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As He Was Meant To Be Heard, Volume 6

November 25, 2012 | Music

The Inverse label will release Volume 6 in their Elvis Presley As He Was Meant To Be Heard series on January 23, 2013. This is what the press-release announces:

The cover picture is not contemporaneous and the packaging is basic. We can’t compete with FTD on packaging, but we can on sound. And quite a lot of people who remember Elvis Presley’s original records have told us that the As He Was Meant To be Heard CD’s are the closest thing they’ve heard to that original sound. This is achieved by keeping electronic processing to a minimum. Which leaves in the rough edges but also leaves the original atmosphere of the recording - the first thing to go when you clean the sound electronically.

Probably the last of the series, this volume covers 1962. It includes the year’s singles, mainly in mono, plus the original mono soundtracks from Follow That Dream and Kid Galahad. In stereo it includes the better tracks from the Girls Girls Girls soundtrack and the complete original content of the Pot Luck album. In musical terms, 1962 was not a great year for Elvis Presley, in spite of yielding some classic singles. Movies took precedence over records, and the movie soundtracks - most Presley aficionados agree - fell far short of the man’s capabilities. The Follow That Dream and Kid Galahad soundtracks were also poorly recorded, possibly because Steve Sholes, Presley’s dependable RCA producer, was not involved. We’ve done our best with these and believe the sound quality beats what you’ll hear elsewhere. Ditto the Pot Luck album. As to the Girls Girls Girls soundtrack, the sound quality of the latest BMG mastering is excellent, and cannot be improved upon. Our mastering is merely closer to the equalisation of the original. Sound, anyway, is ultimately subjective, and if you’re happy with all your SONY/BMG/FTD masterings, this CD will probably be redundant for you. However, if you’re a collector looking for the sound of the original records, and the music is more important to you than the packaging, this CD shouldn’t disappoint you.

1. Follow That Dream (Mono)
2. What a Wonderful Life (Mono)
3. Angel (Mono)
4. I’m Not the Marrying Kind (Mono)
5. Good Luck Charm (Mono Single)
6. Anything That’s Part of You (Mono Single)
7. Steppin’ Out of Line (Original Mix)
8. Kiss Me Quick
9. Something Blue
10. Suspicion
11. That’s Someone You Never Forget
12. Fountain of Love
13. She’s Not You (Mono Single)
14. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Mono Single)
15. King of the Whole Wide World (Mono)
16. Riding the Rainbow (Mono)
17. Home Is Where the Heart Is (Mono)
18. I Got Lucky (Mono)
19. A Whistling Tune (Mono)
20. This Is Living (Mono)
21. Return To Sender
22. Where Do You Come From?
23. We’ll Be Together
24. Song of the Shrimp
25. I Don’t Want To
26. The Walls Have Ears
27. Girls Girls Girls
28. Because of Love
29. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
30. I Feel That I’ve Known You For Ever
31. Easy Question
32. Just for Old Time Sake
33. Night Rider
34. I’m Yours
35. Return To Sender (Mono Single)

Jerome wrote on November 26, 2012
Got mine volumes 1 to 5 for sale but their hard to get rid off..