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The Return To Vegas

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, July 17, 2014 | Music

FTD just released the August 3, 1969 D.S., yes the one that has been bootlegged a zillion times. Was it worth the effort?


With Elvis in this shape no-one can really mess up (just kidding, just look at some covers in the import list). FTD didn’t this time either. The booklet contains the necessary background information and is decorated with great live shots from the engagement and some beautiful color pics of the press conference.


This is what I wrote about the best outing of the show so far (The Return of a Prodigy):

“Since the FB (Fort Baxter) release was one of my favourite live shows, I first compared the sound of the two discs. This new outing sounds clearer than the Baxter disc, which sounds a bit muffled every now and then. Sometimes the new one sounds a bit too clear, especially when the Sweets are upfront (Hey Jude and What’d I Say sound a bit hard on the ears because of it).

Content wise this is one of my favourites because Elvis is very tight, he has a lot of fun between songs, but he hardly messes up lyrics with jokes or otherwise. Also the arrangements are a bit different from the later shows that were recorded by RCA. The orchestra is not that prominent, and I always liked just Elvis with the band the most.”

The sound of this FTD wins hands down. The balance between lows and highs is better and it appears that you can make out the different instruments better.


A great attempt by FTD, and certainly not only for those that missed the bootleg(s).

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circleG wrote on July 17, 2014
i have the FB release and I'm going to get this one. I love Elvis in 1969 !
Smile:-) wrote on July 17, 2014
Great to hear that FTD have improved the sound:-) I will most definately get this one!
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 18, 2014
why it took so many YEARS for FTD to put this out i don't understand......but still the SOUND QUALITY is absolutely the reason to buy it again in this version a great FTD winner!~
Dazman wrote on July 19, 2014
Got mine earlier this week. Lex, you're spot on about the sound. Elvis' vocal is no longer swathed in echo like the bootlegs sounded. This time he sounds more upfront, making it sound like a showroom performance. However there's still quite a bit of depth with the instruments. Earlier shows like this [from this return engagement] really make you appreciate where Elvis' performances evolved from. Some songs show Elvis still in rehearsal mode and not quite together, while others reveal a throwback to the '68 Comeback such as tracks 12 and 18, and track 1 has the rare extra verse. My favourites are tracks 8, a slightly longer version of track 9 [not including the tedious dialogue] and the raw, 'no-backing-vocals-required' version of track 11. While not as developed as later shows, I find this one a lot less tedious overall and clearly a cut above the bootlegs that preceded it.
Lou A wrote on July 23, 2014
I have a CD called Opening Night , which I think is this show. I'm happy to hear that the sound has been improved for the FTD release, although I probably would have ordered it anyway.
Troubleman wrote on July 25, 2014
Lou A – If it’s the one from Fort Baxter, then it is the same show. TCB
wooden heart wrote on July 29, 2014
Comparing Elvis comments and jokes in this show to his behaviour in the officially RCA-recorded 69-Vegas-events, you will find our man very much more relaxed, easy and humorous. It seems, as if not being recorded gives him a lot of pleasure at this time of the season. My absolute favourite of these concerts.
Lou A wrote on August 02, 2014
This came in the mail yesterday. I really like it , much improved over Ft.Baxter. And there really is a different "feel" to this show compared to the ones RCA recorded later on. Anyone know what the source was for this ? Soundboard? Reel To Reel? In any case , Ernst keep them coming . How about a 1969 Vegas box set to follow up the Elvis That's The Way It Is ?
Orion wrote on August 04, 2014
If you're thinking 'yea, yea Vegas '69 - been there, done that, got five or more other shows on CD already,' change your way of thinking. This is an amazing show that doesn't seem as scripted as the shows later became. It's full-out Elvis as Elvis was when he returned not to just Vegas, but to his fans after 9 years. This is the tiger man on the prowl, and he rocks. If you have the Prodigy set, you know what I mean - only on this release the sound is stellar. Hands down this one will be your got to release for Elvis live in '69.
AlwaysElvis3577 wrote on September 19, 2014
Gonna buy mine , FTD NEVER LET US DOWN! , , ,