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Welcome To Paradise City

December 29, 2012 | Music

Touchdown Productions brings 'Welcome to Paradise City", which will contain the concert from February 18, 1977 in Columbia, Florida. It's represented in the best possible soundquality from a newer source than what was used on the old release "Release Me" from 1992. Up above it is possibly the best concert from the first tour in 1977 and without a doubt one of best concerts he gave in 1977!


[01] Also Sprach Zarathustra [02] See See Rider [03] I Got A Woman/Amen [04] Love Me [05] Fairytale [06] You Gave Me A Mountain [07] Jailhouse Rock [08] O Sole Mio/ It's Now Or Never [09] Trying To Get To You [10] Little Sister [11] Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel [12] Are You Lonesome Tonight? [13] That's Alright Mama [14] My Way [15] Release Me [16] Band Introductions [17] Early Morning Rain [18] What'd I Say [19] Johnny B. Goode [20] Drum Solo - Ronnie Tutt [21] Drum Solo Pt.1 - Jerry Scheff [22] Drum Solo Pt.2 - Jerry Scheff [23] Piano Solo - Tony Brown [24] Love Letters [25] School's Out [26] Hurt [with reprise] [27] Can't Help Falling In Love [28] Closing Vamp

Ronaldv wrote on December 29, 2012
YES! The last re-release in 2012, number 61....We're running out of new audience recordings either. I hope FTD brings us more surprises in 2013.
Boxcar wrote on December 29, 2012
Uuuuuuh now I see. Now that the good sounding shows have reached the bottom of the barrel we start to collect different sources of these audience recordings. First we get a recording from row 7 seat 24 and after that we get the same show from row 5 seat 44. Okay I've collected for more than 35 years. I have hundreds of CDs ... and now I find out that it's all trash because more and more shows pop up taken from other tapes. Well, keeps me busy for at least another 35 years. Hello trashman .. wait .. I have 500 Elvis concert CDs from row 7 you could take to the landfill. I now switched over to row 5 recordings. And grandma, where did you hide your savings. I have to make some bootleg-producers rich.
Lefty wrote on December 29, 2012
The irony is that FTD no longer needs to worry about the competition. The importers have run out of new material, and after years of bleeding out, the official label finally put a lock on the vault. So now it's up to FTD/Sony to give us something new. That being said, there can't be a lot of new material left. I think the best we can hope for are shows from On Tour. Personally, I would like to see the CBS material get the proper treatment by Sony/FTD, but I know that's a pipe dream. Elvis was just too far gone for them to consider putting out that stuff. They may eventually change their mind on that issue, but I doubt it.
The Dark Knight wrote on December 29, 2012
To be honest I have never really seen the appeal with audience recordings. If it was a memorable show for whatever reason, be it a rarely performed song, revealing dialogue or historic moment then I can undertstand. I have had a fair share of recordings on vinyl, cassette and CD and have just been frustrated at hearing the inferiority of the sound. Muted, hiss, audience member's comments, and especially lucklustre performances from 1977. Not for me anymore I'm afraid. Sure, the full colour booklets with extensive notes and rare photos make it look so attractive but a turkey is still a turkey, however well you dress it up. Selective soundboard releases are the only ones that I go for now, FTD or Boot.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 29, 2012
Its not Florida it is South Carolina,he performed at the Carolina Coliseum,Columbai South Carolina Feb 18,1977. Someone has there info wrong.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 29, 2012
I meant Columbia ,South Carolina,Darn typos!
Jerome wrote on December 31, 2012
Need to have this cd. One of his best concerst of 1977! If they say so...
In-A-Flash wrote on December 31, 2012
Hi Olivier-fan, this is an issue from TouchDown not FTD. Agree with you there is nothing interesting about one of the best concerts from the first tour in 1977.... hope we will get instead good soundboard recording from Elvis on tour in 1973.
marco31768 wrote on December 31, 2012
Maybe, Jerome don't have no one Elvis' CD's because every comment is silly! How much CD's have in your collection? Have you hears some February 1977 shows?
Natha wrote on December 31, 2012
Lately I consider more and more to just download the cd as to complete my collection. The prices one has to pay for these low quality stuff is just too much for me as I'm severely hit by the economical crisis. Even the FTDs are not so well received, so I look forward to just the download. I don't care so much for the booklets as it is all about the music. Happy New Year which will be surely so when one's enjoying the Rocking ELVIS daily (smile)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2013
Jerome dont listen to them,its good to have a sence of humor,some take this stuff way too serious,no offence to anyone!
paisley wrote on January 07, 2013
One more concert from 1977 - no more, no less. I love Elvis, period. And if other fans want to listen to this concert, to me there´s nothing wrong about it. So why discuss it?