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Such Night

March 05, 2013 | Music

The forthcoming release from the "SR" label is titled "Such Night" and will feature the unreleased show from Las Vegas August 16, 1969 Midnight Show.

This is what SR says about it: 

After a long research finally we located a good tape that gives us the possibility to produce a show from Elvis very first season.

As everybody knows SR concentrates its work on early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to produce always unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his possibilities. In this our new release, we are proud to present the almost complete show from August 16th midnight performance of the first Elvis’ historical Vegas season.

The midnight show from August 16th, as presented on this CD, represents one of the best show of Elvis’ first and maybe best Vegas season, Elvis’ first Vegas act is incredible, like a wild animal free from his cage, Elvis gave life to a memorable first season. Dressed in black tunic, Elvis stepped in the stage shaking, gyrating like nothing was changed in the last 9 years of his absence from the stage, He performed the best of his past hits and the new two singles from the Memphis 1969 sessions. The music is the focus of the season, Elvis appear better than ever, concentrate and strong He delivered a long show with no surprises in the track list respect the season, but pure dynamite from the begin to the end of the show.

This recording come from an early generation copy of the master tape, the sound quality is very good considering the first season. We have on our hands the original mono tape of extremely good quality enabling us to carry out simple re-mastering work, concentrating on the reduction of noise trying to achieve a more clear sound and of Elvis, keeping his vocal power up in the central mix and at the same time trying to give a great definition to the background music. The Tape was incomplete, Suspicious Minds was missing and most part of the Life Story dialogue (only the first 48 seconds left), we have been able to include Suspicious Minds from a second source of the same show in the matter to give to the show the deserved completeness.

So enjoy our work and realize: this is one of the best possible audience recording of this season you can find all around! In spite the RCA recording of the last week of the season; here you have the chance to listen to a solid and powerful Elvis in an almost complete show far away from nervousness of an opening night or a professional recording.

As usually from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe digipack, containing a collection of live photographs from the season and informative liner notes +a four pages booklet.


01.Intro;02.Blue Suede Shoes;03.I Got A Woman;04.All Shook Up;05.Dialogue(cut) 06.Love Me Tender;07.My Babe;08.Dialogue;09.Such A Night (one line) 10.Jailhouse Rock/Don’t Be Cruel;11.Heartbreak Hotel;12.Dialogue;13.Hound Dog 14.Dialogue;15.Memories;16.Dialogue;17.Mistery Train/Tiger Man;18.+Life Story19.Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do;20.Runaway;21.Are You Lonesome Tonight?;22.Yesterday/Hey Jude;23.Band Introducion;24.In The Ghetto;25.*Suspicious Minds26.What’d I Say;27.Can’t Help Falling In Love
*denote a difference source
+ Incomplete, first 48 seconds only
Approximate Total running time: 69.11

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Brian Quinn wrote on March 05, 2013
Anything from 1969 has got to be worth a listen. Sounds promising.
Jerome wrote on March 05, 2013
different source can implicate the tape recorder was hidden in the purse instead of under the chair, which does not always mean better sound...
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 05, 2013
I already have enough 1969 good sounding material without risk buying an 'SR' release