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Larry Geller To Host Unusual Elvis Film

July 25, 2012 | Other

Larry Geller is planning to do a very special movie on Elvis. Here's what he just wrote us: "As many of you know, I’m going to Memphis for another big Elvis Week in August. I thought about the many times I travelled between Memphis and Los Angeles on old Route 66 with Elvis over the years. So many memories – so many experiences shared. I told my son Kiara that I would love to take that journey one more time, and he mentioned it to some filmmaker friends of his. They came up with the idea to come along with me and make a film of the trip, stopping at places that were meaningful to Elvis and me. I must say, I loved it! Route 66 is part of America’s history, and our travels along that road are part of Elvis’ history. "

A release date is not set yet. 


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Monster wrote on July 25, 2012
I think this is a great idea, I've always wondered about those road trips. The Larry Geller element will just have to be endured though. My personal jury is still out on him. I don't doubt he meant well but he seems to be more enamoured with his former brush with celebrity than feels right. Just my impression.
samcra wrote on July 25, 2012
Monster, I agree with you completely !
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 25, 2012
Excellent idea...i did a part of Route 66' in 2009 and LOVED IT...Excellent idea, original and worthwhile!~
Hans Otto wrote on July 25, 2012
Holy cow! So Larry came up with yet another inocent Elvis idea, and his son just happened to mention it to some filmmaker friends of his? Yeah, right! I didn't think it was possible for Guru Geller to be able to find any another Elvis-project which he could make money of. The guy have been milking his I-Was-Elvis'-Closest-Friend udders blood-red for decades now. Larry not the only oldtimer constantly trying to make money of Elvis, but his uniqe mix of greed and his so called humble, spirutal philosophy is quite unatractive.
Antjie wrote on July 28, 2012
A worthwhile idea. I plan to visit the USA again some time in future and would love to do a trip along Route 66 between Memphis and L.A.