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Alfred Wertheimer's "The Kiss" Featured In New Book

October 26, 2012 | Book

The man who captured Elvis during his rise to stardom is currently featured in a new book dedicated to the most notable photographers of our time. In a new article titled "The Faces Behind the Lens," Alfred Wertheimer is seen with his famous photo "The Kiss."

According to the Daily Mail, photographer Tim Mantoani reveals the faces behind some of the most memorable photos of the last generation. Wertheimer's "The Kiss" portrays 21-year-old Elvis in a passionate kiss with a woman backstage at the Mosque Theater in Richmond, Virginia on June 30, 1956.

In this new coffee table book titled "Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends," Mantoani has compiled 153 portraits of the world's most famous photographers and their most iconic images.

"My hope is that this project will become a way for future generations to not only appreciate the photography of our time, but the photographers as well."