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3000 South Paradise Road

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, December 20, 2012 | Music

The new regular FTD is also in the classic album format: 2 CDs in a 7” fold-out.


The design is tasteful. On the photo part that is not too hard, since Elvis looks so much better in these 2 piece suits than the sometimes ridiculous jumpsuits (in my not so humble opinion). Together with the memorabilia and informative liner notes the pictures(mainly b/w) produce a nice booklet.


The first CD contains the August 12 Midnight Show. We had quite some shows from this engagement before on bootleg and this one is very comparable. No Fooling Around, but just doing the job as performer. Highlights to me are You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, What Now My Love and My Way, but also Until It’s Time For You gets a decent treatment (while I find the song boring most of the times).

The second disc holds stage rehearsals for the engagement. It is marked as substandard quality and indeed it is. Still, you are used to it quite soon and I have many, many audience recordings in much worse quality. As a matter of fact I think the disc was above expectation and overall pretty enjoyable. Elvis sounds very relaxed and does most of the material pretty seriously. Especially the “rare” songs like Burning Love (you wonder why he was so uncomfortable with it), True Love Travels, Blueberry Hill and Faded Love are fun. My Way gets a stunning beautiful treatment.


All together I think this is one of the better “regular” outings by FTD lately. Certainly a release that will find its way to my player more often…


