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Little Kids

April 23, 2012 | People

It looks like some of you wants to ruin everything for everybody. By behaving like little kids in the contributions you are pushing us closer and closer to the edge. Not the edge of turning off the reaction possibility, but the edge of closing the complete site.

We don't like to, but have something else to do than reading threats of or by lawyers. This ought to be a hobby, not something to worry about.

theoldscudder wrote on April 23, 2012
Very well said. That's all I ever wanted. My posts were an attempt to stop the name calling. I will respect your wishes. I will not comment further. Nor will I respond to any personal attacks even if provoked. I will let you deal with it as you see fit. I would like you to know I came from a place of compassion to help a those I felt were being unfairly attacked. I completely see your point & will take the higher ground.
Natha wrote on April 23, 2012
Lawyers? I thought this was a site for sharing our hobby / fun. Maybe it would be best to skip the reactions indeed, when such threats are uttered! Don't close the site! Please!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 23, 2012
Personally, I think, the majority of fans on here, are fantastic and fun. I hope the site will continue.
dgirl wrote on April 23, 2012
How unfortunate it has come to this. I hope the site stays open.
Ciscoking wrote on April 23, 2012
Abut what it is..? Did I miss anything..?
Jamie wrote on April 23, 2012
I am enormously grateful to those running this site and empathise entirely with their stance on this. Scornful 'contributions' trashing other members' views with adjectives such as "Moronic" (implicitly, the other member is a "Moron" for disagreeing with the so-called contributor) have no place in an Elvis Presley fans' website. It's a joke - this site is supposed to be informative, thought-provoking fun for crying out loud. Either hold your opinions lightly enough that other members don't get crushed by the weight of your righteousness and infallibility, or go away and don't come back.
japio wrote on April 23, 2012
I hop you'll change your mind. Why?, Ive been in the Elvisworld for years. Have done a lot for a fanclub. But do more things after that. Working for a radiostation where i did Elvisnews everyweek. Released inteview cd's and also a public domain cd. I never get money for that. I know that's there lot of jealosy and disrespect for eachoter opnioins. Attacking or betraying was then and stiil is the same. So i understand that you wanna give up. But it's not a good idea. You'll gonna miss it .And yes this site is changed with this same people. That's why i still asking why? I also says sometimes things to hard and too negative. But i always have respect for others.Especially for people who's not affraid to say "im sorry" . What i meant to say is don't give up on something that you have so hard worked on ( like i did when i working on an fanclub and i still iss it) I hope my story will help you to change your mind about quit. Sincerly Japio
FM wrote on April 23, 2012
Did I miss something major here, what are you talking about...pls fill me in here
Lefty wrote on April 23, 2012
You're absolutely right! It isn't fun to express an opinion on Elvis News anymore. Nowadays, doing so makes one open to threats of violence, incessant belittling, profanity, and character defamation. The recent string of profanity someone posted to the Sonny West story the other day sickened me. I certainly don't understand why people make it a point to tell other contributor's that they're wrong, or that the opinion they hold stems from misinformation, incompetence, or stupidity. I wish people would let other's have their opinion. I mean, come on, it's an opinion! Passion over Elvis to the point of hatred is creepy. The guy was just an entertainer, and he's now long dead. Certainly, there are more important issues in life. No one should be subjected to hatred over Elvis. Lex, I've been a member since May 2003. I'd hate to see you shut it down, but that may be the only way to teach the "little kids" to grow up.
Rejane wrote on April 24, 2012
Please don't close your site, I love it, and read all email updates as they come in. I'm way too busy with job and kids to search out all the information you feed directly to my email box in one email! Maybe some of these folks who are in such a bad temper should be asked to go elsewhere.
Bremenbjorn wrote on April 24, 2012
Dear elvisnews-Team, what ever is going on ... your tremendous work for Elvis and his Fans (and all the other Web Masters) is the most important thing in the Elvis-business today. No other side is able to give us so many Elvis news every single day. Your side is even more important than the official elvis side from the estate. Please keep going your own way and don't let it go because of some people. This is the most important elvis place in the world wide web. Bjorn Bergmann, Germany
circleG wrote on April 24, 2012
I've always said this site isn't the same anymore - in the early days it was great for news of new releases, opinions of siad releases and background information from fans that you just couldn't get anywhere else. Thats why I'm here. Then the cruel Jackson rubbish started and the Sonny West thread, well ... I just ignore posts I don't like but this doesn't stop the problem. People need to be more respectful on here. We are fans. Thats it. We have opinions but so does everyone else. If certain indivduals can't respect that then go to another site. Simple.
Thorsten_Germany wrote on April 24, 2012
I visit this site for years - mostly as a reader. It is my primary and most valuable source for information on the Elvis world. I have deep respect for the all the people who run this site and make the information available for us fans. It would be very sad when this site would be closed. I can also understand your point. When I read some recent discussions I could only shake my head over the behaviour of some people. If it is not possible that people can discuss in a peaceful and respectful way you could consider to delete the "give your opinion" function and run this site as an "information only" site. It would be a loss if people could no longer communicate on this platform but it would be still better than losing this site completely. Sorry for mistakes (not my first language). Best regards from Germany, Thorsten.
Nariel wrote on April 24, 2012
Please, don't close the site! I think it's one of the best Elvis resources on the web. I usually just lurk here not taking part in discussions, so maybe I'm not qualified to speak up, but I guess we are all fans here - can't we just get along without putting one another down? :\
jb4elvis wrote on April 24, 2012
