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Pure Gold

June 06, 2012 | Music

Pure Gold was a 1975 compilation album released as part of RCA's budget "Pure Gold" series of albums. Though at this point in his career Presley was focused more on the country music market, this compilation focuses more on earlier material than his 1970's hits. 

"Kentucky Rain", "Fever", "It's Impossible", and "In The Ghetto" are true stereo mixes. All other tracks are in "electronically reprocessed" stereo. When this album was eventually issued on CD for the first in the early 1990s, the 6 songs from the 50's were restored to original monaural sound. The album wasn't a strong seller when it was first released in 1975.

It was certified Gold on 9/12/1977, Platinum on 3/20/1988 and 2x Platinum on 3/27/1992 by the R.I.A.A. The front cover photo features Elvis from his ' Aloha from Hawaii' concert in 1973. In Europe the album was released, with a different cover, in RCA's ' Take-Off ' series.

Released now in a stunning 3- panel digipack is an Alternate Album Of 'Pure Gold'. Containing masters, first takes, master takes and other rarities. Limited edition real pressed gold disc! (NO CD-R) limited edition of 500 copies! The disc is GOLD on the back (playing side) and has gold vinyl grooves on the label side! There's a (removable) sticker on the digi-pack front cover saying 'Limited Edition Gold Disc' - This is a very limited release so order your copy now.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Jerome wrote on June 07, 2012
I have ordered 50 pcs just to be on the safe side, considering the limited copies and exclusivity..
japio wrote on June 08, 2012
i want it ,i need it, i love it. could be a nice title of this one. What would be the next vinyl rip(off). I think the 3 movie Lp's -The soundtracks. i don't see why people should buy this. O yes maybe i'm not a real fan
bunny-ellen wrote on June 11, 2012
I have liked to buy this album on CD again, IF ONLY there were more new songs added to it. Same goes for "A date with Elvis or Flaming star, of Let's be friends" or other budget albums that my mother bought, a long, long time ago...But maybe for youngsters (age 20 till 35) it may be new...