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Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, October 01, 2013 | Other

With a “little” delay the 2LP set of the 1974 show in Memphis arrived last week, being FTD’s most recent outing on vinyl.


I saw quite some complaints about the cover. I do actually like it more than the original, which didn’t fit the content at all. Usually RCA put live pictures on studio album, and now they had a live album they put a photo of is house on it?! The venue, okay, but they should have saved the Graceland pic for From Elvis Presley Boulevard. Maybe it’s not the best picture to be found, but again, I see not much wrong in it and like the whole presentation, with the original reviews at the inside.


We all know the content by heart now, I suppose. First we got the incomplete thing with ridiculous audience mixes on the original LP, then we got a good bootleg on one of the best bootleg labels ever and finally FTD came with the complete show on CD. Now we have it on vinyl too. Being the vinyl lover I am I tend to think it sounds better than the CD version, especially noticed in the separation of (background) voices. The difference is not as big as in some other cases thou, maybe because it is a live recording.


A nice collectable, giving that great feeling of having good vinyl in your hands… and a real cover!

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Jerome wrote on October 02, 2013
You can tell he was in his hometown by the way he performs full excitement. Also Charlie was at his best that evening. The way he handed those scarves and sang harmony. Instead of mixing the audience into the record, RCA should have mixed more Charlie into it..
Smile:-) wrote on October 02, 2013
More Charlie...?
alanfalk wrote on October 02, 2013
Good idea Jerome, actually they should have let Charlie sing lead, like he did on the latest CBS recordings LOL.
marco31768 wrote on October 05, 2013
I'm so bored about Jerome's comments... Please, let us know something serious about Elvis, dear Jerome!!!
lray wrote on November 02, 2013
Maybe Charlie could have handed out the scarves between songs while Elvis rested and drank more water.
Smile:-) wrote on December 02, 2013
This review is quite short and the content of the release is familiar. But still I wonder why it has only 5 reactions... I have just purchased this release and I am very happy with the look and feel of it, but I haven't had the chance to play it yet (need to buy me a new record player). I expected to find more comments on the sound compared to the original release/CD-version, the design, the experience of having the concert spread on 4 sides instead of 2 etc...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 05, 2013
Well its ftd,who knows,maybe reidel mastered it? wouldnt that be neat?