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Spotlight On Elvis

August 09, 2013 | Book

Ed Bonja, Elvis' tour photographer releases a new book 'Spotlight on Elvis' this month. Just like the deluxe Boxcar releases about ‘Graceland’ and ‘Aloha From Hawaii’, this publication come as a deluxe version. With 160 pages and over 200 pictures, it is a collection of Bonja’s best photographs that he ever took of Elvis. Each book comes with a signed picture of Ed. Bonja was always disappointed with the original print quality of his first book 'Shot By Ed Bonja' and now he has a chance to create a quality production that his pictures deserve.
Coming soon, priced around US$80

Source:Elvis Information Network
al shookup wrote on August 09, 2013
US$80? Just where do they get these prices from, don't they realise there is a recession going on.
tcb1 wrote on August 09, 2013
The free autograph from Ed still is not enough to entice me into this purchase.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 09, 2013
Elvis is worth the $80.. But as pointed out the Economy is bad.. The book would sell better at $30.
Jerome wrote on August 12, 2013
With all respect, but what do I need an Ed Bonja autograph for?...
bennie wrote on August 13, 2013
well 50 cents a page is a bargain!!!!
Tomeka wrote on August 14, 2013
I really hope this book comes out cheaper on Amazon kindle. I think you can still see the pictures just as well as if you were holding the actual book.