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My Secret Years With Elvis Presley

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, July 06, 2014 | Book

Andrew’s Book released a novel by Tim Brooks with the promising title My Secret Years With Elvis Presley late April.

In general I am not too keen on fictional novels starring Elvis. Actually only Daniel Klein’s detective novels comes to mind thinking of it. Due to some health issues I was quite immobile lately and couldn’t sit too long behind my PC, so I had plenty of time to go through some books.

The fact that I managed to finish is shows it is not too bad, I know “serious” books on Elvis that are worse, e.g. the book by that guy he tries to show that Elvis wasn’t bad in 1977 (Mummel, Murmer, what was the guys name). Anyway, this novel is clearly fictional, but fiction is more believable when at least the factual part is true. Wood did not make many errors there, only one real big one: saying that Vernon and Dee were still together in 1977.

It is a kind “if only”-story that’s funny sometimes, mainly the stereotype description of Paris and its inhabitants. There’s also a nice plot twist, but all together I can not recommend it. The fact that the proofreader was skipped is a main reason. If even a not native English-speaking person like me recognize the mistakes it must be a bad sign.

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