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'Hits Of The 70's' New FTD

September 03, 2012 | Music

The latest edition of the excellent UK magazine 'Elvis: The Man And His Music' notes in a "UK Only" article that the FTD label are planning to release an expanded, revised version of the 1974 UK only album release.

The original 12 track album included many songs that had previously only been available in the UK as singles ('I'm Leavin'', 'Rags To Riches', 'Always On My Mind', 'I've Lost You' etc) and was a firm favourite with English fans.

Maybe this is because FTD's Roger Semon is English and has fond memories of this classic album. At the time it featured no hits later than 1972. But now it could also include the UK hits that were missed out due to the infamous RCA buy-out deal in 1973 and perhaps the elusive mono mixes.

Source:Elvis Information Network
holmstrup wrote on September 06, 2012
Back then it was released in Denmark too, I'm remember buying back in 1974, so it was not UK only.
Lefty wrote on September 06, 2012
A compilation of tracks that are now available to the point of ad nauseam. I'd have a hard time buying this CD just for the cover.
brunop wrote on September 06, 2012
strange ..move for a FTD ..product..anyway this LP was released also in ; ITALY-ISRAEL-YUGOSLAVIA & several other countries..
Cruiser621 wrote on September 06, 2012
I agree with "Lefty" per his remarks below. Ad Nauseam is to the point. Talk about scamming we Elvis fans. Goodbye FTD; where's the G.I. Blues FTD CD here in the states?
Tony C wrote on September 06, 2012
I have fond memories of this LP, it was almost a companion disc to the "Elvis' 40 Greatest" album which went no further forward than "There Goes My Everything". Like all of the FTD product, it is a take it or leave it situation, nobody says that everybody must buy or like ever release. We will know the full track listing before it is available so I fail to see where the scam is. As for the question about the FTD "G.I. Blues" package, the first volume was released two months ago.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 06, 2012
So now releases based on fond memories lol,how about one on tour show,just one. This label has gone way off track.
Steve V wrote on September 06, 2012
With this FTD is taking advantage of the most fanatical of fanatical fans. Why FTD why? I personally think its an insult but hey they knw what the market is out there for Elvis. Slap his picture on something and release it. It will sell.
joemin wrote on September 06, 2012
The fans in Scotland and Wales also went for it. It was also released here in Ireland a couple of days before the UK, I bought it the day it was released. As was mentioned earlier, it was released soon after the 40 Greatest Hits album and to an extent complimented it. I am pleased it is being released on CD, and I will be buying. I would also be pleased if 40 Greatest Hits was re-released, just for old times sake..... By the way, it is a pity we don't get the weekly Billboard chart info anymore. Does anyone know if there were any surprises at the RIAA award ceremony during Elvis week?
Martin DJ wrote on September 06, 2012
It was released in Holland as wel, after the near legendary "32 Hits and the Story of a King" double album. Whether this is an interesting release depends on the track listing. If it's the same as original album, it's wiser to burn your own cd of the songs since they are all available on other releases most of us have.
Elvis&Me wrote on September 06, 2012
Personally I think whoever releases Elvis material, in whatever form, we as fans should be greatful for them. I rather like the idea that these old albums are being resurfaced, it's great to see them again. Who else would bring those great albums back to life? No-one is forced to purchase them, but I for one will.
marty wrote on September 06, 2012
I remember buying this album second hand in Greece, years after it was released. Today we take everything for granted and few of us appreciate how difficult it used to be finding some of these songs! Don't know if the FTD version will include much new material but if it does I will surely buy it! If not I will have to think about it. Unfortunately I do not have unlimited money to spend on cd's...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 06, 2012
Being gratelful for anything, yes ernst know the fans very well.
Andy_2 wrote on September 06, 2012
FTD at it's worst. The label no longer has any relavence. It meant something once but is so far removed from what it started out to be. Please stop releasing something just for the sake of it.
Jamie wrote on September 06, 2012
Hello, I can't be objective about this rumoured release. Hits Of The 70s has enormous sentimental meaning to me.
Jamie wrote on September 06, 2012
Hi, having re-thought this, as TTWII has no obvious partner for a Legacy series pairing, Hits of the 70s would do the job very ably - an old compilation isn't the best use of FTD's schedule.
