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Walkin' Talkin' Glitz City Blues

April 16, 2014 | Music

Coming out soon is the new Straight Arrow CD release titled "WALKIN‘ TALKIN‘ GLITZ CITY BLUES", featuring the August 23rd, 1972 Dinner show. It is taken from an original mono audience recording in remarkably good sound. Yes, we used the original actual cassette that was used to record this concert in the first place, and we were able to improve the sound-quality noticeably. Ask your local dealer for samples!

It’s unlikely that anyone who saw Elvis Presley on stage during the Summer ’72 engagement came away disappointed. Presley looked fabulous: he had a nice tan, he was slim, and both the jumpsuit and the jacket / pants combinations that he was experimenting with looked rather good on him. His shows that season were tight and highly professional, and truly offered something for everybody. The setlist was largely based on the MSG one, with new additions like ‘What Now My Love’ and ‘My Way’ adding extra spice to the show. The dinner show from August 23rd, 1972 is a topnotch performance. He’s right in the middle of the engagement, with still about two weeks left, but he delivers the goods and puts his soul especially into the power ballads. It’s not unlikely that he may have wanted to impress journalist Joe Delaney, a reviewer for the Las Vegas Sun and an old friend of the Colonel’s, who was in the audience that night.

It should be noted that the August 23, 1972 Dinner show is completely new, even for die-hard Elvis fans. This concert has never been in circulation in any form. Unfortunately the tape ran out before the finale of „My Way“. The producers decided to use (great sounding) original tapes of the August 22nd, 1972 M/S and the August 23rd, 1972 M/S from their vaults, to fill out the missing part.

This release is presented in Straight Arrow‘s traditional deluxe digipack, designed by one of the best graphic artists in the Elvis world, rare photos from this engagement (he actually wore the blue swirl at this show) as well as intelligent liner-notes that give you the low-down on this show. No need for us to toot our own horn really, since you all know it by now: Straight Arrow delivers.


01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. Johnny B. Goode - 04. Until It's Time For You To Go - 05. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 06. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - 07. Polk Salad Annie - 08. Instrumental Intermezzo / Monologue - 09. What Now My Love - 10. Fever - 11. Love Me - 12. Blue Suede Shoes - 13. Heartbreak Hotel - 14. Little Sister / Get Back - 15. All Shook Up - 16. Love Me Tender - 17. Hound Dog - 18. I'll Remember You - 19. Walk That Lonesome Road (J. D. Sumner and The Stamps) - 20. Suspicious Minds - 21. Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra - 22. Introduction of journalist / reviewer Joe Delaney - 23. My Way* - 24. A Big Hunk O' Love** - 25. Mystery Train*** / Tiger Man** - 26. Can't Help Falling In Love** - 27. Closing Vamp**

* spliced with August 23, 1972 D/S version
** recorded on August 23, 1972 D/S
*** spliced with August 22, 1972 M/S version

Source:For CD Collectors Only
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 16, 2014
Striaght arrow is one awesome label,made by fans for the fans. Love the artwork.
You Dont Know Me wrote on April 17, 2014
A brand 'new' show in great sound.... nice one to compliment 'RED HOT IN VEGAS' from SA in the past!~
Andy_2 wrote on April 21, 2014
Have to disagree with the line about Elvis looking fabulous in 72. This was the first time I actually thought his appearance started to change and he looked different. Now we know why but back then it came as a bit of a shock. At least it wasn't affecting his performances yet.
Ciscoking wrote on April 22, 2014
Excellent sounding completely new show..for collectors a must-have...for all others a nice addition..
benny scott wrote on April 22, 2014
According to SA's announcement : "unfortunately the tape ran out before the FINALE of "My Way". The producers...etc....." That means that the following was MISSING : final part of "My Way", complete A Big Hunk O' Love, complete Mystery Train and Tigerman, complete Can't Help Falling In Love and complete Closing Vamp. Stating that A Big Hunk O' Love, Tigerman, Can't Help Falling In Love and Closing Vamp were "** recorded on August 23, 1972 D/S " is completely wrong, as the concert IS the August 23 DINNER SHOW and before mentioned songs were MISSING. This is IMHO the correct listing : My Way : first part Aug 23 D/S and second part *spliced with Aug 23 M/S. A Big Hunk O'Love, Can't Help Falling In Love and Closing Vamp **recorded August 23 M/S Mistery Train / *** recorded Aug 22 M/S and spliced with Tigerman ** recorded August 23 M/S. Anyway, this release is on my list. Just proves not only FTD sometimes makes mistakes. Always El.
Ciscoking wrote on April 23, 2014
That`s the way it has to be...;-)
Natha wrote on April 24, 2014
Benny, thanks for the detailed corrections. You are so right about making mistakes. FTD has the channels to mention and correct their mistakes. For the bootlegs that is a different issue. Yet one may observe that they know how to get the news out, thus should also be brave to do the same in the case of errors. Their profit surely justifies this 'extra labour'. As long as mistakes are corrected one should not make a point out of it. There is more in life or just get a life (smile).
benny scott wrote on April 24, 2014
Hi Natha, I couldn't agree more ! The older I (we ?) get, the more I realize there are many more valuable things in life than tripping over secondary important things . Always El.
Tony C wrote on April 24, 2014
Many live bootlegs were incorrectly dated, the concert section on Keith Flynn's site details all of the errors.
Ciscoking wrote on April 24, 2014
The wrong date (DS instaead of MS) is obviously just a typo. .. but no big deal..as it is just referring to extra info...the main date is correct. And yes....many shows were wrongly dated..SBs and ARs..cdrs..etc..but also many, many dates were amended so that nowadays only at times shows have to be re-dated.