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Elvis Presley Home Bedding Collection

May 17, 2013 | Other

Legends Home Bedding, a Hollywood, California based home bedding manufacturer announced today they will be introducing the Elvis Presley Home Bedding Collection in June. The bedding can be purchased by visiting LegendsHomeBedding.com.

Legends’ President of Sales David Bursteen, said, "The quality bedding will be a sophisticated statement, with a touch of flair. Legends Home Bedding will provide Elvis fans a new and elegant way to dress up their home with beautifully crafted home bedding. The collection is not only inspired by, but also bears the likeness of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll™, Elvis Presley.”

Ines Brigman, Legends’ president of operations, said, "We've created two new and unique styles in queen size bedding sets. The product will be available via Internet and retail outlets in mid-June 2013. Our primary market research indicated a strong response by both dedicated Elvis fans and those just looking to enhance their bedroom decor."

Bursteen added, "The home bedding category has been void of celebrity licensing for adults, and what better way to fill that void than with Elvis Presley, who continues to remain in the hearts of people all over the globe."

Iris Houston, merchandise manager for Elvis Presley Enterprises, said, "We haven't licensed the Elvis brand to the home bedding category since 1999. We are proud of our association with Legends Home Bedding and happy to have them as one of the newest licensees of the Elvis brand.”


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burton wrote on May 17, 2013
I'm sure my wife would love to sleep with Elvis.
sunrecords56 wrote on May 17, 2013
oh I just cant wait...
Sirbalkan wrote on May 17, 2013
I want them all !!!
al shookup wrote on May 18, 2013
Tastefully done...I like it.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 18, 2013
Absolutely tackie.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on May 19, 2013
Thought this was going to be about plants for my garden
KidGalahad79 wrote on May 22, 2013
i am getting the 68 comeback special set.
Hollybynight wrote on June 05, 2013
Long time Elvis fan, I've joined this group because I'm disgusted at this type of commerical activity by EPE. They should be focussing on maintaining Elvis musical legacy and making it known to a new audience. Instead they licence this junk, which only serves to further ruin Elvis' reputation. Today for most people Elvis unfortunately is banana and peanut sandwiches, jumpsuits, died on toilet, etc. EPE should be countering this, not selling bedlinen which can be bought in thousands of stores. But of course they are not interested in Elvis musical legacy, only in making more and more $$$.
burton wrote on June 13, 2013
I see EPE are carrying on the Col. Parker legacy. Sell his image & make mega bucks, no matter how tasteless & tacky it is.