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Stronger Than Pride

June 26, 2012 | Music

The new VV import label announced the release of 'Stronger than Pride' as their first release.

The pressrelease:

If we look closely at the first Vegas act of 1972, In spite is personal problems or thanks to these we can see that Elvis concentrates on the music to produce great shows. The in-between song chat and banter have gone and each number is delivered promptly without even a pause for applause. The 'NEW' songs introduced do reflect the mood of the man and for sure the rocking days are over but the rendition of the early seventies repertoire is solid and sung with great ability. The Elvis show is short, 45-50 minutes and is basic with little variation in the tracklist, this theme is continued throughout, always including the new repertoire. Here We present Elvis to the end of the season the closing night the afternoon show.. no surprises in the tracklist but the show is extremely solid and good, almost supernatural if we consider, it comes after one month of daily routine.
The sound is good and powerful it comes directly from the original tape, the mix is rough giving us the possibility to listen very clear all the band in action. This vinyl pressing include a bonus cd, where you have the possibility to listen the same concert + the six “new” songs from the opening night in this way you can compare too the evolution of Elvis’ performing during the season.
The LP 140 vinyl gram is a limited handnumbered release limited to 500 copies. It comes with an inside high quality glossy paper booklet of four LP sized paper.
We hope you can enjoy this our first product in the way to give life to more of his kind in next future.
LP February 23 DS unreleased live audience-recording, running time 45,00 minutes.

Side A
01.2001 Theme
02.C C Rider
03.Proud Mary
04.Never Been To Spain
05.You Gave Me A Mountain
06.Until It’s Time For You To Go
07.Polk Salad Annie
08.Love Me
09.All Shook Up

Side B
01.Teddy Bear /Don’t Be Cruel
02.Hound Dog
03.A Big Hunk O’ Love
04.Help Me Make It Through The Night
05.Suspicious Minds
06.Band Introductions
07.An American Trilogy
08.Can’t Help Falling In Love
09.Closing Vamp

Bonus CD (running time 73 minutes)
01. 2001 Theme 02. CC Rider 03. Proud Mary 04. Never Been To Spain 05. You Gave Me A Mountain 06. Until It’s Time For You To Go 07. Polk Salad Annie 08. Love Me 09. All Shook Up 10. Teddy Bear /Don’t Be Cruel 11. Hound Dog 12. A Big Hunk O’ Love 13. Help Me Make It Through The Night 14. Suspicious Minds 15. Band Introductions 16. An American Trilogy 17. Can’t Help Falling In Love 18. Closing Vamp 19*. Never Been To Spain 20*. You Gave Me A Mountain 21*. Until It’s Time For You To Go 22*. A Big Hunk O’ Love 23*. An American Trilogy 24*. I’ll Remember You 25+ It’s Impossible 26+ The Impossible Dream 27° It’s Over
*January 26 opening night + February 16 ms °February 17 ds
Tracks previously released soundboard recording.