Steve V wrote on September 06, 2012
Its amazing how people will give this release some sort of relevance (sentimental, TTWII connection, etc). It is just another way to make a quick buck. For goodness sakes it was a cheap looking comp when it came out and that day was almost 40 yrs ago! What kind of reason would there be for FTD to release this? Its not a classic album, it was not even issued in the USA. People, you have these songs a thousand times over. Yes, they know the market well. Thanks for proving my point. Excuse me while I listen to the new Tom Jones & Beach Boys CDs now, key word there is 'new'. FTD for shame on you if this is true.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 06, 2012
May i also ask why ernest had nothing to say at elvis week about upcoming ftd releases,no communication with the fans. He tells some magazine whats coming out or gives hints. What a complete joke. Opening & closing night jan,feb 1970; 2 remaining ttwii concerts; 3 On Tour shows; Elvis in concert; 68 sessions(us male etc); from elvis in memphis; back in memphis; from ep blcd; moody blue. You have these releases to choose from,i am no fan of the classic series and would have liked 2 cd set on the 2 69 memphis albums & another 2cd set from the 2 76 albums. What a cool idea. But now ftd is releasing oure crap in my view.
Natha wrote on September 07, 2012
Worthless release. And an expensive one too. FTD should have left this one for the bootleggers! Steve V, you are quite right. Apart from the choice of alternative music to listen to.
Boxcar wrote on September 07, 2012
We will get a few outtakes with that one and all these outtake will be re-released later on the "Classic Albums" editions like it happened with so many other takes from FTD. Some people say I'm not forced to buy trash like this, but I am. Because I'm a collector and I have all FTD releases. No stamp collector collects american stamps and leaves out 5 stamps because they are blue an he don't like the color. He wants to be complete. That's a natural collector's-thing. But experience shows that once you have gaps in your collection it is easier to skip more and more releases and finally completely switch to copies from a friend. I've seen this happen many times before. So Ernst's goal has to be keeping as many of the remaining customers on hand as long as he can. At least I would do so.
TCB1974 wrote on September 07, 2012
Personally, I will skip this one as there is nothing new on it. I do understand the sentiment of some though, I listened as a kid to Elvis Forever a lot and would be tempted to buy it if released as FTD release. There are true Elvis albums though that have not yet been released on FTD, such as: Elvis (56), Christmas album (57), GI Blues, Roustabout, Speedway, From Elvis in Memphis, Back in Memphis, From EP Boulevard, Moody blue. I would rather see these albums released and a few more good concerts from 1971 and 1973, which are still underrepresented compared with other concert years.
Ton Bruins wrote on September 07, 2012
unbelievable choice..
Natha wrote on September 07, 2012
Of course we don't expect something new. That is impossible and it is unfair to refer to NEW material of others. Yet the point is that this release offers nothing 'new' in the sense of unreleased material. Therefore I skip this one and leave it to those who like it.
Steve V wrote on September 07, 2012
Capt Canary. I'm ridiculous? Of course I know there is nothing new, so yeah I dont care if there was ever another release on Elvis again believe it or not. All his great stuff has been released already hasnt it? Unless something new is unearthed and I dont mean a 70's soundbaord or take 14 of some song. There are no new Beatles releases. I dont hear their fans asking for anything. Why buy the same songs over & over again? Because its on FTD now? Now, that I find ridiculous. You want to collect? Fine , collect every Sun 45. A truly worthwhile goal.
jb4elvis wrote on September 07, 2012
At first, this sounds like a disappointing release, IF the information above is indeed correct. FTD has always been good at giving the fans unreleased material. Perhaps they have found unreleased takes of songs from the 70's or perhaps pieces of songs with Elvis just messing around with them. Who knows. I trust Ernst and what he is doing with FTD. As far as this possible release, I will wait to see if it is going to be a reality and the material on it.
Steve V wrote on September 07, 2012
Fine to each his own on what other artists we listen to , but 17 takes of The Bullfighter Was A Lady or 36 takes of Do Not Disturb ? I would be in need of major therapy! By the way, Elvis loved Tom Jones and visa versa. His last 2 albums beat anything Elvis put out after 1971's Elvis Country and I could only wish Elvis would have released albums as good as these had he lived.
Natha wrote on September 07, 2012
Steve V, Elvis said he liked Voice. Does that mean I have to too?
TCB1974 wrote on September 07, 2012
Steve, Nothing wrong with Tom Jones, but do not forget great LPs after 'Elvis Country' such as 'He Touched Me' and 'Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis'. Great LPs, unless you don't like gospel and live albums either. TCB!
