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Elvis The Last Stop Hotel

April 07, 2012 | Video

The Chrome Dreams budgetlabel announced the may 12, 2012 release of the DVD 'Elvis The Last Stop Hotel'.

From Amazon:

Many would claim that the music Elvis Presley made towards the end of his life paled in comparison with that he made in the 1950s. But, as is often the case in the King's career, re-appraisal of those later performances and recordings reveal a passion and vitality as charged as anything he'd recorded during earlier times. This film documents the final years of Elvis's life, with particular emphasis given to his last few months on earth, and details in depth his final days. Presented in documentary style with plenty of rare and previously unseen Elvis footage, exclusive interviews with those who were with The King during his final days (such as members of the 'Memphis Mafia', other friends and colleagues and his spiritual advisor) news clips, archive interviews with the man himself and numerous other features to make, in completion, the finest film yet on this part of Elvis Presley's life. 

Harvey Alexander wrote on April 14, 2012
It'll just be some old tat we've had before given a new title. If there's really "rare footage" on here I'll buy Lisa Marie's next CD.
Lefty wrote on April 07, 2012
Weird title....I can't help but think that any fan reading this comment could probably stitch together a DVD from the stuff in their collection that would surpass this budget release in both content and quality.
samcra wrote on April 09, 2012
(such as members of the 'Memphis Mafia" ) Just that, turns me off.
Steve V wrote on April 09, 2012
Awful title