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Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes Withdrawn

April 02, 2012 | Other

These pair of Blue Suede Shoes were said to be signed by Elvis Presley in 1956 and the picture shown was said to prove it. Sadly though, the shoe he is signing is not the same as the one that was set to be auctioned off this weekend. The shoe in the photo is clearly a slip on shoe, it certainly has no laces and therefore must in itself bring doubt onto the actual signed shoe. Perhaps because of the growing doubt of the authenticity, the the was been withdrawn from the auction this weekend. 

hardluck wrote on April 04, 2012
EPE should have never sold these !! Never ever. These shoes (regardless if the King had ever worn those...) should be treasured upfront in Graceland mansion (in a glass cage) as a reliquee for music lovers' generations to come and to be seen by all visitors & fans ! Being in charge of marketing myself, I believe it's called a very valued gimmick that pays off for celebraties like Elvis ! Hook on, hint hint Graceland/EPE mavericks ! Forget those stupid E-dolls, toothpicks, bathrugs, etc. and concentrate at the real thing, please.
Tony C wrote on April 04, 2012
EPE never did sell these shoes, I'm not sure how they got dragged into this. A pair of shoes were given by Elvis to Gary Pepper, which the seller claims are these. This is nothing to do with EPE. I notice our marketing expert has another new identity, I wonder how many this is now, I've lost count!
dgirl wrote on April 04, 2012
Hardluck - same style of rant writing as you know who -member since today. Yeah Tony, you are correct.
Natha wrote on April 04, 2012
What happened to the original Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes from the photo?
Tony C wrote on April 05, 2012
If the story about Elvis giving the shoes in the photo to Gary Pepper is true, they could be traced back to whatever happened to his Elvis collection when he passed away. Other cases of photographs not matching the goods, bringing them into question, has happened before. It happened with the shirt that Frank Skinner bought that was supposedly the one he wore at his 1956 Tupelo concerts. That was not the case because the shirt Frank received was buttoned in a different way. Frank traced this shirt back to Dave Hebler, who was quite forthright and almost threatening in the way he defended himself. This was all filmed for a television documentary. Another time this happened was on a TV auction channel in the UK when they had a special Elvis show. One of the items shown was a copy of the first "Elvis' Golden Records" LP, which had been signed. It was framed with a photograph of Elvis holding it on the day he was inducted into the US Army. The problem I had with this item was that the LP itself had the seventies style block letters RCA logo, so it clearly was not the one in the photo. This is not to say that the autograph is not real, just that the two were not the same. I phoned the auction channel to ask for details while it was counting down to the final bid, but I was told that if I did not want to bid I should hang up. The LP did sell for quite a large sum of money.