a soundtrack LP would have probably sold better. Colonel Parker was actually the one who did not like to duplicate material on LPs though so that is probably the reason this LP was released instead...Elvis For Everyone was just a continuation of "A Date With Elvis" and "For LP Fans Only" (and even the Gold Records series of LPs to an extent). They were trying to get the majority of Elvis masters on the new (for the 50's) and now bestselling record format, LPs.
Troubleman wrote on August 05, 2014
Deano1- I agree with you, although in a sense it was a ‘new’ album. Since Elvis was busy recording ‘soundtrack’ albums only, I guess there was no time to do a proper recording session for a truly new album. It could have been marketed differently, although it did have some success just the way it was. But most of these songs were ‘new’ to the public at that time. I don’t think they could have released a ‘Tickle me’ LP since most of the songs had already been released (on LPs or 45s) before. It might be ok to duplicate a song here and there, but the ‘Tickle me’ songs are all duplicates. They did however release it on a 45EP. They already had ‘Girl happy’ and then ‘Harum scarum’ on LPs. RCA probably wanted to release an ‘Anniversary’ LP of some kind, so adding a ‘Tickle me’ LP would have made 4 LPs in 65. I’ll be glad to add this album to my FTD collection. TCB
benny scott wrote on August 05, 2014
Hi Orion, just like you I had never heard take 7 of 'I Met Her Today' before. After reading SteveV's posting of july 7 I simply surfed to Youtube and entered the info ( Elvis, songtitle and take nr.) . My boy, my boy, what a discovery it was !!!. Glad you seem to like it too, and just like you I hope fort the remastering by Vic ! Take care buddy ! Best regards . Always El.
DerekH wrote on August 07, 2014
Regarding the original album, how could anyone state that it was a non soundtrack Lp? Half the songs were recorded for Elvis movies. But I still got a copy for Christmas '65. Now looking forward to the FTD version.
benny scott wrote on August 07, 2014
Hi Steve and friends, just discovered on YouTube that Elvis also uses his full voice on take 9 at the end of 'I Met Her Today'. Comparing the 2 alt.takes I prefer take 7. Just a matter of personal taste ! Always El.
DekeR wrote on August 09, 2014
Im looking forward to this release.
JerryNodak wrote on August 11, 2014
Me, too! It will get many spins in my player. The "Moody Blue" FTD needs a break.
Fugitive14 wrote on May 22, 2015
No one has mentioned take 1 of Vino Dinero Y Amor. It may not be a classic Elvis track but it's the only track on the album that hasn't already had an alternate version released before. It should have been included on the Fun in Acapulco FTD album even if it had been at the expense of one of the other tracks but I can only assume it hadn't been discovered at that time. Not only that but with the completely different arrangement in the bridge of the song it is effectively an alternate master.