Tony C wrote on September 07, 2012
Some people here are amazing, they know that nothing on this forthcoming release is unreleased despite their being no published track listing yet!
Steve V wrote on September 07, 2012
Natha point well taken, but I think Tom Jones is a little better known, lol. I never understood Elvis' fascination with Voice or some other singers who's songs he covered. Here is a guy who loved the blues, started a music revolution and ended up liking some very strange music & artists that had nothing to do with the music he helped create. That's why I dont dig the 70's. Yes everyone can change, I just didnt get the change that happened to the coolest guy on the planet at one time.
Jamie wrote on September 07, 2012
Hey Stevie V, you old misery - leave me alone. I have to agree that Elvis in the 70s was generally Not a Good Thing (Country Pop and jumpsuits? Not for me, thanks) but you'll have to live with my nostalgic reasons for having a soft spot for H70's. Let's not get ahead of ourselves - this release is only 'rumoured' to be on FTD's schedule and, personally, I think it's a long-shot they would bother with this obsolete UK compilation. Does anyone know for sure about the current availability of the mono mixes on H70's? I think it had 'The Wonder of You', 'I'm Leavin', 'You Don't have to Say You Love Me', ' There Goes My Everything', 'Rags to Riches' and 'Kentucky Rain' in mono. The latter is on disc 2 of FEIM in the Legacy series but what of the others? Also has anyone any ideas on how TTWII could be twinned as a Legacy release? All the other 1970 material has gone out on the 'On Stage' and 'Elvis Country' packages, and TTWII doesn't sit comfortably with any of the 1971/2 albums. If they twin the 1971 Christmas album with 'He Touched Me' what might they twin the 1957 Christmas LP with? Conversely, if they marry the two Christmas albums what are they going to do with 'he Touched Me'? It's possible the Legacy team could toy with the format a little on TTWII and couple it with, for example, one of the summer 1970 concerts, and they could do a double-album version of the 68 Special too. But I'm not sure if they're going to break from the precedent of twinning historic albums together. Keep it polite, Stevie V!!!
JerryNodak wrote on September 07, 2012
Wow! Sure are a lot of people getting their shorts in a knot about a release that hasn't been officially confirmed. Will I buy it if it does happen? Depends on the track list and other particulars. I will say though, that there are a lot of other titles that need to be released before this nostalgic hits comp.
JerryNodak wrote on September 07, 2012
Forgot to mention that I bought "Hits Of The '70s" on vinyl through an ebay auction several years ago. It was a never been opened, mint condition item offered by our very own Steve V. A dealer you can trust. Thanks, Steve.
Herman wrote on September 07, 2012
I think that this is not real.....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 08, 2012
It might not be real,but thats just it,theres no communication from the guys behind the label. They tell some magazine or something,and if its real,of course it will have unreleased stuff,but whatever it might have could have been released on other releases. How about at least the richmond show from on tour,a shows from ttwii,with a booklet. I welcome no more dryed up depressing 76 shows,and no tahoe 71 shows,he was already bored.
theoldscudder wrote on September 08, 2012
I don't get this release. Another greatest hits? I was at FYE (cd retailer on the east coast). I went to the Elvis section. There are so many greatest hit packages it was mind boggling. So why another one. If there is a nostalgic reason one likes this, why not get the original vinyl? You can't play it" but as you have the songs on cd you don't have to play it. As for Beach Boys I have no interest. The Tom Jones is another story. It's a really good cd. Tom is getting better at picking songs at this late stage in his life. I know many consider him a lounge type singer. This cd however is mature & has a well thought out selection of songs. Had Elvis lived he should be making albums like Spirit In The Room.
Steve V wrote on September 08, 2012
You are welcome Jerry, yes I remember that well. This was a fine LP for its time. I think FTD putting it out is just a bit over the top, if true. I hope its only a rumour.
