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Remix Contest

February 07, 2013 | Other

The Official Elvis Presley Fanclub of Great Britain will have a remix competition. This is what they have to say about it:

You will have seen or heard about the Billy Fury / Elvis Presley remix duet of these legendary artists singing the soundtrack song “Because of Love” from Girls! Girls! Girls! This piece was produced by Jon Aldersea and we used it in our “April Fool” Radio Caroline Special, and has been a huge internet success on lots of sites, especially on YouTube.

We are now inviting everyone who has the knowledge to do something similar to enter our contest. The conditions are as follows, and these are important so that entrants do not infringe our domestic copyright laws.

Each entrant has to be a citizen of the European Community; The original Elvis track chosen to be remixed, must be within the “public domain”, which means that it has to have been both recorded and published (i.e. pressed and on sale) prior to December 1962. That is everything prior and up to the release of the album “Girls! Girls! Girls!” and the single “ReturnTo Sender”, but not anything released in 1963 and thereafter. Also tracks recorded prior to 1962 but not published until after December 1962 cannot be included, such as the “It Happened at the World’s Fair” tracks, or for that matter “Plantation Rock” recorded on 28th March 1962 for Girls! Girls! Girls! but not published until 1993 on the Kid Galahad/Girls! Girls! Girls! “Double Features” CD.

For our contest the re-mixed Elvis song submitted to our competition must not have been previously sold, distributed or published. Publishing includes being posted on social internet sites, or placed on YouTube or on similar share-ware sites.

If you look on YouTube you will find lots of examples of great Elvis remixes, such as reggae versions of “Return To Sender” or hot dance remixes to “That’s Alright”, but we don’t want more of the same. We want originality!

So, burn your work onto a CD, and mail it to us by 1st August 2013. Upon receipt you will be asked to sign a contest document, and ensure you keep an original and a dated certificate of posting.

Elvis Remix,
PO Box 3456,
Staffordshire ST10 9BG

And there is a prize. The top 20 songs will be broadcast on our global radio show during August, and the winner, chosen by our audience will win a trip to Graceland, and who knows, you might get your track commercially released.

