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More RIAA Awards/Presentations On The Way

June 29, 2012 | Other

Great News. Executives from Sony Music will emcee a free event at the Elvis Week Main Stage on Wednesday, August 15, as they present multiple awards for releases of Elvis' music that have achieved Gold, Platinum or Diamond status based on RIAA record sales. Most experts expect new GOLD Awards for 'An Afternoon In The Garden' and 'Christmas Duets' plus Platinum Presentations for Elvis' first two Albums 'Elvis Presley' and 'Elvis' and the Diamond Award for 'Elvis' Christmas Album' (1970 Version). There could be more. Should bring Elvis' total RIAA album sales tally to at least 135.5 million. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
Bill Rauhuff wrote on June 29, 2012
We all no the actual US album sales is much more. We need to get them corrected as soon as {all Elvis fans} possible. The longer time passes by the harder it will be to get a true audit if it is possible even now.
JenniferScarum wrote on July 01, 2012
This news + the one billion sold (!) should be published in ALL music-mags in the world. Sony and EPE Graceland are in charge and also ALL fan clubs. "Better is impossible" and it's about due that Elvis' showmanship is recognized by all reporters, critics and by all western world citizens !