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Here We Go Again: Another Unreleased Elvis Song...

March 15, 2012 | Other

A late songwriter’s heirs are all shook up over the recent discovery of a long-lost Elvis Presley outtake. The children of Jimmie Crane, who died in 1998, filed suit yesterday to claim the copyright to “Living to Love You,” which The King apparently recorded in 1965 but never released. The Manhattan federal-court filing says Crane “produced and co-authored” the number without any help from the late Detroit music exec Albert Leigh. A lawyer for Leigh’s sons, Violet Hinton, said she has a 1993 letter in which Crane told Albert Leigh “I love working with you” and granted him the rights to “the songs you like” from Crane’s catalog.

Hinton said she offered to sell the tape to the company that manages Presley’s estate, but “I could never get them to call me back.”... 

sitdown revamped wrote on March 15, 2012
Well that was on the net since quite some time. Anyway, I like the song. Would like to sing it to my wife. Even though it is just an elvisesque demo tape or whatever. It's the song that makes the song. Any possibility to get the full lyrics and demo from somewhere? Well, would have fitted well with Presley at each stage of his career, therefore the demosong theory could make sense. They just fail at claiming it is Elvis Presley's voice on it. Should have come out with "unreleased demo recording for EP" instead ;-) Cheers. Pedro
Christer wrote on March 16, 2012
Last time it appeared on this site they claimed it to be 1976. Now they have changed to 1965 probably because anyone who has some idea of Elvis career knows he had a deeper voice in 1976. One of the better imitations though.
sunrecords56 wrote on March 16, 2012
Get Me the All Shook Sessions
dgirl wrote on March 16, 2012
Whatever year this is, I hope that it is not Elvis (I know its not) because the song is crap.
theoldscudder wrote on March 16, 2012
JeanMarie please bare in mind EPE is a business not a non profit enterprise. Of course they will not touch this bogus piece of crap. Nobody's going to buy it. And even if there were a few suckers it will not be enough to turn a buck. That's how business runs in a Capitalistic society.
Tony C wrote on March 16, 2012
To our expert on marketing, can I point out yet again that EPE are not Sony. EPE are not Elvis' record company, which is one of the reasons they will not be bidding on this tape. Another small reason is that it is not actually Elvis on the tape!
dgirl wrote on March 17, 2012
Elvis does not sell in huge numbers, he sells modestly. The reason Sony doesnt do huge promotions is they can turn a modest profit by reissuing albums without doing so. It doesnt cost them much, Elvis isnt making new music, so its Buiness 101. When Elvis makes the top money makers of the dead person's list ,most of it is not from selling records, but from the EPE catalog and visits to Graceland. I doubt Elvis can or ever will top the charts again. With what? A duets gimmick perhaps. Tony Bennet's Duets hit #1. Think Tony would have been able to pull that off without Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse? This year will mark 35 years since his passing. Thats a lifetime. People approaching middle-age were not even born when he died. Think about it. Some fans live in fantasy land.
dgirl wrote on March 17, 2012
No, I am no expert, dont claim to be. I state what is obvious to all except the Elvis fanatics. What did I post that is so negative & wrong? You think ELvis sells in huge numbers these days? Hovering around 180-200 in the album charts, moving a few thousand copies is nice , and modest, but not huge. How did the Legacy Elvis Is Back & Elvis Country do in the charts? Elvis IS Back had a lot of promotion and a 5 star Rolling Stone review. You dont think most of the estate's earnings are NOT from EPE merchandise and tourism? Ok, tell me where else is the $$ coming from then? Tony Bennett did not have a # 1 album recently? Look it up, he did. What else did I say was wrong? If you dont think I ever say anything postive that's your problem with reality. I post a lot of postivie stuff. I also know truth from fiction. ELvis selling huge numbers of cds & downloads is fiction. By the way, tell me what you would do to get Elvis on top of the charts again. Maybe Sony will see this & hire you.
Martin DJ wrote on March 18, 2012
So you deny people the right to openly disagree with you yet you call yourself Freedom101. That's beyond weird.
dgirl wrote on March 18, 2012
Martin - was thinking the exact same thing, lol. I did not address Freedom by name directly, just responded with my opinion, which is what this forum is all about, no? If you dont want rebuttal, don't post. And of course Elvis 30 #1's sold more than The Beatles 1's in the last 10 years, it came out exactly 10 years ago! Overall The Beatles 1's has outsold it worldwide however. No one is denying Elvis is the # 1 artist of all time and no one is telling another person what to think. You are the type of fan who says everything Elvis did was great, every song, every film. (Ive seen all your posts) Another person cannot reason with people like that. If jack or whoever couldnt take it, that was his problem. I know he sent nasty & threatening vulgar personal notes to people who disagreed with him. Thats what got him banned. Is that the type of fan Elvis needs out in the world? Think about it. And maybe Elvis can be #1 again but it wont be with what Sony is currently doing with the catalog. Now, I will never address you again. Freedom indeed!
