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Coming soon: 'The Elvis Files Magazine'

April 24, 2012 | Book

Due to the huge interest in 'The Elvis Files' series, author Erik Lorentzen decided to use his archives for a brand new magazine. Coming in September: 'The Elvis Files Magazine'. Lorentzen plans to publish 4 magazines each year. More details about content, number of pages and price are to be announced. 

little jimmy tompkin wrote on April 25, 2012
hope it's reasonably priced like the deagostini series but not as many issues !
Lou A wrote on April 25, 2012
I own the first three books,and I like them a lot. So, if this magazine is in English I will subscribe. If it's anything like the books it'll be great.
davrid wrote on April 27, 2012
Unfortunately the first couple of books were actually barely in English - horrible standard of writing, stylistically and grammatically, for something which costs £60.00. Although the standard has been gradually improving, even the latest one is far from acceptible (to me) at the cost - Dave Marsh, Greil Marcus or even Peter Guralnick, they're certainly not. Completely turned me off collecting the entire series.
Freddy Freeman wrote on April 28, 2012
davrid, are you sure you've read the first two volumes to be published? If so, you'd notice a huge difference in the quality of the books. The first (Volume 3 in the series) was riddled with errors; subsequent volumes have been greatly improved by the use of proofreaders/copy-editors.
davrid wrote on April 29, 2012
Yes, I bought the first two and looked through the third. Not just a question of errors and typos but of the standard and style of writing - neither of which is what I expect in a £60 book. I easily have a couple of thousand of Elvis books, and whilst value for money and quality are always subjective, where once i bought virtually anything, for me, nowadays, a book has to do more than merely look good and have nice pictures - it also has to offer insight and/or analysis and be written to an acceptable level of English usage and stylistic expression. The Elvis Files book file to meet those criteria.
Freddy Freeman wrote on April 29, 2012
In terms of this series' textual content, the overwhelming majority of it is taken from newspaper reports, transcripts of interviews, etc. I think it's been designed as an illustrated and expanded version of 'Day By Day'. If you're looking for an in-depth, doctoral-level, socio-cultural analysis of Elvis' life and career, then I'm not surprised that 'The Elvis Files' isn't to your taste.
davrid wrote on April 29, 2012
I don't disagree the Elvis Files books are intended as a daily pictorial history but I think they fail miserably in this objective, as without context and analysis, history means nothing. I have hundreds of Elvis pictorial anthologies -Tunzi, Lichter, Rijff etc - the inherent 'trap' of such books is that they failure to transcend merely being a collection of photographs, albeit predicated upon a common theme, be it a film, a recording session, a particular time frame etc. To me, the Elvis Files befall the same fate, compounded by an abject quality and standard of writing. There's no denying they are luxuriously produced, that they look great, but, personally, I think they fail to deliver content, at least perceptive and contextual content which broadens my understanding of the subject - a flaw which undermines the notion of a 'history' of any kind, pictorial or otherwise. It's been 30 years since Dave Marsh wrote 'Elvis', a follow-up is long overdue; one for which I would happily pay at least twice the £60 cost of the Elvis Files as it would offer an infinitely broader and richer perspective and experience.
bennie wrote on May 07, 2012
lets concentrate on the magazine. I think 58 euro's is a lot of money for 4 magazines with each 68 pages. It will have great pictures in it for sure. But I think I pass on this one. There will be a lot of great books released within the next months.