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Elvis Memphis Birthday Celebrations

January 06, 2014 | Other
Elvis fans from around the world are already travelling to get to Memphis next week to celebrate the King of Rock 'n' Roll's birthday. Numerous events are scheduled, including the Elvis Presley Day Ceremony, which includes a birthday cake cutting and official proclamation. Elvis Presley's Graceland will also kick-off a year-long celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll during the annual birthday festivities.

On July 5, 1954, Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis and recorded "That's All Right" with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black. Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips played the song on July 8 on WHBQ radio and the switchboard lit up. Rock 'n' Roll was born and the music world changed forever. Popular radio and television personality Wink Martindale witnessed the historic night at WHBQ in July of 1954. After meeting that evening, Wink and Elvis remained friends throughout the course of Elvis' life. Wink will be a special guest for the birthday celebration, along with his wife, Sandra Ferra.
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Wednesday, Jan 8 - Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony – 9:30 a.m. Graceland Front Lawn.
Graceland/EPE officials will be joined by Memphis and Shelby County officials for a birthday cake cutting and a proclamation of Elvis Presley Day. Free admission. This event will be streamed live via Elvis Presley's Graceland event page on Livestream. Special Birthday Stable Tours when the Graceland Stable will be available for tours with artifacts on display including saddles used by Elvis and his entourage, personal western wear worn by Elvis, and home movie footage of Elvis on horseback at Graceland.

Thurs, Jan 9 - Fan Club Presidents' Event – 10a.m.
Uni of Memphis Fogelman Conference Center. Elvis fans are invited to celebrate the work of Elvis Presley fan clubs during this special event. In addition to celebrating and recognizing the work of fan clubs, the event will feature a program of EPE company updates and special announcements, including the latest on EPE media, marketing, merchandise, new exhibits and more. Special guest Wayne Mann, Elvis' cousin and witness to the start of Elvis' career at Sun Studio, shares stories as the city of Memphis gears up to celebrate .
- Official Elvis Insiders Reception and Graceland Tour – 6pm.
A private evening tour of Graceland Mansion decorated for the holidays and a reception across the street in Graceland Plaza. Special guests are Sandra Ferra Martindale and Wink Martindale who will be answering questions during an exclusive Q & A session inside the Elvis Presley Car Museum.

Friday, Jan 10 - Elvis Morning Movie at Malco Theatres – 9:30am.
Elvis fans will enjoy a special presentation by Malco Theatres of the feature film "This Is Elvis." In addition, fans can also see rare video of Graceland plus behind-the-scenes footage.
- NBA's/Memphis Grizzlies Elvis Birthday Night – 7:00 p.m. at FedExForum at 191 Beale Street

Sat, January 11 - The Memphis Symphony Orchestra Presents Elvis Birthday Pops – 60 Years of Rock 'n' Roll – 7:30 p.m. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts.
The concert event will feature fan-favorite Terry Mike Jeffrey and his band.
samcra wrote on January 06, 2014
The French/Canadian kid David Thibault is being flown in by Graceland to sing 'Blue Christmas' at one of the events. He is only 16 years old. Now, I can't stand Elvis impersonators, but this kid is very polite, gracious, and does a spot - on version of 'Blue Christmas' , he definitely has the voice. You can see him on You Tube - David Thibault. Also on the Ellen show, her and the audience fell in love with him.
AmyD wrote on January 07, 2014
If you think Thibault is 'spot-on', then you're obviously deaf. He is flat, out of tune and constantly off key. Yes, he may only be 16, but he's absolutely terrible.
samcra wrote on January 07, 2014
Well AmyD, I'm not deaf. The use of "spot-on" might have been a bit much because, of course no one can sound EXACTLY like Elvis. However, If as you say he is sooo bad, why is Graceland paying all expences to fly him in as a VIP to perform at the Elvis birthday celebration ?
Tony C wrote on January 07, 2014
Amy, you need to learn some manners. If you think somebody is terrible, that is your opinion, not a statement of fact. To say somebody must be deaf because they like somebody you don't is very rude and arrogant.
AmyD wrote on January 07, 2014
When someone is so out of tune, off key and completely flat then describing him as terrible isn't an opinion, it's a fact. And he is absolutely terrible. He has no singing ability whatsoever. And sounds about as much like Elvis as my cat. As for EPE taking him to Graceland. Not difficult. For publicity and to demonstrate that teenagers are still into Elvis. Very simple to understand their motives.
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 07, 2014
The main issue I have with David Thibault's singing (when doing "Blue Christmas") is that he sounds like he's trying to imitate Elvis' voice, so much so that his singing sounds exaggerated... not natural. I agree with AmyD concerning why EPE has invited him to Graceland -- "For publicity and to demonstrate that teenagers are still into Elvis. Very simple to understand their motives."
samcra wrote on January 08, 2014
AmyD says: " For publicity and to demonstrate that teenagers are still into Elvis. Very simple to understand their motives." She goes on to say, " He is flat, out of tune and constantly off key. he's absolutely terrible" So let me get this right, in order to promote Elvis to teenagers, they use this terrible young singer ? who sings like your cat... hmnn, not a very good way for EPE to do business. Oh well. I'm done !
AmyD wrote on January 08, 2014
Samcra, are you really that naive to think the invitation has anything to do with talent? It isn't as he has absolutely none. An exaggerated unnatural vibrato with off key, out of tune and totally flat singing doesn''t make him or anyone sound like Elvis. As piano playing cats and other novelty performances prove, you can easily generate considerable short-lived but massive publicity through Youtube notwithstanding a complete and utter lack of talent - EPE is simply cashing in on that. Sad they feel the need to and that somewhat bizarrely they believe Elvis needs this kind of association.