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From Elvis In Memphis

September 14, 2013 | Music

The new vinyl release on FTD will be From Elvis In Memphis - although we are still waiting for the other album in Memphis, the live one. The release date is set for mid November.


01. Wearin¹ That Loved On Look ­ takes 3,10 (3:45)
02. Only The Strong Survive ­ take 1 (2:27)
03. Long Black Limousine ­ take 6 (4:32)
04. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin¹ ­ takes 1,2 (4:22)
05. I¹m Movin¹ On ­ takes 1,2 (3:39)

01. Power Of My Love ­ take 1 (3:14)
02. Gentle On My Mind (Undubbed master)
(with track replacement overdubs) (3:42)
03. After Loving You ­ take 2 (3:43)
(Eddie Miller/John Lantz)
04. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
- take 2 (2:37)
05. Any Day Now ­ takes 1,2 (3:40)
06. In The Ghetto ­ take 1 (2:56)

01. I¹m Movin¹ On ­ takes 1,2 (3:39)
(with vocal replacement and steel guitar overdub)
02. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
03. Long Black Limousine ­ take 6,8,9M (5.02)
04. Only The Strong Survive ­ takes 17,20,21 (4.36)
05. In The Ghetto ­ take 20 (3.04)

01. Wearin¹ That Loved On Look
takes 12,13,14 (4:53)
02. After Loving You ­ take 3 (3:42)
03. Power Of My Love ­ take 6 (3:56)
04. In The Ghetto ­ take 2,3 (4.06)
05. Any Day Now ­ takes 3,4 (5.16)

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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JerryNodak wrote on September 13, 2013
By the time I factor in S & H plus sales tax FTD vinyl releases cost me around $60.00 (USD). I can't justify that expense for as little as I play them. Pass.
FM wrote on September 15, 2013
Is this going to be released on 180g vinyl ? Because if so I am definitly buying it, even if it comes out to $100.00 it is worth every cent. Purchased the the double album Good Time "The outtakes" and it sounds 1000% better than the cd's, so I am so looking forward to this....keep them coming. What FTD should do is release all their stuff on 180g vinyl, that would be fantastic.
marty wrote on September 15, 2013
I'll buy this album. It's worth having outtakes on vinyl from one of his best session ever...
alanfalk wrote on September 16, 2013
I have forgotten how vinyl sounds, can most people support the view that the sound is much better on vinyl than on the CD. If so I will start collecing those also :).
FM wrote on September 17, 2013
vinyl is 110% better than CD, I would LOVE and I mean LOVE if they came out with The Complete maters on vinyl, it would probably cost about $5K but I'd be the first to buy it
Great Dane wrote on September 21, 2013
Great they bring this out on vinyl. As for vinyl i'll give you my view. I love vinyl also, i still play all of his original almost every day and they sound fabulous. But it very depends on which set-up you play it. My records all sound great, but if you have a normal stereo they won't. The 180g vinyl will sound as great as a CD, but if you have an very good stereo they will do sound much better than a CD and even the normal vinyl records will sound much better. I have 2 turntables of which i can choose out.If i wan't to listen very attentive i'll use my VPI Aries 3 turntable on a B&O amp. But if i wan't to play it loud i'll use my Technics SL-1210 on very powerfull amps, even the 15" woofers won't give any wow or flutter, what is very annoying with vinyl on cheap equipment. It also depends what cartridge you use(MM or MC) and so on. But for me as a vinyl freak, i would say buy it and try it, i know a lot of people who sold their collection of vinyl and now they gonna buy it back because the sound is so natural. but be aware of new vinyl where the masters are from a CD. I play vinyl from the age of 4 and the CD's always end up in my car, but at home vinyl it was and it is, and i am glad it's coming back again.
alanfalk wrote on September 21, 2013
Thank you FM and Great Dane, you have both helped make my life much more expensive LOL. Kiding aside, I appriciate that you answerd my question, and I am really thinking about starting a collction of vinyls. I think I will try to make a list of the best sounding vinyls (180 grams), and invest in a really good record player. That the cover is bigger on vinyls isn't a bad thing either :). TCB fellow fans.
Jerome wrote on September 23, 2013
I bought this one but it doesn't fit.. Is there anyone with the same problem?..