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Susan Boyle Duet

September 09, 2013 | People

Susan Boyle has scored another musical first, becoming the first British artist to duet with Elvis Presley on a record, since his death in 1977.

The Sun reports that the Scottish songstress will follow in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion when she shares vocals on 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful', for her Christmas album out later in the year.

And, even more impressively, Boyle was given personal permission for the duet by Priscilla Presley, after making a highly personal request.

According to the Sun, a source said, "Priscilla asked Susan in person why she should be given the honour. Susan gave a hearfelt speech about how much it meant to her family and how Elvis was her father's idol. It must have worked."

Susan Boyle has sold 20 million records worldwide since she shot to fame on 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2009, singing 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables, and sending Simon Cowell's eyebrows sky-high.

Source:Huffington Post
Jerome wrote on September 09, 2013
Great idea. Hopefully they make a nice clip as well. She is a hot fox!!!..
Gorse wrote on September 09, 2013
The exposure for Elvis with modern artists is a good thing but I have mixed feelings about this development. I saw Susan on her first famous broadcast and on the back of that bought her first album, but despite her vocal ability I am a little bit apprehensive that the combination will be subject to adverse publicity from the smart alec section of the media.
DerekH wrote on September 09, 2013
Good news indeed, but I beg to correct it. Susan is not the first british person to deul with Elvis. Olivia Newton-John has already recorded the same song and it was on Elvis Christmas Duels. For the record Olivia was born in Cambridge, England, making her British. She was however brought up in Australia. Look forward to hearing Susan's version.
DerekH wrote on September 09, 2013
Good news indeed, but I beg to correct it. Susan is not the first british person to duel with Elvis. Olivia Newton-John has already recorded the same song and it was on Elvis Christmas Duels. For the record Olivia was born in Cambridge, England, making her British. She was however brought up in Australia. Look forward to hearing Susan's version.
Natha wrote on September 09, 2013
Had it been a non-gospel song I would have given it a listen, but now ... Sorry, no. Also, I doubt whether this will be an exposure to the people who seems to be intended.
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 10, 2013
Ask yourself this - would Elvis have sung with this woman in life - in my opinion, not in a million years - so it shouldn't happen now.
Wolfy wrote on September 10, 2013
None of us can know WWED? All we can know is that he had a great admiration and appreciation for people of talent in many musical genres. Susan Boyle obviously made a heart felt plea and has an admiration of Elvis and the kind of music he held dear [gospel/Christmas]. Elvis is known for his bravado and charisma, but he is also revered for being a sensitive and generous soul. I adore his Gospel stylings and Christmas songs ; O Come All Yee Faithful is one of my favorites by Elvis, and I am actually looking forward to hearing how her rendition with our man Elvis turns out. As for people who think Elvis would never have any part of this, please recall he was very excited [from all accounts] to work with Barbra Striesand [sp] .. who would have ever thought that pairing likely were it not revealed? and willing to present himself in the part of a run down washed up singer for the sake of his craft... In any case ; everyone has a right to their opinions.. Agreed about the smart alec section of the media.. and some fans.. I hope this project works out well for all involved and there is no 'bashing' this woman [who had a similar experience as Elvis of seeming to come out of nowhere into huge fame] not bashing her for this project in the name of a decent man named Elvis.
Rob Wanders wrote on September 10, 2013
horrible :-(
Natha wrote on September 10, 2013
WWED? Well HITKORNR, so I rather hear him being exposed as that.eh He Is The King Of Rock N Roll.
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 10, 2013
Barbra Streisand I could understand but SB sure is no BS. And what's with Priscilla "Presley" giving permission? Would this be the same Priscilla who divorced Elvis five years before his death.
ElvisSacramento wrote on September 10, 2013
What does WWED mean? I wish that English would be the only language allowed on this website. The vast majority of people wouldn't know what WWED means. Also, I don't care about this duet and I'll never listen to it.
Natha wrote on September 10, 2013
ElvisSacramento, I also have no idea. That's why I wrote HITKORNR + what it meant. I don't know why one just doe snot take the time to write words fully. This is also sometimes done with movies or songs. It wastes my time in trying to figure out what they mean.
