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EPE Lawyers Seeking Revenge From SONY/RCA

December 03, 2012 | Other

Elvis Presley's estate EPE is still embroiled in a long-running legal action to extract cash from RCA records in a case that alleges Elvis was "unjustly exploited by his record company". If the estate wins, a hefty percentage of any payout will go to a litigation funding business, Calunius Capital, set up by Leslie Perrin in the island of Guernsey.

Two types of clients predominate, Perrin told a recent conference, "David v Goliath" claims where small firms do not have the resources to take on larger businesses, and risk averse organisations that fear pouring more money into a court case without knowing whether they will eventually win.

The Presley lawsuit, filed in August 2011, seeks more than $9m in backdated royalties and a share of future revenue – alleging a 1973 buyout agreement left the singer collecting only $10 a year for worldwide rights on each of his songs. 

"We are finally getting revenge for 'The King'," Perrin said. "The estate is now owned by private equity institutions. RCA is now owned by Sony. Both are based in Madison Avenue, New York, but the court case [over disputed copyright earnings] is taking place in Munich."
Presley was stationed in Germany as a soldier in the army in the late 1950s. The country is "Elvis crazy" and is responsible for 10% of the world's Elvis Presley sales, Perrin said at the time the suit was filed. The firms typically take between 25% and 35% of any settlement as their fee

Source:Elvis Information Network
2012wiseman wrote on December 06, 2012
Great ! Rock their socks off man. Is it therefore that all of a sudden, out of the blue sky, not being announced that certain people become very afraid of such lawyers when they found brand new, never-seen-before film reels of Jim Curtin shot of the first ever Vegas Opening on July 31, 1969 in Vegas? Only under pressure will Elvis fans get such great new material. Hope one of these days (soon we hope) those 200 hours of MGM footage will pop up somewhere...of his 1972 Tour Concerts. And I'm also waiting to see more of those old concerts in 1957 with E in his gold suit or gold vest on stage!?
john804 wrote on December 12, 2012
I pray E.P.E. wins against Sony/BMG/RCA for the simple fact that it was ELVIS who worked his butt off to record those songs, not RCA and certainly not Sony. Sony was a late comer and couldn't wait to get their hands on the ELVIS catalog because it would mean more revenue for them. No other artist has made as much money for a label than ELVIS.