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Elvis File Volume 7

September 22, 2013 | Book

Here is the cover for the 7th Volume of Erik Lorentzen's The Elvis Files.

You Dont Know Me wrote on September 22, 2013
so a 1975 suit cover....'ok' but nothing 'special' i wonder how the CONTENT will end up shaping up for 2014 release?
Jerome wrote on September 23, 2013
What a great cover. I like this confident look and the royal blue scarf he is wearing. Too bad it is all spoilt with the yellow letters which make it cheap and not worth the cash they ask for it. How on earh could you use that type of letter? Are they doing it on purpose? To make it look cheap??..
alanfalk wrote on September 23, 2013
I have read elsewhere that this cover may not be the final. I have nothing against the yellow collor , but maybe a matching blue will be better. I have the first 5 volumes , and really like them, they have both great pictures and good texts . I don't fear this last volume as some people do, the years 75-77 actually had many good moments ( although Elvis was depressed much of the time and in bad health): most of the 75 tours and vegas shows, the March and December tours 76 + quite a few spread out concerts during the rest of 76 and a few in 77. And even though his dead was tradic , then I think that there will be many beautiful and moving/emotional pictures from the funeral.
Lou A wrote on September 23, 2013
I have all 6 volumes so far , and I'll be getting this one , which I believe is the end of the series.
In-A-Flash wrote on September 26, 2013
I will skip this one. Who wants to be remembered for his bad times?
roytcbintheuk wrote on October 05, 2013
"Bad Times"... in a flash !!! Elvis still looked great in 74 and 75 and the last two years still had some great moments and this volume completes an extraordinary life of an exraordinary man...Many thanks Eric for the great work !!!