In-A-Flash wrote on September 10, 2013
It should be WEWHD = What Elvis Would Have Done?
marty wrote on September 10, 2013
Apart from songs recorded for the movies (and we know Elvis didn't care as much for the soundracks) Elvis NEVER recorded a duet. Don't think he would have today, with Barbra Streisand, Susan Boyle or anyone else. Priscilla gave permission? Apart from divorcing him, she was never really involved in his music when they were together! What does it mean she 'gave permission'? Most probably they agreed how to split the profit, that's all that counts for most people involved anyway. The Elvis gravy train keeps on rolling, it really started when 'The Colonel' took over, was at full speed when he was alive and is going even faster after he died...
Jamie wrote on September 10, 2013
Hello, the story about Priscilla giving her permission after a personal plea from Susan Boyle is a load of old waffle. The record company wanted Priscilla's endorsement of this, and she gave it, because her blessing translates into sales. The hogwash about "Priscilla's permission..." and Susan Boyle's father being an Elvis fan then gets dreamt up by a little toady somewhere so that people can buy it and feel ok with themselves. Everyone's a winner except those fans of Elvis who can see through this crass exploitation, and want nothing to do with it. Whether Elvis would have objected to this awful tampering or not I don't know - it's keeping his daughter in pocket money, and it's not like he always prioritised his artistic reputation over revenue in his lifetime .
benny scott wrote on September 10, 2013
Apart from the 'WWED' (agree with Natha and some others about abbreviations) I second Wolfy's posting about Elvis being sensitive and generous. As for Suzan Boyle, indeed nobody should bash the woman for any reason. Wish her all the best for the future. As for the duet :one can like it or not, to each his own ! Always El.
GeertFromNl wrote on September 11, 2013
Boyle is even fatter than Elvis was in 1977!
Gorse wrote on September 11, 2013
Hi Benny ( the doyen of common sense) the comment from GeertFromNl is one reason why I said I am apprehensive and said 'will be subject to adverse publicity from the smart alec section of the media '. Disturbing don't you think when Geert is supposedly one of us on the Elvis team.
benny scott wrote on September 11, 2013
Gorse, I absolutely second your opinion ! Geert : for heaven's sake man, what has, here in this case, the physical appearance of someone to do with the 'music an sich' ? Suzan Boyle has a very beautiful voice, her looks did not prevent her to get a standing ovation after her first performance in 'Britain's Got talent'. Many times the beauty of a person lies inside instead of his outside appearance. Oh, and btw, I'm not defending a fellow-countrywoman here, Suzan is Scottish, I'm Belgian. Nationality is of no importance here, it's a matter of principles about mutual respect ! I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a very long and healthy life (right now you're only 23) . I'm sure, as the years go by, you'll change your view on people in general and learn to be more diplomatic .Always El.
cookingfat wrote on September 12, 2013
Elvis' music just isn't getting the exposure it deserves anymore.I hear a song now and then on Smooth or Radio 2 and that's about it.The record company is the main problem as no imagination is given to the releases.I'm not a fan of Susan Boyle's but her success speaks for itself and if this gives Elvis the exposure his legacy deserves then things might start looking up.
circleG wrote on September 12, 2013
i'm a bit dubious about this and Geerts comment may be a sign of what is to come, then again its only one song so whats the worst that can happen? I'd like to see Elvis turn up more on these 50s, 60s and 70s compilations that appear around christmas time. When lloking at the song listings you'd think he never existed.
japio wrote on September 12, 2013
Why always use Elvis and his music for give their own carreer a push. That's count also for all the impersonators, remixers, bootleggers with s..t like "in demand "ect, and the bootlegserie cd's from label"one". Victrola and many more
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 12, 2013
Regarding the whole "looks don't matter" argument, does anyone think Elvis would've been quite as successful if he'd had the great voice but looked like Oliver Hardy?
Martin DJ wrote on September 12, 2013
Oliver Hardy was succesful.
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 12, 2013
As a clown, not a rock 'n' roll singer - I thought that might have been obvious.
benny scott wrote on September 12, 2013
Viva, well selling 20.000.000 records is not bad for a woman not being slim . Would you pls be so kind to explain Susan's succes in spite of not having the 'ideal looks' ( whatever that could mean) ? Awaiting your answer ! Always El.
In-A-Flash wrote on September 12, 2013
I love being romantic and idealistic, but some realism isn't too bad either. Elvis caused a sexual revolution in music in the 50s with the way he moved and looked. He would not have been The King if he would have looked like Oliver Hardy in 56. He could still have sold 20 million records but not be the absolute superstar and legendary icon that he is up to this day. Most of my friends were not too positive about Elvis till I showed them That's The Way It Is and they loved him afterwards, generally citing this guy is so cool and exciting performer. Don't expect the same reaction when you show Elvis In Concert!