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alanfalk wrote on December 20, 2012
I´m 95% sure that this is under the christmas tree for me, if not then I´m 100% sure that I will buy it the 26.Dec. About the rehearsel, there is a sample out on You Tube with My Babe and the sound is actually better than I expected, but try to go and have a listen for yourself. And thanks for a good rewiev Lex.
You Dont Know Me wrote on December 20, 2012
Nice 'positive review Lex~!' Yes we get all that was recorded on 12th August D/S (Blazing into the Darkness had extra missing tracks edited in!)+ August 4th rehearsal. With great sound this will be a combo package i will be 100% be enjoying many, many times indeed!~
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on December 20, 2012
the review says august 12th midnight show, and you dont know me said it was the dinner show on the 12th...which is it? blazing into darkness, or elvis at full blast on bootleg? please respond....happy holidays!
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on December 20, 2012
is the show hot august night bootleg, or blazing into darkness? the review above says august 12th midnight show, and that would be hot august night on bootleg....anyone know?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 21, 2012
Dinner show on the 12th from blazing into the darkness,the at full blast show would have been a better choice. For my money id rather not had the rehearsal.
genedin wrote on December 21, 2012
Mature are you kidding me? It's not like they charge extra for the second disc. If FTD saw these remarks they might hold back other gems which I welcome.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 21, 2012
First of all,$30 is a high price even for 2 cd's,yes id rather see 2 cd featurung rehearsals and concerts as 2 cd's. That way those who dont like hissy sounding rehearsals can choose not to but them and get 2 shows in one set. No worrys anyhow,ftd is glad fans like bad sounding rehearsals. The full blast show should have been on this release even if it replaced the blazing into the darkness show. I did however buy this release,its not a bad show,72 is really the last solid year for him singing live untill 75,sadly that would prove to be the last time.
Dazman wrote on December 21, 2012
Hey Lex, yes he looks trim taut & terrific in the shirt and pants in 1972, but did you ever stop to think how he would've looked in them in 1977 ?? Besides jumpsuits (love or hate them) were in-vogue throughout the '70's and not just by Elvis either so maybe the one-piece jumpsuits were the better option in the end.
Dazman wrote on December 21, 2012
BTW: I hope you saw the funny side of my post !!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 21, 2012
Yes the 2 peice suits were better than the jumpsuits,even though many artists wore them. Its nice to see a cover without a jumpsuit for a change.
In-A-Flash wrote on December 21, 2012
The jumpsuits and related grandeur were nice for a while but somewhere in 74/75 it was time for a change which did not come. Instead the jumpsuits started to get indeed somewhat ridiculous around this time.
myway wrote on December 21, 2012
The first disc is the dinner show 12 august 1972.The Same as we already have on blazing into the darkness and hilton's all shook up, but this comes in better sound :-)
alanfalk wrote on December 21, 2012
Dazman I agree 100% with you, as long as he was slim the jumpsuits looked great on him, and I think they are among the best brands cloth wise among any singer. And they looked much better than Freddy Mercurys jumpsuit or Lady Gagas meatsuit, thats for sure. I personly love the 73 eagle jumpsuit. Having said that I must admit that I also like the close he wears on this cover.
Mr Cool wrote on December 22, 2012
How many of us new this rehearsal even existed just a while ago? I'm certainly glad to have it. As for Back in Memphis, one of the best , just cannot understand how anyone could knock it???
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 22, 2012
Nothing wrong with rehearsals,but it isnt for me,id prefer 2 shows on a release and rehearsals also paired up. The show featured on elvis at full blast would have been a better choice,alot of fans would agree. Its not that the show featured is bad just not the best choice.
harriemuskee wrote on December 22, 2012
The reason that they bring out this show, was that the reel and the cassette tape came from private collectors. Artwork is stunning, sound is great, better as the boolegs, This came frome the same people as 48 hours to memphis.I hope this is not the last of these people
Lefty wrote on December 22, 2012
Back in the day, "Blazing In To The Darkness" was regarded as one of the better soundboards. I am sure there were many collectors that would've bought it if they could have found a dealer or if they were lucky enough to outbid somebody on eBay. Now it is an official release in better sound, better packaging and with a never before heard rehearsal CD. In my opinion, this is exactly why FTD exists. They make Elvis product available to a wider fan base. I certainly don't like everything that FTD releases, and sometimes they can certainly do better, but overall, they are doing right by collectors and I am glad that they're still in business.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 22, 2012
Lefty thanks for giving your view in such a way that isnt putting down anyone else. I do agree about this show being released,id just rather they paired it up with the at full blast show and put the rehearsals as a 2 cd set. I am still waiting for my 3000 south since shopelvis here in usa is slow,even though i preordered. The usa really needs a better source for ftd's.
harriemuskee wrote on December 22, 2012
Hello mature_elvis_fan75, I'm very curious about your opinion if you have received the CD. The recordings come from the collection of Hans Slebos or Frieser Robert and Don Lance. That is the reason for the choice of this concert. At Full Blast is not better than this show, (That is my humble opinion), but Polk Salad Annie from the full blast is the best version ever. All shows of 1972 were very good
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 23, 2012
