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Elvis 2nd In Top Selling Singles Chart UK

June 06, 2012 | Other

The Official Charts Company today released the Top Selling Singles Acts of all time in the UK as follows. Note: the Official Charts Company have not given a source for their figures. We doubt that they can or will as most record companies keep such information confidential. Also, a lot of Elvis' sales records have been lost in the mists of time e.g. his HMV sales for openers. Anyway, here is the Top 12 were:

01 THE BEATLES 21.9 million
04 MADONNA 17.6m
06 ELTON JOHN 14.8m
07 QUEEN 12.6m
08 ABBA 11.2m
09 DAVID BOWIE 10.6m
10 RIHANNA 10.4m

John4126 wrote on June 06, 2012
Given this was announced to coincide with the queens jubilee celebrations, there was never going to be anyone but a British act topping this chart. I doubt it's accuracy.
Natha wrote on June 06, 2012
Its accuracy is all the more doubtful as most of the official sales figures of ELVIS were never accurately recorded by RCA, both in the USA as well as in Europe, let alone be passed on to the next owners! Anyway the top 3 shows all and sundry who are the real top performers in the UK. And they have passed the test of time.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 06, 2012
The Official Charts Company refuse to give an official source for their sales figures. As has already been mentioned, I feel there has been some 'gerrymandering' to get a British act on top in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I suspect the Beatles were chosen over Cliff Richard as they are better known worldwide and can bring more revenue into the country than he can. Should the proposed 'Elvis Duets' album be released next year as rumoured then a couple of single releases from it should put Elvis in the No.1 position.
mholdr wrote on June 07, 2012
its a shame the (so-called) "Col" Parker never allowed EP to perform in the UK. I sure wish someone would have stepped up and bought out the idiot to manage Elvis THE RIGHT WAY!!!!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 07, 2012
As it states this is a UK chart and not world wide, in that case Elvis would have been top and who know's if he had visited the UK to perform the UK chart might show Elvis top ?
Jerome wrote on June 07, 2012
whoohoo!! Now I have a good reason to get totally wasted tonight! Cheers!..
theoldscudder wrote on June 07, 2012
Does it really matter?
joemin wrote on June 09, 2012
Top 12? An unusual number, why not top 10 or top 20?
Steve V wrote on June 09, 2012
Kylie Minogue over the Stones, Beach Boys, etc? Really? I couldnt name one of her songs if you paid me.
joemin wrote on June 10, 2012
In 2004 Channel 4 used the data used to compile the charts to produce a best sellers list. 1.Cliff Richard (20,969,006) 2.The Beatles (20,799,632) 3.Elvis Presley (19,293,118) The list was quickly discredited as the data represented only partial sales up to the mid 60s, only a tiny fraction of the 50s sales were included. This was because the charts only sampled a small number of outlets in teh early years. The beatles have had no single release since 2004 that I know of, nor has Cliff Richard. Elvis has had A Little Less conversation (700,000 sales), #1 UK singles (about 500,000 sales), Rubberneckin, Thats All Right and I think Suspicious Minds was also after the above list was complied.
joemin wrote on June 10, 2012
I forgot to include the US #1 singles in that list, also was In The Ghetto released as a single in UK? Elvis would certainly have overtaken the other 2 over the last 8 years, even on that flawed list. The list has obviously been further doctored to give the desired result. Search for ultimate pop start cliff richard channel 4 2004,
joemin wrote on June 10, 2012
Here is the list from 2004, not the absence of most of the 50s artists...Haley, Cash, Crosby, Steele... 1.Cliff Richard (20,969,006) 2.The Beatles (20,799,632) 3.Elvis Presley (19,293,118) 4.Madonna (14,562,856) 5.Elton John (13,475,063) 6.Michael Jackson (11,310,958) 7.Queen (10,334,713) 8.ABBA (10,004,039) 9.Paul McCartney (9,781,603) 10.David Bowie (9,392,410) 11.Rod Stewart (9,046,492) 12.Rolling Stones (8,348,470) 13.Kylie Minogue (7,994,130) 14.Stevie Wonder (7,614,227) 15.Spice Girls (7,507,213) 16.Shakin Stevens (7,108,330) 17.Whitney Houston (6,993,105) 18.Bee Gees (6,943,851) 19.George Michael (6,819,419) 20.Status Quo (6,727,822) 21.Boney M (6,587,018) 22.Slade (6,520,171) 23.Olivia Newton John (6,493,006) 24.Blondie (6,456,881) 25.Boyzone (6,435,711) 26.Oasis (6,225,785) 27.UB40 (5,997,222) 28.Tom Jones (5,892,220) 29.Celine Dion (5,683,264) 30.The Police (5,617,175) 31.Madness (5,564,459) 32.Diana Ross (5,326,780) 33.Wham! (5,298,431) 34.Adam Ant (5,296,965) 35.The Jam (5,094,055) 36.Frankie Goes To Hollywood (5,008,067) 37.Robbie Williams (4,973,227) 38.Pet Shop Boys (4,913,655) 39.Phil Collins (4,889,059) 40.Wet Wet Wet (4,877,328) 41. Duran Duran (4,846,531) 42.The Everly Brothers (4,827,957) 43.The Shadows (4,793,537) 44.Westlife (4,726,116) 45.Gary Glitter (4,717,834) 46.Engelbert Humperdinck (4,710,328) 47.U2 (4,663,427) 48.Bryan Adams (4,614,135) 49.Frank Sinatra (4,597,630) 50.The Hollies (4,597,450)