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The Bicentennial King Vol. 5

November 21, 2012 | Music

Introducing the fifth release on a label by the name of MILLBRANCH MUSIC here is another complete performance by Elvis Presley in the year of 1976. This time we chose to release a complete recording of Elvis´ performance from May 6, 1976. This very long show (more than 90 minutes) would not fit on one cd so this release simply has to be a 2 CD set.

Out by December 7, 2012 this will be factory pressed, limited to only 300 copies with an 8 page booklet containing lots of photos and information regarding Elvis´ last concert series in Lake Tahoe. The sound is very good for an audience recording and Elvis is delivering a decent show with some rare songs, being in good spirits. This concert has NOT been released yet on factory pressed cd. All you fans out there know what to expect from Elvis´ 76 Lake Tahoe performances - so if you are interested be advised to get your copy as soon as you can.


01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 02. C. C. Rider 03. I Got A Woman / Amen 04. Love Me 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 06. You Gave Me A Mountain 07. Hawaiian Wedding Song 08. All Shook Up 09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 10. Tryin' To Get To You 11. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherrill Nielsen) 12. Polk Salad Annie

01. Band Introductions 02. Early Mornin' Rain 03. What'd I Say 04. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) 05. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) 06. Piano Solo #1 (Tony Brown) 07. Piano Solo #2 (Tony Brown) 08. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) 09. Love Letters 10. School Day 11. Hurt #1 12. Hurt #2 13. Hound Dog 14. It's Midnight (with false start) 15. I'll Remember You (with false start) 16. How Great Thou Art 17. Introduction of Marty Passeta 18. Bridge Over Troubled Water (by request, with false start) 19. It's Now Or Never 20. Crying In The Chapel (by request, last live version) 21. Loving You (by request, last live version) 22. Young And Beautiful (by request, excerpt) 23. Jailhouse Rock 24. Can't Help Falling In Love 25. Closing Vamp

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adiels wrote on November 21, 2012
Very good show, with the interesting songs "Crying In The Chapel" and "Loving You". I believe "Crying In The Chapel" is a full version, and "Loving You" is short version. Anyhow, both songs are welcome as rare live performances. Will buy this release. Hope the sound really is good.
Ciscoking wrote on November 22, 2012
My advice..highly recommendable..it is 1976 and regarding the year it is a decent performance. Elvis tries hard to please his crowd, Excellent set list. The sound will be decent.
2012wiseman wrote on November 22, 2012
Super although EP was not in great shape, health wise but as always, Elvis loved his fans (like no other entertainer !!). However, here's an idea that's forgotten in the vaults...Here's a Thanksgiving SUCCESSFUL S A L E S S U C C E S S S U G G E S T I O N : Why is it that RCA and later SONY have not released the fabulous songs on tour in 1972 (filmed by MGM for movie) ??? The live renditions of Elvis on stage in Buffalo, San Antonio, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Greensboro etc. between April 5 to 18 were taped by RCA !!! and MGM !!!as well. Why not make a double CD of Elvis on Tour that includes all those songs recorded (more than can be heard/seen in movie) and issue it with a nice 20-page booklet with lots of coloured photos (by Ed Bonja, Keith a.o.) ?? Some songs come from the RCA tape with ref. CPL2 4031/1981 which served on This is Elvis album.....18 different great songs/hits by Elvis in a good mood !! This would be INSTANT SALES SUCCESS if launched on Sony Legacy label or on FTD digipack ! Hope fans enjoy this successful marketing idea. Happy Thanksgiving y'all ! I'll buy this Bicentennial album for sure.
Natha wrote on November 22, 2012
Thanks CiscoKing. Your additional information is always highly appreciated.
Ciscoking wrote on November 22, 2012
You`re welcome...:-)
Tony C wrote on November 23, 2012
The comments about the "Elvis on Tour" recordings from our marketing friend are somewhat off topic, but as they contain a couple of errors, I will correct them here. The Buffalo show on April 5th 1972 was not recorded by RCA and of the four concerts actually recorded, the San Antonio show of April 18th has already been released on the "Close Up" box set.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 23, 2012
Yep,the 4 shows recorded are april 9th Hampton roads virginia,april 10 Richmond virginia,april 14 Greensboro NC & april 18 Sanantonio texas releases on the close up box set. This releases isnt bad,im not excited but a few cool rare songs.
Steve V wrote on November 24, 2012
I dont think there can be anything with an 'instant sales success' anymore concerning Elvis, certainly not 1972 concert shows. Who would care? An instant success with certain forum members here, but a yawn to most of the world.
benny scott wrote on November 24, 2012
Steve, you're right, have to agree with that ! Always El.
BobbyBrul wrote on December 01, 2012
12 songs only...you gotta be kiddin' that I'll spend my money on such material !
Hans Otto wrote on December 21, 2012
BobbyBrul: There are not "only 12 songs" performed by Elvis on this release. You have to count the material on BOTH CD's in this new double album. Elvis sings a total of 26 different songs during this concert, among them some extremely rare live versions of Crying In The Chapel, Loving You and Young And Beautiful. I allready have this concert on CD-R, but this "official" bootleg is still a keeper.