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Your Name In The Limited Edition CD

May 04, 2012 | Other

Elvis fans from across the globe are declaring "I Am An Elvis Fan" and voting to have their favorite Elvis songs featured in an upcoming album made exclusively by Elvis fans. Select your favorite songs and take advantage of this limited-time offer to pre-order your CD and be named in the CD package!

You can vote on your favorite Elvis songs May 1 through May 12. The CD is scheduled for release on July 31 by Legacy Recordings and will be titled, “I AM AN ELVIS FAN: A Collection of Elvis Songs Chosen by the Fans.”

If you pre-order during the voting period at IAmAnElvisFan.com, your name will appear in a limited-edition version of the CD. The release will be available at ElvisTheMusic.com, ShopElvis.com and other retail outlets.  

theoldscudder wrote on May 04, 2012
Kinda like the star in the heavens being named after someone. I think this marketing ploy will help sell this product. Although it's not for me I have to give them props. The Col. is looking up at this & smiling.
LonElvis wrote on May 04, 2012
Sure it's not earth shattering but this album concept is a neat fusion of technology and marketing that is fresh and different. I voted for my favorite songs (of the ones listed) and sent up my picture to be used in the cover. I also preordered and hope to see my name in the packaging. Sure that's all small in the big picture but is cool for $15US. It's a cheap indulgence. Elvis forever!
Brian Quinn wrote on May 20, 2012
Should the 'If I Am An Elvis Fan' release gain a Top 10 placing on the UK Album Charts it will be Elvis' 50th. No other artist or group can claim so many. I have informed SONY(UK).