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 12, 2013
I couldn't care less about Susan's success much less explain it to you.
alanfalk wrote on September 12, 2013
I remember hearing that people went crazy and called in again and again to the radio station when they first heard That's all right, and at that time they didn't know how he looked, hell they didn't even know if he were black or white (so much for the "he only became famous because he was a white kid playing black music" theory) . I will admit that him being good looking and white, made things easier for him, but I'm 100% sure that his Voice, his attitude (both the bad as snaring/hip shaking/dreamy look and his good natured behavior towards fans, interviewers and parents),his style (close, hair, sideburns), his way or pronouncing words, his phrasing, his movements and the feeling he put into a song, actually was the biggest part of his success . But off cause VivaLasDavis also wrote "Quite". By the way I think that Elvis weight looked worse because he was sick and held quite a bit of water, especially in his face, and that he was brave facing fans and critics alike in that state (not looking good and being sick), he should have kept more of his money to himself and kicked many of the people that he felt depended on him out, but being caring and generous he wouldn't do that. And I agree 100% with Jerry Sheff, Elvis didn't owe it to anyone to keep fit or not put weight on, he f........ sang his heart out, even so much that he sometimes bent down in pain after a song, or collapsed after a show. Anyone who have been in contact with very depressed people (Peter Guarlnick thought Elvis to be clinical depressed at least from 72), know that they have a hard time just getting out of bed, so how does people think it is to have to give everything on has and as the center of attention, while being measured by everyone (is he getting older, does his singing improve, has he renewed his act, is he putting on weight), and we all know how much critic Elvis gets even from "fans" on this and other sites, even though he probably is the one singer that gave most of himself, and the one who left behind him the biggest amount of great music, But for some people that is not enough !! Sometimes I wish that we could see how the persons who are writing derogatory things about him look themselves, and also see how they are doing in life and what kind of morals they have, and see just how much better than Elvis they are doing (my guess would be, not so good !!)
benny scott wrote on September 12, 2013
Viva, I'm no real fan of Susan Boyle but I appreciate her voice and her singing. You don't give a damn about her success ? OK, no problem, fine with me, but if you don't care about her or her success then at least have the decency ( hope you know what this word means) not to look down on her like you did in your posting of 10 Sept. Respect people for what they are, not for how they look ! Capice ? Over and out .Always El.
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 12, 2013
Firstly Ben, I have not once commented on "how she looks" . Secondly, do not question my "decency" merely because I do not think a fake duet between this woman and Elvis is a good idea. And thirdly, pardon the cliche, get a life.
Gorse wrote on September 12, 2013
This new venture will neither break nor bring back Elvis to the big time as the die is cast in most people's minds regarding his life and capabilities. I think he suffered extra criticism for putting on weight because he was competing with the younger Elvis. Meatloaf was a big guy from the start and so the general public accepted it, as they knew no other and that's how the image stayed and was accepted. Elvis's looks were obviously icing on the cake as far as his career was concerned, and augmented his stage act and incredible vocal instrument. What annoys me most of all is that the smart alec detractors with a fraction of his talent will have a field day with this pairing.
dgirl wrote on September 12, 2013
I personally do not care for duet ideas or Susan Boyle in general, but there will always be new ways to try & market him. I don't think releases like Stax will resonate much interest with the public. The music is just too old to be massively popular again. I have a 20 year old neighbor who knows absolutely nothing about Elvis except he was a singer in the 20th century. Elvis has been gone so long now, people approaching middle age were toddlers when he died. Who really cares at this point? Let them do whatever. Its just entertainment in a very troubled world. It can do no more harm than if that horrible bootleg of the 1976 Houston concert shows up in collectors shops. Now that was a bad idea.
alanfalk wrote on September 12, 2013
I have a 22 year old neighbour who don't know who Obama is, does this say anything at all about Obama ? The Stax album may not go to the top of the hit lists, but have been really good recived by many critics (better than the placing of the original albums would suggest), when general music collectors get their hands on this they will propably rate the late 7o' Elvis music better than they have done before. That is quite something, because many think that he was no good after Burning Love (in my eyes THAT was his last number 1 hit, not Suspisious Minds, as often said). They have build a replica of Graceland in a small town in Danmark , and the first 100.000 has viseted it the first two years, now they know who he is. The movie Jagger is produceing will introducere many more. Sometimes when people on this site says that people have forgotten Elvis, it actually sounds like it is something they wish. I work part time as a bouncer, and one dj said to me that he always could fill out the dance floor when he put on Jailhouse rock. If we keep telling each other that Elvis is/will be forgotten, Well maybe he will (sometimes I really suspect that trolls go to Elvis sites to spread that message), I will instead do What I can to introducere People to his music.
