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August 09, 2013 | Book

 The Something Special label announced the release of a new CD "Elvis Unplugged: Versions You Have Never Heard!" This contains 20 songs with either just vocal tracks or backing tracks. It is due for release September 9, 2013.

Product Description:
A Totally unique package that features Versions of Elvis tunes never before heard 20 tracks in total. We have 10 Original Studio tracks of Elvis vocals only, where you only hear the fabulous vocals up close and personal of Elvis As if you were sitting and listening in the same room. Also, there is 10 Original ELVIS backing tracks, where all you hear are the fantastic band and sometimes backing vocals clear and vibrant as if the Instruments are bursting out of your speakers in wonderful STEREO! This is Fantastic for Karaoke and Sing-A-Longs both for professionals and amateurs and of course for any fan of rare Elvis. This package Is a fantastic collectors Item of never before heard versions. All of the 10 Instrumental tracks are in stereo.

1. Blue Suede Shoes (Vocal), 2. Little Sister (Instrumental), 3. Where Do You Come From (Vocal), 4. Kiss Me Quick (Instrumental), 5. Good Luck Charm (Vocal), 6. Follow That Dream (Instrumental), 7. Shoppin' Around (Vocal), 8. I Want You With Me (Instrumental), 9. She's Not You (Vocal), 10. Flaming Star (Instrumental), 11. His Hand In Mine (Vocal), 12. Night Rider (Instrumental), 13. Girls Girls Girls (Vocal), 14. Riding The Rainbow (Instrumental), 15. Doin' The Best I Can (Vocal), 16. You'll Be Gone (Instrumental), 17. Suspicion (Vocal), 18. Put The Blame On Me (Instrumental), 19. Judy (Vocal)(Redell), 20. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (Instrumental)

al shookup wrote on August 09, 2013
Not for me I'm afraid.
Natha wrote on August 09, 2013
Maybe something for Jerome.
benny scott wrote on August 09, 2013
I don't think so, Old Shep isn't on it ! Always El.
Jerome wrote on August 12, 2013
Why don't they title it 'Elvis Karaoke'??...
Natha wrote on August 12, 2013
To trick Jerome into buying it. But benny Scott is right. So they failed
japio wrote on August 24, 2013
10 original backing tracks????/. Or just karaoke versesion???. thinking about the first . they have software to isolate the vocals ( and yes there is software to created this. Only with headphones on you can hear bleeding of the vocals) But i think this one is just new recorded tracks.
marco31768 wrote on November 02, 2013
I'm so bored about Jerome's comments... Please, let us know something serious about Elvis, dear Jerome!!!