sitdown revamped wrote on March 18, 2012
This has turned out to be an intresting thread here, folks. So, does anyone know if there is a full sample of the "demo-song" ;-) Preferencies aside, I am in the age one likes these types of things, lol. Can't help it but I kinda love the song, wouldn't have been half way as questionable as some of the 60's movie songs like: Dominic, Smokey Mountain Boy, and all that kind of eerie stuff ;-) Thanks for any info. Cheers, Pedro
japio wrote on March 18, 2012
I can only say: FAKE. Why - you hear only the same sample, - In the clip they said they have all the prove. So why don't give us the date, studio, musicians ? -Why don't ask the real experts - why do they use NERO burning for compare the two singers.Why not using real pro software. So there 's another 4 letter word. FAKE
dgirl wrote on March 19, 2012
Sorry but I have to respond to your latest intelligent remark. So us older fans are the reason why Elvis's career dipped some after the British Invasion and are not true fans? It wasnt due to the long term movie contracts and terrible songs he was being given to sing year after year? No I guess that had nothing to do with it. Listen dude, you know nothing. You werent there, you are as you say a 'new' fan. I guess us older fans who helped Elvis become what he became mean nothing to you. I abandoned Elvis? Ha! I bought every LP , soundtrack, EP, 45, & saw every movie as miserable as some of this material was. No one else I knew was buying Elvis in my school, so blame them! The fact is I have spent more money on Elvis than you ever will in your lifteime. Oh yes I also bought records by the Brits, Motown, Beach Boys, 4 Seasons, Otis, Aretha, Dean Martin, because I like ALL music and their music was good! That does not make me a non-fan. You are not at all capable of having a debate. You took a discussion and made it an argument because someone had a different opinion. Says a lot about you. Now, I'm done and dont address me anymore.
Martin DJ wrote on March 19, 2012
I agree with Freedom101, those who dare disagree with him should be reported to the authorities. Also, I think Elvis fans who abandoned him (Elvis that is, not Freedom101) should be blacklisted.
japio wrote on March 19, 2012
Freedom. maybe you're right. But one reply of you , you started with there we go again. So you asked for another reply And ofcourse you feeling mad about me now. have respect for all. I have also complains and they called my name. Especially ShakingRuud. But he's dare to give his opnion. he don't attacks me. This guy is a good guy , i know him a long time and i don't feel like attacking. I also have said too many things to Ciscoking. But we also have respect to eachother as fan. What i want to say is live and let live. And i think Dgirl was not attacks you. besides this site is meant for give your opinion. And plz stick by this topic. The song is CRAP indeed
Steve V wrote on March 19, 2012
Here's a thought. Maybe we should ban JeanMarie for constantly whining about those missing outtakes of MBlue & EP Blvd!
Martin DJ wrote on March 20, 2012
The British invasion happened nearly half a century ago, you don't seriously get upset about people who 'abandoned' Elvis back then, do you?
Michael.W. wrote on March 20, 2012
Freedom,see a doctor!
Martin DJ wrote on March 20, 2012
The redoubtable marketing mogul stikes again: urging the editors of this site to ban those "who critisize others" and following this by being highly critical of someone he believes to be his son.
dgirl wrote on March 20, 2012
The so-called older fans who abandoned Elvis , yes they did just that, they abandoned him a long time ago and are NOT on this site. So the point is moot cause they aint here anymore, so who are you talking to? The ones that are here did NOT abandon him, so I dont get the whole arguement. We are allowed to be critical, because not everything he did was great, no artist's work is all great, so lets stop the silliness please. Its a long time ago and life has bigger issues to be concerned about.
japio wrote on March 20, 2012
Dgirl you're completely right. Well said.
benny scott wrote on March 20, 2012
I'm one of the so-called "older" or "original" fans too. When Heartbreak Hotel hit the world I was in my mid-teens. And NO, I never abandoned our man, I kept buying his work, but not all of it, because, indeed , there was less good stuff, more than once. In the eyes of some "younger fans" of this site, being critical and not finding everything terrific and/or fantastic seems to be synonym of "abandoning" or "betraying" their (but also our ) hero. THAT's is a real sign of immaturity ! Add to this an agressive style of writing, threatening "to report" those who dare not agree with them, calling people "pizza or flower delivery boys" shows clearly with what kind of fans we here have to deal with. I'm sure Elvis himself would not have been pleased with such "fans".After reading some postings I sometimes ask myself "what on earth are such people doing on a site like this ? Just snooty ones. Hope they mature some day. Always El.
