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The Elvis Presley I Knew

August 12, 2013 | Book

'The Elvis Presley I knew: Beyond the headlines and scandal to the heart of the superstar" is a new book written by Denver police officer Robert C. Cantwell.

"The Elvis I knew was a superstar, authentic country gentleman and ‘unprejudiced’ that cherished being around those that regarded him as an ordinary person" says author Robert C. Cantwell who was a Golden Glove competitor and would then accomplish his life goal of being a police officer. He would climb through every rank in the Denver Police Dept, to become the Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. After 48 years he would retire from Law Enforcement. This is his first written account of the time he was with Elvis from 1970-1977.

Cantwell states that, "The Elvis I knew was more than the world’s superstar; he was a true country gentleman. He cherished those that treated him as a normal person rather than a meal ticket. Elvis’ life and tragic ending has been extensively covered in all forms of media. I wanted to share my memories of the man few people had the good fortune to witness firsthand. He was more than an amazing singer and entertainer. He was a generous, caring man who craved true friendship and loyalty. Elvis has "left the building," but he never has left my heart.

174 pages, published August 3, 2013.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Jerome wrote on August 12, 2013
This must be a careful written book, considering all the years that it took for him to write it....
You Dont Know Me wrote on August 15, 2013
A good book to read and gives good details on Elvis's Colorado visits.... NOT that their were too many of them!~
TBG wrote on August 21, 2013
The picture is from 1976, and one of the least flattering pics I've ever seen of Elvis. However, the guy is genuine, and I'm sure there are some great stories in there.