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Details - Welcome Home Elvis 1960

March 29, 2012 | Book

Flaming Star, in collaboration with FTD, publishes a 260 pages book about the vital weeks in 1960 where Elvis regained control over his career. The format is the same as the well-known FTD book format (KING CREOLE-THE MUSIC and A MOMENT IN TIME). The book includes:

- More than 300 photos, many of them previously unpublished,
- text by David English and a
- CD with the original mono master for “ELVIS IS BACK”.

Pictures include Elvis coming home from the army, several press conferences, pictures at Graceland, coverage of the Sinatra TV show and much more.

01 Make Me Know It
02 Fever
03 The Girl Of My Best Friend
04 I Will Be Home Again
05 Dirty, Dirty Feeling
06 Thrill Of Your Love
07 Soldier Boy
08 Such A Night
09 It Feels So Right
10 Girl Next Door Went A’Walking
11 Like A Baby
12 Reconsider Baby 

ttwiise wrote on March 29, 2012
Jean Marie, that is far toi obvious for the powers that be to spot
Boxcar wrote on March 30, 2012
That's what came first to my mind: Finally ALL Sinatra recordings together in the best ever quality ( incl. the alternate ending of "Love Me Tender" just before the commercial break). But there is not a single tone from the Special? Instead of that they are doing a senseless stereo to mono mixdown on a half empty CD? Ooooooh and then they wonder why sales go down? It's decicions like that that brings FTD to the critics again and again. And they never learn .. even the most obvious things.
Natha wrote on March 30, 2012
Boxcar, imo you are quite right about FTD. The critical notes are based on errors and left outs. Very often it seems that not everything is included AS IF they hold back on them for later releases. SEEMS and AS IF, as they never explain why and often come with those recordings on releases.
dgirl wrote on March 30, 2012
The CD is totally uneccesary here. We dont need it. The book is nice and maybe the cost would be more reasonable for just the book if they left the CD out. Yes we do have a right to be critical when an obvious business decision is made like this and I (and prob many others) feel it could have been a better decision. The Sinatra show is out on DVD if anyone needs it.
Troubleman wrote on March 30, 2012
I have to agree with the group about the CD. They should have included the press conferences (the one where Nancy Sinatra welcomed him and the complete one he gave at Graceland) as well as the interview he gave on the train going to Florida. Adding the songs of the TV special, radio and TV spot promos would have been nice as well. I was quite happy with the previous FTD books (Writing for the king, Live in L.A., Fashion for a king) but the more recent ones (King Creole -the music, A moment in time) have left me dissapointed. TCB