Hans Otto wrote on June 26, 2012
The 23rd of February 1972 was an important, though traumatic day in Elvis' life. In the Hilton master suite, after closing show later the same night, Priscilla informed him that she was leaving. According to Priscilla, Elvis was in total shock, and forcefully made love to her after learning that their marriage was ending. I have the Closing Show on CD-R, in which Elvis does a very short, kind of matter of fact introduction of Priscilla as "my wife". Sounds like he knew that not all was in order. I'm not sure if Cilla also was present at this previous Dinner Show. Will be interesting listning to this show as well.
Jerome wrote on June 27, 2012
Hans.. Isn't that from the great movie 'Elvis and me?...
Natha wrote on June 27, 2012
I am not at all interested in tasteless bedroom stories. None of my business. What I would like to know is the quality of the concert (audio wise). Maybe CiscoKing will shed some light on this?
Hans Otto wrote on June 27, 2012
Personally, I'm not into tasteless scandal journalism either. However, in order to understand Elvis' artistic development, one must study his private life. The breakup with Priscilla on February 23rd 1972 was probably the single most important happening in Elvis' life, and the main cause for his increasingly ecalating drug problem - and his ultimate death five years later. One can not analyze and fully understand the quality of Elvis' concerts without knowing what was going on backstage...
Natha wrote on June 27, 2012
Just to know about the hardship of the breaking up for ELVIS is quite enough for me. I don't need to know the rest.
myway wrote on June 27, 2012
I like elvis best 1972.I think he reached his peak back then.About the show and sound.Skip it.It has to be speed corrrected and have a way much better sound on it, but if they say that they have come up with a tape like they say??? I doubt it, but if it's so then I'll buy it.
Lefty wrote on June 27, 2012
How I wish that the importers would find someone that speaks English to write their press releases. I had to read this one a couple of times to get the gist of it. That being said, I think this show may be worth buying if the sound is as good as they claim, although I'm not exactly sure what, "the mix is rough giving us the possibility to listen very clear all the band in action" is supposed to mean. I'm bemused by these strange connections producers make in order to sell Elvis music. You know, claiming that Elvis performed in Shreveport in the early-early days, so the concert in 1975 is a historic event. This one is even worse. Elvis gets dumped by Priscilla, so this show in 1972 is all the more significant. Really? Give me a break! These types of claims are a far stretch. And in regards to that matter, Elvis isn't here to tell his side of the story.
Hans Otto wrote on June 27, 2012
Just to make a couple of things clear, Lefty. It was I, - not the producers of this new CD bootleg - who made the comment that this also was the same day Priscilla told Elvis that she was leaving him. As for the relevance of this kind of info on Elvis' private life, I do think it is warrented and relevant. If not, then why should one bother about other concert recordings such as, say Indianapolis June 26th 1977? These are not particually interresting concerts because of the musical quality or content, but because of their historic importance. As for the final, tragic breakup between Elvis and Priscilla on February 23rd 1972, this spiralled Elvis into a final fase of increased drug abuse, and a tendency to record sad and melodramatic songs about lost love. In order to analyze Elvis The Artist one must also study Elvis The Man because they were so interleaved. One recent example; The FTD label has announced that the upcoming release of Elvis' rehearsal on the day before his Las Vegas engagement in January/February 1973, includes two different, prevously unknown versions of "Separate Ways". This semi-autobiographical song, written by Elvis' friend Red West just weeks after the breakup in February 1972, was never preformed on stage before a live audience. However, knowing that he obviously considered preforming this song almost exactly one year after the separation, may explain why he tried out an orcestra version of this song at that exact time and place. I do respect fans who don't want to dwell on sad and difficult aspects of Elvis' private life, and just enjoy his music. But one must also take his private history into consideration if one fully want to try understanding him as an artist.
Lefty wrote on June 27, 2012
Hans, your points are noted and well taken. I certainly agree that the historical context gives the listener a better understanding of Elvis and his music. Your example of the Indianapolis show is spot on correct. I do hold, however, that the significance of the historical perspective can be used as a marketing ploy or it can be stretched to the point of absurdity. Will anyone be able to discern the state of mind Elvis was in by listening to this concert? Maybe, but no more so than by listening to the many shows before or after wherein Elvis sings soulful ballads. Maybe Elvis was pining for Cilla during the Jungle Room sessions? Maybe it was Ginger or Linda by then? Only Elvis knows for sure. As far as the rest of my comments, I didn't mean to imply that you are connected to this particular release. Too bad that you're not, because it looks like a pretty good one to me. Thanks for rounding out your perspective on Elvis. I appreciate all the comments I read on this site.
Ronaldv wrote on June 28, 2012
I thought Ginger came into Elvis life after the jungle room sessions, in november 1976?
Lefty wrote on June 28, 2012
Ronaldv, you're probably right. Truth be told, I've never been all that interested in finer details of Elvis' life.
Natha wrote on June 28, 2012
Hans Otto, I fully agree with you that one has to understand the historical facts. I have a clear mind on that and I know all that happened. I just don't feel the 'need to know' about what went on in the bedroom. It does not have any extra value to a historical understanding. But if you feel that way, that's fine with me.
Ciscoking wrote on June 28, 2012
Considering the label i would take this release with reservations..what we have on cdr sounds not so good...and my guess would be...this onewont either....probably waste of vinyl....too....the show is not bad...though
Natha wrote on June 29, 2012
Thanks CiscoKing. Very useful information. Was waiting for that.
JenniferScarum wrote on July 01, 2012
Looks shabby and sloppy-ly done. Bad artwork. Content : has anyone already listened to it ?? Or another rip-off ? Please Lex report soonest possible.