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain
NONE000000 wrote on February 07, 2013
I'm a big fan of remixes, at least in theory. In practice, however, most of them kinda suck. But I don't think I have heard one that sucks more than this one. This duet makes me long for Spankoxx's remixes---I those were also pretty bad. The arrangement of Because Of Love is good, maybe an improvement to the original, but it just sounds like an amateur singing along with the King. Remixes===every possibility of being good, even great. Because music can sound dated, but Elvis' voice will NEVER sound anything less than amazing, so go ahead, update the music. However..... Duets====always a bad idea. Always. That Christmas Duets album flopped, and the duets on Viva Elvis were low points. Elvis isn't Sinatra or Bennett. For whatever reason, the only posthumous duet that worked, IMO, was Don't Cry Daddy with Lisa Marie.
Emiel Maier wrote on February 07, 2013
I agree and disagree with KingCreole. I too am a big fan of remixes as long as it is done in good taste. The first thing people think when they hear the word 'Remix', is the adding of just a pronounced beat to the music. Unfortunately that is the common thing these days. But it would be a bigger challenge when producers would strip of the original instruments and start working with just Elvis's voice. Stig Edgren did it with Elvis The Concert, and Cirque du Soleil did it with Viva Elvis. Although I did not like the entire Viva Elvis album (I gave it 4 out of 5 stars), most of the songs are amazing. Yes even the duets 'Love Me Tender' and 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. But the most commercial remix of that album was of course 'Bossa Nova Baby'! Heineken Ireland used it in a commercial, and this song deserved to be the follow up of ALLC. Spankox' first two discs had some great songs (not all!), but he pushed it a bit too far. Because his third and fourth disc where much of the same. I missed the originality at that point. I hope this contest will be tasteful and will end with a great winner. But indeed, this Billy Fury/Elvis remix really sucks! The best remix I have ever heard was of course 'Born To Rock'. It was original, well mixed and featured a neat video. Good Luck Contenders! (Hi-De-Hi).
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 08, 2013
The remixes should feature new music overdubs, etc.. but leave the singing to Elvis !
Natha wrote on February 08, 2013
Horrible remix. He should have taken the song: Let's forget about the stars (and pay attention to me only).
samcra wrote on February 09, 2013
Oh No ! I agree with GEORGE (GK) completely.
marty wrote on February 10, 2013
They should leave the singing to Elvis & the music to the talented mucisians that he recorded with at the time. I understand that some of the music Elvis recorded sounds dated to many people today but if someone likes more modern sounds there's plenty new music to choose from. Leave Elvis and his music alone! Some of the remixes might sound interesting or even pleasant to the ear but once they start 'messing' with the sound it no longer counts as Elvis's music... The worst 'official' release to date has been 'Viva Elvis'. I fear though that the worst is yet to come. Today with all the compilations of 'out of copywrite' material flooding the market it is difficult for the casual fan to know what to buy. In the future I suspect with all the remixes it will be difficult to find the real thing among the crap...
japio wrote on February 10, 2013
In these day's there's only room for non -talents and talentshows. When i'll see on TV a show popmusic i'll see only CRAP these day's.. Almost only electonic s..t or scream singers, and bands who's can't play guitar either .For example. The mavericks made a superb new album. But don't get played. That's the same with Elvis and other artists'from the 50's and early 60's anymore. So i understand i'm getting old i quess. But what's wrong with the original masters? remiXes is a cheap way to make money nothing more. Just a shame what they do with the original tracks.
benny scott wrote on February 11, 2013
japio, I couldn't agree more ! Don't touch the originals, they're unbeatable IMHO . Always El.
RobIreland wrote on February 12, 2013
Well I think this comp is a great idea for those that have the skills. I personally think this so called remix here with Billy is bloody terrible .. what a din !!!!! I dont care much for Spandex mixes much either. On the other hand LOL I have made a few ; ) ... you will find on UTube. The Kings Call ( Elvis and Phil Mash Up ), I Still Have A Dream - Elvis Presley, amongst a few others. Would be interested to hear what you think of them.... Yep putting my self on the line here . Anyway, about Elvis remixes. Just because a song is remixed it dose not mean the original is gone. Its still there guys. Remixes just attract another audience to the amazing voice of Elvis Presley. Remixes over Impersonators any day. They on the whole have single handedly mangled Elvis" image beyond repair ! ... thank you for listening and good night ; )
alanfalk wrote on February 12, 2013
I have been listening to the two remixes you listed Rob, and I think they are really great (my wife pointed out that the are very artistic done, and I agree 100% ), and the song and speech you have coupled them with are very well picked; one song is about the king and the other was a favorite speech of his (by another King). I would like to see a remix of three versions of Hound Dog ; the slow beginning from the MSG version + the beginning and middle of one of the 69 versions + the slow ending from the Milton Berle Show and maybe a verse from the original master, if someone has the skill (and if is possible to make it sound like one song) then I think that it would be a great mix, although it is hard to beat his original.
Rob127 wrote on February 12, 2013
Please...NO Billy Fury, Cliff or Julio or Tom or JerryLee singing with Elvis together... If not, they should have rehearsed "Old McDonald" or "Dominique"....please. Absolutely right Natha !! Did nobody go to marketing lessions there in NY NY?or London ?? Or have they given such a project to left-over student (thrown out of classes at their 16 yrs...) ?! And NO respect for us, elvis fans.
RobIreland wrote on February 12, 2013
alanfalk, A big thanks to you and the wife ; ) Glad you liked ! mmmm interesting idea for a mix. If u wanna send me the exact tracks I will see what i can do for ya ! , thanks again ! rob_irish at msn.com
Steve V wrote on February 14, 2013
I dont mind a remix, or an updated backing to an Elvis song, but I must say, this was unlistenable. Awful song also.
Jerome wrote on February 15, 2013
This is a great contest for Spancock. Just push some buttons or install the Magic Music Make 2000 and you're done!..