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FTD Top 40 November 2012

December 03, 2012 | Music

Due to several reasons the monthly overview was skipped for a while. Now it's time to pick it up again in an effort to keep the list alive. Besides The Jungle Room Sessions the full top 10 is filled with classic albums. From this year's releases From EP Boulevard and Boy From Tupelo are doing well (resp. #13 and #24).

The current top 5 (compared to June):

1 (1) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
2 (4) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
3 (2) That's The Way It Is (2008)
4 (-) Promised Land (2011)
5 (3) Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (2008)

Be sure to update your top 5 regularly, since your votes will disappear from the list after 18 months. Your favourites will be shown in your member profile on this site.


  That's The Way It is Promised Land Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis

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Polk Salad Robert wrote on December 04, 2012
Thank you for picking this list up again ... to me it is the most important list of this board, and I wished there was a separate one for live albums ( may be we can do a QuickPoll ?)
Lex wrote on December 04, 2012
I was doing a lot of things to improve the site further at the same time... with the result that nothing was finished. I am preparing a huge one now, when that one is finished I'll look further. But the import list (which are mainly live CDs) was discontinued because too few votes were casted.
alanfalk wrote on December 04, 2012
Thanks for this update Lex, I fully agree with Polk Salad Robert (funny/cool screen name by the way) this is the most importent list on this site. I am really looking foreward to your improvement of this site (even though it is a super great site allready). Regarding the top-40 FTD result, isn´t it interesting that #! there are so many different kind of releases on it : Audience recording, Soundboards, Vinyl, Classic Albums, Book projects, Soundtracks, Pure outtakes CDs, Rehearsals, Classic Albums That never was, and music from all three decades ? and #2 That From EP Boulevard is 14 and Spring Tours ´77 is 37 on this list, especially when remembering how some people tried to convince us about how bad these were . I really hope that one look on at this list will stop certain people from shouting out, that FTD now has reach the bottom of barrel, everytime FTD has released an album that THEY don´t like, try to remember that FTD tries to satisfie many diffrent people , and a look at this site tells me that they do a great job. It also tells me that one reason that Elvis is so popular is that his music contains something for (almost) everybody, everytime of the day/year and every kind of mood.
Polk Salad Robert wrote on December 04, 2012
I can really underline what you just wrote alanfalk ! I keep recommending elvisnewscom to alot of people, even nonelvisfans. Especially I point out the FTD TOP 40 List, to proof, that you can get more new releases of an (apparently) dead singer ,than of one who is still alive... And Lex, talking about a special list for live albums, I meant FTD releases only ! The reason the import list didnt get enough votes, probably was, that not all fans buy them or even know how to get these releases, I guess. I would even appreciate having an extra list of Movie FTDs ,but certainly I know this would be alot of extra work updating these lists, so I am happy with this one, and once more like to thank you for your efforts, Lex (and Co) !!!
Biffx wrote on December 04, 2012
Hi Lex just a suggestion but would it be possible to create a list showing how the entire FTD collection ranks instead of the top 40 only. Like many others on this site i am an FTD supporter and more than happy with the great music that they have produced so far. I think this would make for an extremly interesting look at how they all stack up and i am sure others would enjoy this to. Thanks for a great site.
Lex wrote on December 05, 2012
I'll keep the suggestions in mind...
Polk Salad Robert wrote on December 05, 2012
THNX ... (How about a QUICKPOLL ?!?)