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Graceland At 30 - Better Than Ever

September 15, 2012 | Other

A leading source in business news and financial information calls "Graceland at 30 - Better Than Ever." In a new article on Forbes.com, the high-profile magazine looks at the many advantages of adding Graceland to your bucket list and how music lovers will get their money's worth on a day spent at the king's home.

"While devoted Elvis fans might spend an entire day examining the many exhibits, the average visitor can easily do Graceland well in three hours or less on a normal day, and as tourist attractions go, it is three hours very well spent," says Forbes contributor Larry Olmsted.

Olmsted compares his trip to Graceland to his first time visiting Elvis' home in 1990. He looks at the many exhibits on display and how the expansion of Graceland has grown tremendously over the years, all while continuing to preserve the legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

"Graceland is a very interesting – and extremely well run – attraction that is a seminal part of American culture and speaks volumes to music, celebrity, and yes, history. But admittedly, most of all to Elvis."

mak5201965 wrote on September 16, 2012
Well, I was there for two days while relocating across the US. It was sad at best. YES Graceland was as it always was, but the atmosphere, Oh my dear, It was my 3rd visit, and this was clearly the worst and the last. The feel of the grounds and the Meditation Gardens was the same erie feeling which is good.. But the shops and surrounding areas are Worse than horrible!!! The staff, The only thing going was that these folks want to pay for anything Elvis. Now they sell copies of his costumes for the Impersonators! What a really horrible place. It is Sad Dilapidated and REAL Elvis fans would see that, I could go on,, but you won't wanna know!
vinny wrote on September 20, 2012
Wow what a review. I use to go to Graceland in the late 90's before wife and kids and things. I will return one day, i thought the shopping was OK back then for the typical Elvis devotee. I dont get the jump suits and things so would give them a miss i think now a days. I actually purchased my wife's engagment ring from the Memphis mall but dont tell the customs people