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Interesting Bids At Elvis Auction

April 02, 2012 | Other

Although the main Elvis Auction of this celebration year takes place in August (Peabody Hotel, Memphis, during Elvis Week), still the sales of some great items resulted in interesting bidding prices last weekens, at the online auction of Gotta Have Rock 'n' Roll. Among the eye catchers there were these four items.

* Jailhouse Rock costume: 32.211 dollar
* Red/white casual suit: 22.795 dollar
* 14 k gold ring diamaonds: 17.270 dollar
* A 2 piece pajama: 8.633 dollar 

Steve V wrote on April 04, 2012
The iconic & historic Jailhouse Rock suit for only 32 G's? Years ago it would have fetched close to a 100 grand. But 22,000 for an ugly 70's suit that has no history attached to it is ridiculous. Where were the priorities in this auction?
TCB1974 wrote on April 04, 2012
The Jailhouse Rock dance scene is very famous and exciting but these remain jeans and not exciting clothing. I would suspect that from the 50's his gold suit would be worth lots of money and the Teddy Bear suite from the movie Loving You. Those are really outstanding outfits from the 50's instead of jeans like the outfits used for Jailhouse Rock or Got a Lot of Living To Do.