Natha wrote on September 08, 2012
Yes, I am not suren what the tracks will be. The point is however that it is a compilation. So maybe there is 'something new', but I am sure that will be re-used on a later date FTD.
benny scott wrote on September 08, 2012
Hits Of The 70's was also released in Belgium. Still have the original vinyl, I loved it and still do . Tracklist : The Wonder Of You / I'm Leavin' / Burning Love / Always On My Mind / I Just Can't Help Believing / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / There Goes My Everything / Rags To Riches / Untill It's Time For You To Go / Kentucky Rain / I've Lost You / An American Trilogy. In 2008 the Sounds Cool label released the CD 'Hits Of The 70's' with following tracklist : 1. The Wonder Of You (Live february 18 1970) / 2. I'm Leaving (Master) / 3. Burning Love (Master) / 4. Always On My Mind (Take 2) / 5. I Just can't Help believing (Live august 10 1970, not released on single in the US) / 6. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Master) / 7.There Goes My Everything (Take 1) / 8.Rags To Tiches (Take 3) / 9.Untill It's Time For You To Go (Master) / 10. Kentucky Rain (Take 9) / 11.I've Lost You (Master) / 12. An American Trilogy (Live january 14 1973) / Bonus Songs : 13. Promised Land (Master) / 14. My Boy (Undubbed) / 15. Way Down (Master) / 16.Hurt (Master) / 17.Moody Blue (Master) / 18. My Way (Live april 25 1977) I'm curious what (besides the original tracklist) FTD's bonus songs will be, IF the next FTD release should be 'Hits From The 70's' ( it's just a rumour so far !). Always El.
Elvis Vinyl LP Fan wrote on September 08, 2012
Bought a mint used vinyl LP copy of this a few years ago for CHEAP! ($3.00). It sounds great on vinyl so I don't see the need for this release from FTD.
Elvis Vinyl LP Fan wrote on September 08, 2012
Capt canary, I meant for an FTD release this is not needed as they charge too much $ for just a simple re-release with nothing new to add. A Sony re-release for this would be much better as well as much cheaper. So, I was not implying they should not have released any old albums on CD, but commenting on how this would be too much money to pay for as an FTD release. Just sayin :)
Jamie wrote on September 09, 2012
Hello Elvis Vinyl LP Fan (is that your real name??), I agree - this would be a plausible Sony/BMG release (because of the rare mono mixes) but FTD would be taking a liberty putting it out for the £ they charge.
John4126 wrote on September 09, 2012
The Mono single mixes should've appeared on previously issued FTD 'classic albums'. If it's going to include other hits from the 70's put it out with all the other countless of available greatest hits packages on a Sony legacy release. I see no need for this on FTD if the rumours of it's release are to be believed. If it includes alternate outtakes that are not included on previous FTD, that will render those releases incomplete and i think that's pretty poor show from the label.
NorwayElvis wrote on September 09, 2012
I still have the LP and I have always enjoyed this release,made a cdr long time a go. Mixed feelings about this beeing released on FTD.....if. Many other much more important prodjects......like the rest of the classic ones. Dont really see the point releasing mono mixes.....some of them was released in japan by BMG a few years ago. "Heart of rome" was different but the rest was just mono sound and I could not hear much difference.
japio wrote on September 09, 2012
And again too late. This album was relesed on a import label in 2007. It looks like FTD is following the import market again. What can we expect/ . The import version was really bad. Even the cover was aweful. Elvis face was orange. The tracks stolen from others RCA albums. Now it comes from FTD. Most of the tracks are original masters and are there new outtakes?. Stupid choice
Dazman wrote on September 11, 2012
While the press release isn't out yet, its far from an appealing project if unreleased mono mixes is all that FTD can offer. Personally I think expanding this with the best available live versions (from both multi-track and SB) of each hit would be a more appealing selling point because with since the Classic Album versions of most of his lifetime albums are now out, there would hardly be any new and complete studio outtakes left. BTW... please!! no more expensive book peojects for now. Five of them in the last 12 months is just overkill. Overall I don't think this will be the only project 'cause they normally release about 3 items bi-monthly.
Dazman wrote on September 11, 2012
BTW, just keep the unreleased concept alive!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 12, 2012
Yea,how about april,9,10,or 14 1972? Yes id like a mutlitrack show!
Hans Otto wrote on September 23, 2012
I have been an avid suporter of the FTD label since it started, and I have bought all the FTD releases. Until now. This will be the very first FTD CD I won't buy. "Hits Of The 70's" appearantly has some kind of sentimental value for some European old timers, so I could understand if Sony released this one as a budget CD, as they did with the other old, Elvis Camden titles a couple of years ago. However, this FTD release represents a sad step in the wrong direction for FTD. It contains no new material, whatsoever. Let's hope that Roger and Ernst just had a bad (terrible) day at work, and will get FTD back on track.