Natha wrote on September 13, 2013
The other day the son of a friend of mine had his birthday party at my home as I have the possibility to view movies 4,5x3 meters. While I was still testing the system I had an Elvis show from the fifties on. The 8 kids came running in and immediately said: hey, that's Elvis! And guess what, they were 9 to 11 years old. There was no prompting and directing them as it was not my friends son who instigated this but two of his friends! So obviously he is known.Of course there are people who do not know Elvis, like I don't know a lot of other singers or band. There are people who do not know Bach or Beethoven, not even by name. That's not the point. I traveled widely around the world and even in small towns I found people who do know him. Even up to this day! Gorse, you are quite right in your statement about Elvis having to compete with himself. Now-a-days overweight is common. So I don't understand the discussion about Elvis being overweight. Sometimes people make remarks (to me) while they themselves are well over 100 kilos. So it is easy for me to counteract that. And they are not sick! Apart suffering from gluttony. Lately more news came out about Elvis being sick too. It is time we (me, fans, RCA/Sony, Graceland, etc.) show Elvis at his physical peaks, just the way people do with historical people. We don't show them while being sick, old or whatever. We show a nice photo or image. Bach and Beethoven, Washington, Jean dÁrc e.g. are shown as good looking people. And if one doesn't, it is definitely due to a lack of respect for another human being
benny scott wrote on September 13, 2013
Natha, I see what you mean and second your point of view. I'd like to add a remark though : showing Elvis at his physical peaks is, without any doubt, a good thing but it's rather difficult to show a picture of a good looking Elvis in, let's say, some months before he passed away. Should such pictures be hidden ? No, imho. The concerts took place, the photos were taken and published, it was reality and reality has it's undeniable place in this world, one cannot avoid it. Personally I have no, and never had, a problem with overweight people. All I can say is I felt very sad seeing our man in such a poor health, but to me he was still the Elvis I adored as a singer and human being. As THIS TOPIC is about the Susan Boyle duet I find it pathetic to have to read things such as "Boyle is fatter than Elvis was in 1977" and " Would Elvis has sung with this woman in life?...... Not in a million years....". The first remark is a direct reference to how she looks, the second one, though not explicitly, contains the same thought if you read between the lines. Just my opinion! Always El
Gorse wrote on September 13, 2013
Hi alanfalk - you are a very passionate guy about Elvis but need to lighten up a bit. I have been an avid fan for over 50 years, but am a realist.. The object of your displeasure is obviously dgirl and I often don’t agree with her, but she is a devotee of this site, knows her subject and gives her opinion. She is quite correct, the impact of Elvis is waning each year, but he will never be totally forgotten as there will always be a core of continual evolving devotees who will appreciate his timeless talent. Occasionally his star will ascend to higher levels and impact the general public to rival current artists, with perhaps something like an anthology but it will quickly subside. He is part of an industry where countless entertainers are heroes one day and forgotten the next, but 36 years after he left this earth, he is still globally known at all levels, and for many varied good reasons – yes from an ego point of view I am very comfortable with that state of affairs.
Natha wrote on September 13, 2013
Dear Benny, I fully support your remarks about the highly misplaced remarks about the physical appearance of the lady. This is highly unwanted, indecent and insensitive, showing a lack of human respect. One may have an opinion about the quality of one's vocal ability but it tells more about the person than about the artist when these aspects are taken as an object of discussion. Obviously people like her voice, so rejoice in other peopls happiness, even if it is not one's taste. We also like Elvis to be judged for his music and not for the few months of his life having a bad health. What I meant about Elvis was not directed to the last phase of his life. It was more a general remark as when we present Elvis. I share our sentiment about the last period. I never lost my deep appreciation for him as a person and singer. It was more a sentiment one feels when a good friend is very sick and Elvis is/was a good friend of mine in that sense.
