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The Hillbilly Cat Returns

February 28, 2012 | Music

As recorded at the Hilton Hotel showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 24th, 1970, Midnight show. Graceland Records comes with a new CD release the follow up of The Hillbilly Cat Live , a digipack with gorgeous photos and liner notes plus technical information. It features one of the best shows from his August Las Vegas engagement, namely the August 24th, 1970 midnight show, taken from the original unspoiled – a tremendous audience recording! 

After the success of "The Hillbilly Cat Live" volume 1 we decided to give you the other Elvis show also. Again directly taken from the original master tape created in 1970 for the double vinyl release "The hillybilly Cat "live" This second show is entitled "The Hillybilly Cat returns", volume 2. The best title to link it to "The Hillybilly Cat Live ! Together you'll have the complete vinyl lp release on two CDs and MUCH MORE , the complete shows in their original form! 

By now we can state that these recordings now sounds significantly better than they it did on the 1970 vinyl bootleg. The historic.. THE HILLBILLY CAT "LIVE"! Is a sought after double lp from Canada, featuring two 1970 Vegas shows (August 23 DS and 24 MS) Edited together as one powerhouse performance. Many believed at the time that it was a soundboard recording, but it was simply a great stereo tape, made from a front, center table. Now for the first time, hear it straight from the original tapes, enhanced using 21st-century techniques.

The August 24 Midnight Show is the complete tape, which was only partly released on the double album. This show is a little more serious but with Elvis on top of his game and in great spirits, as the Hollywood cameras were gone. Listen for perhaps one of the rarest songs in complete form "When The Snow Is On The Roses"," a tender love song originally recorded by Ed Ames, who as it was, present during this show. It's unique to point this out since Elvis rarely did something outside of this own songbook. All songs are getting the royal Elvis treatment so this show is one to take serious! No wonder it became part of the first, and most legendary Elvis bootleg LPs!


01. Orchestra Intro 02. Opening Vamp / That's All Right 03. I Got A Woman / Ave Maria (excerpt) 04. Spanish Eyes (excerpt) 05. Tiger Man 06. I Just Can't Help Believin' 07. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 08. Polk Salad Annie 09. Band Introductions 10. Johnny B. Goode 11. Celebrity Introductions (Jimmy Wakely, Darlene Love, The Osmond Brothers) 12. When The Snow Is On The Roses (with 2 false starts) 13. Celebrity Introduction (Ed Ames) 14. The Wonder Of You 15. Heartbreak Hotel (with false start) 16. One Night (with two breaks) 17. All Shook Up (false start only) 18. Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 19. Hound Dog 20. Bridge Over Troubled Water 21. Suspicious Minds 22. Can't Help Falling In Love (false start) / Release Me 23. Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp

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Ciscoking wrote on February 28, 2012
Good show, good sound...recommendable..!
Natha wrote on February 28, 2012
Thanks Ciscoking for you valuable feedback (as usual). I was waiting for your prompt respons!
Johnny2523 wrote on February 28, 2012
I like those shows, but where are the soundboards of the november 1970 tour??. Keith flynn shows the whole november 1970 tour was recorded on soundboard. But where is trying to get to you 1970 LA version, Where is How great Thou art etc etc. If they dont have songs complete they could make a compilations out of the best performances from the november 1970 tour.
Sirbalkan wrote on February 28, 2012
E.N.O.U.G.H. with 1970 shows... Especially LAS VEGAS...
Ciscoking wrote on February 28, 2012
Not enough...I pefer Las Vegas 1970 in decent sound over any Vegas season besides 1975..
Tony C wrote on February 28, 2012
When the performances are this strong and the recordings this good, I can never have enough of them.
Hans Otto wrote on February 28, 2012
First time on CD?! Isn't this the exact same show that was realeased on silver CD by the Dr.Pepper Inc label some years ago with the title "When the Snow is on the Roses"? According to Mr. Francesc Lopez on the excellent ElvisConcerts homepage, it was wrongly dated as the August 24 1970 Midnight Show, but is in fact the Dinner Show from earlier the same day. Seemes like this re-release by Graceland Records are making the same error?
Ciscoking wrote on February 29, 2012
Hans Otto,..please don`t mix things up. This show has been released in 2004 on The Night Elvis sang When the Snow Is On The Roses...right..! There it was a x-generation copy of the master tape without efforts being made to improve the sound.. The result is a below average sounding audience recording. Recently the original master tape surfaced and was used and re-mastered for release on the disc in question. This means now we have a complete and really good sounding version of the show.Eveb better than the recently released The Hillbilly Cat Live. About the date: A few years ago this show was supposed to be recorded during the DS. An email from the guy who recorded the show for release on the famous boot vinyl The Hilbilly Cat Live in 1970 confirmed that it was in fact the MS and NOT the DS. Visite my Cisco Corner and you get all infos about those shows...
Hans Otto wrote on February 29, 2012
Thank you for clearing this up, Ciscoking. It's of course great if Graceland Records have got hold of the original audio tape. However, I'm a bit tired of all the later re-releases making false claimes about "corrected speed", "more complete" and "unreleased" material. In some cases this is correct, but some bootlegers are overselling their so called new stuff. I guess the well is becoming quite dry... I have no problem with the release of this "The Hillbilly Cat Returns" CD. However, they are a bit greasy in their sales info claiming that this concert have only been released on a super rare 1970 vinyl bootleg record. Graceland Records should be more up front, and also inform fans that this is an upgraded version of the latter "The Night Elvis Sang When The Snow Is On The Roses" CD.
Ciscoking wrote on February 29, 2012
You are absolutely right about the bootleggers often exaggerated ads. But the 1970 boot vinyl was indeed very rare with the original only having an edition of reportedly 500 copies. It was pressed for a fanclub`s members and became a legend. Nowdays very hard to find. I think it`s a great thing to now have both shows from this LP in the right order and almost complete in decent sound and modern layout on silver disc..I ust have a faible for these concerts. I, too think that within the coming 5 years the well has dried out and we get more and more re-releases or more bad sounding shows....good sounding tour shows for release are already very hard to find.
Hans Otto wrote on February 29, 2012
Well, this is exactly what I'm refering to, Ciscoking. Why on earth are Graceland Records only refering to this extremely rare 1970 bootleg vinyl in their press release, when a more complete version of this concert was released on CD in 2004?! Should be relevant info, don't you think...? