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Unedited Masters

December 10, 2012 | Music

"Wonderland Records" will release the 4-CD-Box "Elvis - Unedited Masters".

CD 1 (Unedited Master / Nashville 1970):
Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off It (Unedited O.V. Master) - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Unedited O.V. Master) - Just Pretend (Unedited O.V. Master) - Faded Love (Brass & Stings O.V. Master) - The Next Step Is Love (Unedited O.V. Master) - Make The World Go Away (Take 3 - O.V. / Work Part Take 1 O.V.) - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (Unedited O.V. Master) - I've Lost You (Unedited O.V. Master) - I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago ((Unedited Master)) - The Sound Of Your Cry (Unedited O.V. Master) - The Fool (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Cindy, Cindy (Unedited O.V. Master) - It's Your Baby, You Rock It (Unedited Alternate Master) - Stranger In The Crowd (Unedited O.V. Master) - Mary In The Morning (Unedited O.V. Master) - This is Our Dance (Backup Vocal Overdub Master) - Only Believe (O.V. Master - Featuring Horns) - Patch It Up (Unedited Alternate Master) - The Fool (Take 1 - Different Mix )

CD 2 (Unedited Master) / Nashville 1971):
Help Me Make It Through The Night (Unedited Master) - Until It's Time For You To Go (Unedited O.V. Master) - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (Unedited Master) - It's Still Here (Unedited) - I Will Be True (Unedited) - I'm Leavin' (Unedited O.V. Master) - We Can Make The Morning (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - It's Only Love (Unedited O.V. Master) - Love Me Love The Life I Lead (Unedited O.V. Master) - Until It's Time For You To Go (Remake - Unedited Alternate Master) - Put Your Hand In The Hand (Unedited Master) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (O.V. Master - Different Mix) - That's What You Get (For Loving Me) (Unedited Master) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Duet With Ginger Holiday) - Early Mornin' Rain (Take 11 - Unedited) - Amazing Grace (Take 2 - No Backing Vocals) - Miracle Of The Rosary (Unedited Undubbed Master) - I Want, I Need You, I Love You (Parts) / That's What You Get (For Loving Me) (Unknown Take)

Bonus Songs / Nashville 1970:
Patch It Up (Unedited Master) - Little Cabin On The Hill (Unedited Master) - Rags To Riches (Undubbed Master) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (No Backing Vocals O.V.)

CD 3 (Unedited Master) / Stax 1973):
Promised Land (Take 6 - Vocal Harmony By Elvis - Unedited) - It’s Midnight (Undubbed - Take 19) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Unedited Master) - Thinking About You (Unedited O.V. Master) - Love Song Of The Year (Unedited O.V. Master) - Help Me (With False Start - Overdubbed Master) - My Boy (Unedited O.V. Master) - Loving Arms (With Backing Vocals - Overdubbed Master) - Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Talk About The Good Times (Unedited O.V. Master) - Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming (Unedited O.V. Master) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Unedited O.V. Master) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Backing Vocals Overdub) - If That Isn’t Love (Take 1)

Bonus Songs:
Blue Hawaii (Rehearsal - Incomplete) - Dialogue - Blue Hawaii / Dialogue (Take 1) - Blue Hawaii (Take 2) - Dialogue - Ku-U-I-Po (Take 1) - Dialogue / No More (Take 1) - Dialogue / Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 2) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 3) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 4) - Early Morning Rain (Take 2)

CD 4 (Unedited Master / Hollywood To Nashville 1972 - 1980):
Burning Love (Take 5 - 6) - For The Good Times (undubbed Master) - Fool (Take 1 - Unedited Master) - Always On My Mind (Unedited) - It's A Matter Of Time (Unedited) - Seperate Ways (Take 25 - Unedited) - Fool (Unedited - Overdubbed Master) - Always On My Mind (Unedited undubbed Master) - For Ol' Time Sake (Re-Recording 1980) - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (Re-Recording 1980) - Way Down ((Unedited Master)) - Pledging My Love (Unedited Master) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited undubbed Master) - Moody Blue (Unedited over: X-XML: Dubbed Master) - The Last Farewell (Unedited undubbed Master) - Hey Jude (Unedited - Re-Recording 1980) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited - Re-Recording 1980) - Fairytale (Unedited undubbed Master) - Where Do I Go From Here (Undubbed Master - Mix)

