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South Korean Advertisement

April 23, 2012 | Other

Sony placed an advertisement in South Korea for their new earplugs with the text: 'Hello, Elvis: Like the King of Rock & Roll who captured the hearts of many women, feel the passion with full of vitality using XBA Sound'. A similar ad is made with the use of Jimi Hendrix and Mozart. Proof again the the King is counted among the most important artists of all time! 

Sally_Coates wrote on April 25, 2012
Snowplow what does your post mean? South Korea was never part of the Cold War - it was always an ally of the US and the UK. Actually, the country was founded with US support in 1948 after Korea was split into North and South and the US support in the Korea war was a result of that establishment treaty. Elvis has always been been incredibly popular in SE Asia, particularly in Japan (the third largest historic Elvis market in the world), Singapore, The Philippines and South Korea itself.
Sally_Coates wrote on April 25, 2012
o idea what happene there as that's not how I typed it! I was born and brought up in Singapore, my dad used to work for Shell, so have always had an interest in SE Asia politics. It is fair to say that Elvis played a huge part in the Americanisation of that part of the world particular, as he also did in the UK. One day I hope that he will receive the credit he deserves for that and the impact he had upon race relations in the US. A 100% unique individual in the history of popular culture. That's why I try to embrace the intellectuals amongst the Elvis fans when everyone seems to want to drive them away as Elvis' rightful place in hstory will come as a consequence of them fighting the battle for him.
Natha wrote on April 27, 2012
In the past decades I have lived and travelled quite a number of nitches and corners in Asia where they had not seen Westeners for decades. What I observed is that in contract to that all they knew to items well known to them Coca Cola and Elvis. I met people who were able to converse in English because of Elvis and his impact. So, this add must appeal to the audience as Elvis is quite revered in South and South-East Asia be it for his RnR or for his balads (or both!).