DerekH wrote on September 13, 2013
Re SB. She's still not the first Brit to duet with Elvis. As stated, Olivia Newton-John, born in Cambridge England, had already done the same song with Elvis released on Elvis Christmas Duets,
alanfalk wrote on September 13, 2013
Hi Gorse, Yes you are right, I'm passionate about Elvis ,actually I'm passionate about most the things I do, for me that feels like the best way to live. I always respect your point of views, even when I don't agree with you, because you can state your views in a balanced and respectful way, and you don't talk down to other people. I have nothing against Dgirl, but I really am utterly against the way she talks about Elvis, and the way she gets crazy when someone critizise her point of views (or cirtizise the Beatles). When someone defend Elvis she will accuse them for liking EVERYTHING he sang, for not having grown up, or not knowing anything/much about music. And just try to go back and read 10-20 of her statements, I'll bet you that 15 are negative, and the rest may be somewhat positive (but then they almost always have a negative statement tagged on "before the horrible soundtracks", "Much better than the awful songs..." or something like that). I am well aware that Elvis is not as popular now as he was 25 years ago, but he is more popular than many people will have us believe (for some strange reason). But he is by far the most popular 36 years dead entertainer, and his music is not outdated, young people often really like his music, but they have to be presented to it first, and if we all just sit back and tell each other that we can't help his popularity, THEN it might well be so. A while ago me and my wife had two separate experiences on a train; the one was an train driver, that we heard tell someone of his visit to the Danish Graceland, his exact words were "I have not been a fan of Elvis before, but after being to Graceland, I'm now a fan", he had apparently gotten a tour of the place and seen a movie about him in their bio.. The other incidence were a little girl (around 9-10 years old) who started dancing when my phone rang (It has Mean woman blues as ring tone), and after I hung up she said "I can dance like Elvis", so she obviously new who he was just by hearing a relatively unknown number ! Like Mark Twain once said "The report of my death was an exaggeration", I will say that the report of Elvis' popularity death is also an exaggeration !
benny scott wrote on September 13, 2013
Hi Natha, no doubt we and (fortunately) many more real fans are on the same track ! Feels good ! It's great to be an Elvisfan ! Always El.
Brian Chatters wrote on September 13, 2013
I'll reserve judgment on the duet until I've heard it! Re "cookingfat"'s comment about the lack of Elvis on the radio (in the UK), I live in East Cheshire and the local radio (Signal2) plays a lot of Elvis. I don't listen to it all the time but I believe they play him at least half a dozen times a day and a lot of varied tracks, maybe 10 - 20 different titles in a week.
theoldscudder wrote on September 18, 2013
I live in NJ. The radio stations in my area rarely play Elvis. When they do it's always Suspicious Minds, or Burning Love . That's about it. In most cd stores (what's left of them) he's regulated to the oldies section. I think there are two worlds the general public & the hardcore fans that live & breath Elvis on sites like this. It's my opinion the general public is the larger audience.
alanfalk wrote on September 19, 2013
I have just read that the regional Theater in my home town Esbjerg (in Denmark), are playing the "All Shook Up" musical, the one with only Elvis numbers in it, and about this young kid who comes to a little sleepy town in '55 and learns everybody how to rock. This is the 2nd time in a short while that young people are putting this show together in a year here in Denmark (and both times it has/will be, playing around 8-10 times. Here a lot of people will be hearing his music ! I have started to make a booklet about Elvis in the 50s that will be handed out to all the of the audience, if possible I will make a cdr with a couple of Elvis numbers and a few film clip (Hound dog, from the Milton Berle show, and all Shook up, from the 68 special), that they can have as Well. I have always hated when people say, "that is just the way the world is going", like it is carved in stone, I believe that we can make a big difference if we want to.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 22, 2013
theoldscudder there is elvis overkill,way too many releases,any new fans would do good to figure out what elvis they have and dont have,his regular albums he did,are not even in print except on some collectors label that most dont know about.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 22, 2013
Without doubt, Elvis is the biggest selling Christmas artist of all-time. Despite this fact, he is virtually the only artist who NEVER has a Top 200 entry on the UK Single Charts at Christmas time with any of his Christmas songs. Every year, in contrast, Christmas tracks by such artists as Slade, Shakin' Stevens, George Michael and Mariah Carey to name but a few, chart well. His 'Christmas Peace' album occasionally makes the Top 100 at this time, however. In my opinion the Susan Boyle duet single will rectify this problem and give Elvis some badly needed airplay. Whilst, in my opinion, not one of Elvis' stronger Christmas tracks it will still get airplay because of Susan Boyle. I look forward to hearing the track and hope that it gets a Top 10 entry.