I dont have it yet,but should have it next week,i will take a close listen,i agree about polk salad it is a cool version. The show featured on 3000 is not bad,i just prefer 2 cd's with 2 shows and the rehearsals also 2cd' thought the full blast show would have been great to go along with the show featured on 3000. Just bang for your buck,i understand the show featured on 3000 is in better sound than the boots,very cool if true. 72 is the last year in which he gave great performances in my view,although there were some good tours after that.
Lefty wrote on December 23, 2012
Thank you for your kind words, mature_elvis_fan75. I think pairing this show with the one used for At Full Blast would have been great too! Hopefully, FTD will get around to releasing At Full Blast sometime down the road. I'm sure there are a lot of collectors that would like to have it. Plus, the import market is just about dried up, so FTD may have an incentive to issue "the best of the boots" in the future. On another note, I'm in the USA as well, so I know what you mean about the slow service from "shopelvis" (and high shipping fees).
Dazman wrote on December 23, 2012
Lefty, mature '75: 100% with you on re-releasing the Full Blast boot. However I reckon the best package from this engagement will probably be both closing night shows from Sept. 4 on a 2cd set. I'm quite surprised that FTD haven't yet approached the Memphis bootlegs yet, but FTD are restricted by a schedule so they have to document as many periods of his concert material as possible. Sorry to say it for some but there's still some 1976 - '77 tours yet to have a soundboard release as well as the On Tour '72 multi-tracks. So remember - patience is a virtue!
Ton Bruins wrote on December 24, 2012
"Back In Memphis" is simply great !!!
harriemuskee wrote on December 25, 2012
A little bit of topic, don't you John?
Ton Bruins wrote on December 25, 2012
John ?? I said that because some "fool" stated that Back To Memphis is a disaster...3000 south paradise road is not my thing...
harriemuskee wrote on December 25, 2012
Sorry Ton, Back in Memphis is fanastic. Now I'm off topic, I am also curious about the review of lex
niekandelvis wrote on December 27, 2012
About the lack of changes in the jumpsuits in 74/75 as noted by someone, he continued to try different things in those years such as the two piece leather clothes in August 1974 and the two-piece outfit from spring 1975 (actually also à jumpsuit but looking like à real suit), by far less exhuberant as some of the 1973 jumpsuits. I think we should also not forget that it was à different time then and what looks bizarre now was not so extreme then for à performer, whereby hè started à jumpsuit period for other artists as well.
Dazman wrote on December 28, 2012
Actually I don't think Elvis was the lousiest dressed on stage. Looking at some of the 1976 - '77 shots Shaun Niellson looks more like Ziggy Stardust than what Elvis does...pretty weird for a backing vocalist !
Elzo wrote on December 29, 2012
Dear Oliver, the pictures displayed in the booklet are Ed Bonja pictures, and as far as I know they were shot only in B/W. If there should have been color-pictures they surely would have been used. There are other photo's from other photographers, but hardly none of these match the shots of Ed Bonja. In this package you find - besides a few - all new shots and I am excited about them. They are probably the best photo's made at this Vegas season quality wise and the only way to see these is in B/W, rather you like it or not.
alanfalk wrote on December 30, 2012
Got mine on christmaseve, and I can really recommend it, the concert is a really good 72 show with some funny comments from Elvis, and the rehearsel is a good bonus with Elvis in great voice (sound is not as bad as could be expected, but not great either) . The booklet is really beautiful and the b/w pictures are a treat also, I haven't seen any of them before. I rate this release 8 out of 10 .
Ton Bruins wrote on January 02, 2013
Olivier-fan: That's why I wrote the word fool with quotation marks, so "fool"....don't take it too serious, I guess you are a very nice guy...:) But you started by saying that this release is a disaster...:) :) :)
Deano1 wrote on January 09, 2013
Seems like a nice package and I may purchase this one even though I don't play the other rehearsal disc that FTD released very often (From Hawaii to Vegas). Always nice to have another quality show in good sound. Concerning his stage outfits, I think Elvis managed to make almost everything he wore palatable. When you look at what other performers were wearing, he looks tame. The Osmonds, ELO, David Cassidy, Neil Diamond, KISS and many others dressed up in very garish attire in the 70's. As mentioned by Dazman below, Elvis backing vocalists sometimes looked crazier ("weird") than he did. In-A-Flash, I partially agree with you concerning the jumpsuits in '74 and '75. I really like the Indian Feather, Peacock and the Red, Black and Blue versions of the Phoenix jumpsuits. On the contrary, the Tiger suit, Sundial, Inca Leaf, Sabertooth and Gypsy suit were not good. I said previously in response on here that the suit he is wearing boarding his plane in '76 in the book "Elvis, The Concert Years" made him look better and would have been better stage attire than his Prehistoric/ Bicentennial suit of '76 or a couple of the ones mentioned above.
Orion wrote on January 12, 2013
If anyone has read my posts through the years, he or she knows that I am not a fan of AR recordings. I think I own four on CD ( Cincy and Indy from'77, New Year's Eve '76, Vegas '73 (part of a Ft. Baxter set), so I was reluctant to buy this set considering I already had the concert soundboard. However, after it arrived, I can say that I found it to be quite listenable and enjoyable. Had it been a soundboard recording, it wouldn't have had that 'something' that makes this special and brings about it's uniqueness. It would've sounded like all the other concert soundboards minus the audience. I don't think most will be disappointed. I'm glad that FTD coupled this with the soundboard show (which has been improved - soundwise) as I wouldn't have been as satisfied had I purchased this rehearsal as a single disc FTD at full price.