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Raising His Own Bar

November 28, 2012 | Music

Coming very soon from “CONVAIR” is a CD release called “Raising his own bar” featuring the previously unreleased Dinner Show August 14, 1969 by Elvis Presley. Just recently the “Convair” Label released “Bright Light City” featuring Elvis Presley’s Dinner Show August 12, 1969. With its stunning artwork and of course with a great show, the fans demanded for more. You may now say that you have an old Import CD at home called “The Winner Back In Vegas” also claiming that this release featured the August 14, 1969 Dinner Show but during the years fans and research proved that this information was wrong and it was a compilation of songs from various shows to represent a complete show.

“Convair” has all the information tracked down and they are part of the 20 pages booklet that comes with the new release.
It’s the raw and powerful Elvis who is trying to raise his own bar from show to show. It’s the third week of his first engagement after the Hollywood era and one can feel that he enjoys himself in front of the audience. His jokes and his nervousness can be found during the monologue which often gets referred as “Life Story”. Hear him telling his own career is pure fun. As a special bonus we have included a rare audioclip of Jerry Scheff, bass player in 1969 of the famous TCB Band talking about being on stage with Elvis. This release comes once more with a stunning cover and is again limited to 300 copies only. Get it while you can.


01. Opening Riff / Blue Suede Shoes 02. I Got A Woman 03. All Shook Up 04. Love Me Tender 05. Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel (Medley) 06. Heartbreak Hotel 07. Hound Dog 08. Memories 09. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (Medley) 10. Monologue (Life Story) 11. Baby What You Want Me To Do 12. Runaway 13. Are You Lonesome Tonight 14. Yesterday / Hey Jude (Medley) 15. Band Introductions 16. In The Ghetto 17. Suspicious Minds 18. What'd I Say 19. Can't Help Falling In Love
20. Bonus Track: Jerry Scheff talks about how he became Elvis´ bass player in 1969

Source:For CD Collectors Only
RobIreland wrote on November 28, 2012
I just think the titles of these live albums get worse and worse !
blackdiamond wrote on November 28, 2012
And the audience recordings keep coming and coming.....
Ciscoking wrote on November 29, 2012
The title has nothing to do with the contents and I beg to differ between quality and quantity. And if you don`t like AR`s just skip them. For those who are interested this release should be worthwhile. First release on silver disc in complete form. We had parts of it back in 1993 on the turkey Winner Back In Vegas which was a mishmash of various Vegas shows from these days including this one. That the show is pure dynamite stands out without a question. What we have on cdr doesn`t sound that bad therefore....if they used this source and worked on the sound a bit..it should be okay. Perhaps they even have a new source..who knows..
BobbyBrul wrote on December 01, 2012
Too much noise for too long from the audience; the convair boys are selling us nothing but n o i s e it seems. And only 19 songs....you gotta be kiddin' smartaxxes. Anyone listened to this ?? I'd like to get more opinions....
Hans Otto wrote on December 21, 2012
BobbyBrul: What's up with these negative comments regarding "only 19 songs" on this concert bootleg?! Actually, it's an almost complete concert recording with 20 songs performed by Elvis, pluss a rare, extra inteview with Jerry Scheff from 1969. Not at all bad in my book. If you want to criticize the contents of this concert, maybe you should address them to our late hero, Elvis, rather than to the produsers of this bootleg...?