Martin DJ wrote on March 20, 2012
Blonde33yrs has only joined this forum a couple of weeks ago and has already adopted JeanMarie's style of writing and his opinions, so no shortage of comic relief here. I don't know where this Blonde (what's in a name) got the idea that I don't tolerate the views of others - I merely occasionally disagree with views others post here (if they are nonsensical or have reached the realm of psychiatry).
benny scott wrote on March 20, 2012
Likig or not liking a song is a matter of personal taste.Well, I don't like this particular song, do I have the right to and do you mind ?. It's not sung by our man, but if it were I would not like it either. So here I'm clearly "voicing on a release or song" .That's what people like me, Steve, Martin a.o. should do according to Blonde33. Well, I just did, and in my previous posting I clearly stated that I did not buy all of our man's releases because imo not everything was good . What the heck did Steve,dgirl, Oldscudder and some others do in the past ? They gave comment on releases that weren't that good in their opinion, (and they had all the right to do so, but they also wrote/write positive things, and that seems not to be noticed by some) ) And what was the result ? They were critisized (OK) and called names ( NOT OK) . As far as I can remember NONE of the before named people started calling names, so don't put the cart before the horse! Or is calling people "pizza and flowers delivery boys" prove of intelligence ? I don't think so. Yes we can tolerate the view of others as long as this view is expressed in a decent way.If we are addressed in an agressive way, don't be surprised we do not take it. Give me comments in the style of dgirl, Steve, Oldscudder and also, for instance, Natha, drjohn, Tony C, just to name a few ,and the problem is solved. With such people one can discuss instead of dispute and there is mutual respect. So don't call some of us "weirdos", or are we supposed to consider this expression as a prove of good manners and intelligence too? Always El.
benny scott wrote on March 20, 2012
Martin DJ, you were just one step ahead of me ! Amen to your posting! There is nothing wrong indeed occasionally disagree with other posts. I do not always agree with Steve V's opnion too, and he knows that, but we respect each other and that's the most important I think. Take care. Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on March 20, 2012
Very surreal thread - Dgirl, Steve_V, keep on posting and ignore the lunatics.
Michael.W. wrote on March 20, 2012
I think it's one lunatic with several accounts!
Steve V wrote on March 21, 2012
Michael I agree. I thinks it just another name/account for JeanMarie, the style is just too similar. Well I for one get a chuckle out of JeanMarie's posts because no matter the topic, it leads to the same rant about missing outtakes, EPE or Sony not doing their job, etc. I must say I also found the pizza boy comment very funny and didnt mind it at all. Its when I'm called stupid or a non-fan if I criticize something that gets me upset. I remember one song of the day, I commented on not too favorably, the person who was eventually banned sent me a very nasty personal message, then followed it with another that just said 10 more stars!(well that was kind of funny). There are many intelligent fans on this site that I love to discuss with. Benny named a few. There is also Andy, Martin, Ruthie, John4126 and many others. Keep it up folks! Oh and by the way Benny, I guess I'm a bigger fan that you since I bought every release when they came out, LOL! (I no longer do though, so I guess I'm not that big of a fan anymore)
benny scott wrote on March 21, 2012
Steve, agreed with the other names you mentioned ! I couldn't mention them all, the list would (luckily) have been too long. Freedom(?)101 : you'll stand by your previous comments ? No problem,you have the right to, suit yourself, but in the future I won't pay attention to them anymore , they're not worth it. Always El.
japio wrote on March 21, 2012
Webmaster ban the freedom101. He made his point and still try to upset the members here. He's only point his finger to others.Except to him self. He alson not stick by this topic. Sad person. Only he is a great fan.All the other memeber not. And i hope many of us here thhinks the same way. You don't have agreed with eachother. But i get tired of JM and Freedom101. By the way. Calling a name has nothing to do with attacking ,but just what you want to say to the reply of these member. Nothing wrong with that.
benny scott wrote on March 21, 2012
Japio, I read your postings too and I'm convinced you're a good and well-meaning fan, but with all due respect,I have to disagree (in a friendly way) with your statement about "calling names".This is what the definition of "calling names" is, according to any dictionnary , quote : " call somebody names : to use rude or insulting words to describe someone ". unquote: nothing personal of course ! As for Freedom and JM : they don't have to be banned as far as I'm concerned, but sometimes they go too far IMHO. Take care. Always El.
Ruthie wrote on March 22, 2012
This entire conversation (topic?) is truly pathetic!