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A Deranged Angel

December 30, 2012 | Book

Dennis van Tiel, editor of the dutch magazine Almost in Elvis, collected his work in a book. Especially for us he translated the dutch promo text:

"Een verknipte engel" (A Deranged Angel) is a bundle of stories and poems (they all were first published in the Dutch magazine "Almost in Elvis"), in which the ebullient fascination for Elvis Presley definitely dictates. The king of rock-'n-roll was not only a singer, actor or master in Kenpo karate, but also an agent in different states, healer, medicine-man, weapon expert, benefactor, mother-child, patriot and a lot more. Actually, you could say Elvis was a population group on his own. So, that's why you will
know your self also a little bit better after reading the stories in "Een verknipte Engel". Please, step in this adventure of reading.

O, yeah, a warning upfront: please don't take everything to the letter. I hope you are familiar with the concepts of irony and cynicism, before you start to read. Because, people who also read the bible are used to take a lot of words literally. Anyway, the main thing is, that there are more ways then one, that leads to expressing love and fascination for a person.

You can order "Een verknipte engel" (200 pages, €17,95) through the publisher boekscout.nl 

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