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
marco31768 wrote on December 10, 2012
Stolen from the great work of VENUS. Stay away from this release!!!
Ciscoking wrote on December 11, 2012
Unedited totally stolen quick buck for xmas C-R-A-P.
Jerome wrote on December 11, 2012
what an artwork! This is how is should be and sets the standrad for any future releases! I know what I want under my Xmas tree..
sitdown revamped wrote on December 11, 2012
"Stolen from the great work of VENUS. Stay away from this release!!!" - sounds funny if not strange. LOL... Gave me a good laugh, man! Merry Christmas anyway. Pedro.
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 11, 2012
All of this stuff is already out on Venus and FTD. Who needs it again on a rip-off box set with a cover where the photo's the wrong way round? Cheap rubbish.
AmyD wrote on December 11, 2012
I think you'll find venus stole all of their material from Sony, so who cares of someone has ripped off a company of thieves.
marco31768 wrote on December 11, 2012
Maybe "Olivier fan" and "sitdown revamped" are the owners of "Wonderland Records"... This label copy other releases in import world and make a bad artwork. I have every VENUS releases and they are a masterpieces. This WR' release is just a joke, like EVERY release of "Wonderland Records". Sorry for my bad English.
marco31768 wrote on December 11, 2012
"AmyD"... I mean that WR copy others labels... Just this one.
myway wrote on December 11, 2012
I trade away the venus editions.I have bought this now.
myway wrote on December 11, 2012
And I've it already in my shelf :-)
Ciscoking wrote on December 11, 2012
Be happy with it..I have the originals which they copied.....;-)
myway wrote on December 11, 2012
The venus editions will drop in price now :-)
Ciscoking wrote on December 11, 2012
And..this C-R-A-P will become collectors treasure....:-))
jean michel wrote on December 11, 2012
as far as i know there is no copyrights in the import world. a "good" boot is meant to be counterfeited and no one can complain against it. i see this set as an opportunity to get the material for those who did not get the "original" venus cds for whatever reason.
Ciscoking wrote on December 11, 2012
a pretty cheap way to make money....no efforts ..no time and money for tapes invested...no nothing..just copy and paste... the hard work of others....they also do it with soundboards...but ..well...to each his own..go and and get it..man..
dgirl wrote on December 11, 2012
I really would love to know who is buying anything these days. Talking to a person 'in the business' today, he said the only format that had a sales increase this year was vinyl! CDs and DVDs literally sit on his shelves. This looks like real garbage by the way. Love the cover!
benny scott wrote on December 11, 2012
So now it's just waiting for another (maybe new) label to copy this Wonderland Records release, thus giving those who missed the Wonderland Records AND the Venus releases the opportunity to get the material, etc.. etc.. LOL. Cisco is right ! Also, I'm wondering why somebody trades the Venus stuff and chooses for this copied, let's say, 'second best' material. I'm more than happy with the Venus CDs, wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Always El.
Jerome wrote on December 12, 2012
Well it may be a copy and paste job regarding content. But please give some credit to the great packaging and time and effort that went into making it...
RobIreland wrote on December 12, 2012
This is obviously an amazing release ! Why do "Elvis Fans" moan so much about every bloody release ?? So what if its copied from already released material. "NEWS FLASH" Elvis is dead and he aint recording any new material this side of Christmas !!!!
benny scott wrote on December 12, 2012
Tracey Jayne, I couldn't agree more ! Always El.
Ciscoking wrote on December 12, 2012
To all cover fans..a good cover doesn`t necessarily make a good CD...
Natha wrote on December 12, 2012
Indeed, Tracey Jane. Let these copiers at least be fair. Just say that it is a copy of ... And yes, CiscoKing's website is a great site for valuable information about releases. Luckily he offers that knowledge to us on this site too. Well at least these people do not state it is 'before unreleased material'.
Ciscoking wrote on December 12, 2012
If someone really hadn`t got a chance to get the fabulous originals and still sees no way to get them..you have to settle with this box....better than nothing at all..thanks for the nice words,..friends..!
RobIreland wrote on December 13, 2012
Ok Lets forget the fact that this is a copy of another bootleg series for a minute andconcentrate on the content. After all it really is all about what is being presented in the package. This, to me anyway, is a brilliant collection of Elvis recordings all in one place. What a present for under the Christmas tree or any music lover !! As long as we have top quality sound and good packaging why complain ?? .. By the way I dont think the cover is that good ! Same ole pic of El" used many tmes. I would buy this for around 12 - 15 pound.. how much is it anyway ?
Ciscoking wrote on December 13, 2012
If you can`t help but buying it..look for a cheap copy..the material is indeed too important to be missed...merry xmas to you all.. btw..as a special favour for you..we modified the look of "Important Audience Recodings" a bit so that it is easier for you to search shows..(see "go directly to"..)
woody1 wrote on December 13, 2012
In the past via ebay I have bought copies of import cds because I have either missed the orginal release or they were too expensive and have enjoyed the cds as for me it's the music that is important and not the cover art. I was lucky enough to collect all the venus cds in the jungle room set and was very pleased with them, so if you missed the Venus cds I would highly recommend this release to you.