I am obviously not in the loop as I don't know what this is in reference to. I visit the site everyday and comment when appropriate. But I don't know what the statement in "Little Kids" is all about.
vegaselvisfan wrote on April 24, 2012
To learn what this is in reaction to, read the news about Sonny West's heart surgery. Then read the dialogue where it came to people almost wishing he would die from it.
Natha wrote on April 24, 2012
JB4Elvis, it is not only about people expressing their views about the topic. It is basically because some reactions are offensive (read Lefty's reaction below). I am mostly shocked about the fact that the editors are threatened of or by lawyers. This is an unfathomable item for this fan site! This is the best source / site for info about Elvis. It is heart warming to read all these constructive reactions here. Keep 'em coming. Let's prove we are worthy Elvis fans here.
Nariel wrote on April 24, 2012
Ponygirlup, thanks for the clarification. I suppose that whatever your opinion of Sonny West is, it's just not right on a human level to express or imply such wishes.
John4126 wrote on April 24, 2012
We've been here before haven't we? Not that long ago. Seems that some didnt learn from the threat of closure made then. Personally although i log on frequently i've stopped commenting as i am fed up of the offensive and inappropriate responses you see posted. I've even had personal mail sent from a 'fan' obsessed with my enjoyment and recognition of the Beatles claiming i'm 'no fan of Elvis'. All very pathetic and quite sad.
Jamie wrote on April 24, 2012
Just thinking aloud as it were, maybe there should be a latency period before the comments appear on the site to enable the snide or personal ones to be filtered out? My thinking is that people won't spend their time 'contributing' patronising, dismissive responses if those replies don't actually appear on the site. Should that be necessary? Of course not. But, unfortunately, the internet gives us two-way - not one-way - access to the rest of the planet. As well as letting the decent majority into our homes we give access there to the crass minority as well.
Troubleman wrote on April 24, 2012
Jamie, I agree with your comment. This could be a solution instead of shutting down this wonderful site. I think one of the big problem you elude to is when someone replies to a comment with insults, and then there is a rebuttal (also with insults). Then others start joining in, and pretty soon, it gets to personal attacks on the members (an Elvis fans who are either stupid, have money to burn, and don’t know anything) and the subject of the article gets lost. Lex, although I am against censorship, I believe you can make rules on your site regarding inappropriate comments, or personal attacks on other members, or you. If members don’t want to follow certain guidelines in their comments, they could go elsewhere. Here are my suggestions that could help. 1 – Comments should be related to the article only (as it says in your guidelines). However, many comments are left that are unrelated. So this rule should be more enforced. If you want to reply directly to a member that you feel made an improper (or insulting) comment, then they should contact each other directly. A request could be sent to get someone’s e-mail address (through this site), and if the other member agrees, then they can go at it at will. The rest of us would not have to be a witness to that. 2 – When posting a comment, there could be a delay before the posting appears (2 – 3 days), in order to determine if the comment meets the guidelines. Articles would appear longer in order for all to provide their opinion. Personal attacks on any member would not be tolerated. 3 – All members would be required to accept an agreement (policy) regarding their postings to follow the guidelines set by the owners of this site. You have a choice to agree or not. You break the guidelines 2 or 3 times, and your membership would be cancelled (or suspended). 4- A limit for postings (2 or 3) on each specific article could be done. That would avoid the arguments that start where you have 2 members responding again and again, never letting up. At some point, their comments should be blocked from the article, period. Again, these are only my suggestions, based upon my opinion; nothing more. It would be sad to lose this site. TCB
Loesje wrote on April 24, 2012
Troubleman & others: of course we could do what you suggest: but that would mean a technic change, for what we, Lex and I don't have the time. It is just the two of us these days and believe it or not, but most of the time I am the only one responsible for editing (and reading) all reactions. I have a life besides this website. The rules we have are fine as they are: I will ban anyone who is not behaving himself; no problems there! We simply don't want to be told how to run this site and we don't want any legal threads. There we draw the line!
Monster wrote on April 24, 2012
Horrified to hear that some idiot threatened legal action on you guys. It's bad when people lose perspective on what this site and its contributors are trying to achieve. Many of us have strong opinions on the things we are passionate about including Elvis and whilst lively debate is good personal insults and childish attacks on other people is, as the title of this article implies, the action of children not responsible, mature adults. Please don't let them try and drag the rest of us down to their level or do anything further to endanger this site and the enjoyment of those who know when to hold behave.
marty wrote on April 24, 2012
Loesje you are right. There are ways to filter out the 'offensive' postings but there isn't really a way to do it automatically. And doing it manually takes time that just isn't available to most people. I know that other sites, unrelated to Elvis, have had similar problems and some decided to take hard measures. I sympathise with you and wish we lived in a world we common sense was more common...
Jamie wrote on April 24, 2012
Threatening legal action...because of a chip-on-the-shoulder relating to comments on an Elvis Presley website. You couldn't make it up - no wonder the website owners are feeling exasperated. I think their analogy with "Little kids" was, if anything, very charitable.
Paul Sweeney wrote on April 24, 2012
Lex - I fully understand where you are coming from...but try not to let the troglodytes get to you.
japio wrote on April 26, 2012
Maybe the webmasters can do an update about this situation. What will happen now. And what's the real problem. And send the problemakers a mail with a warning. But we still must can be discus releases. Not attack eachother. So let's keep the good thing and throw away the bad thing. And if somebody have a problem with me. send me a MP instead attcking on this site. respect for all. And sorry if i made some mistakes . keep up the good work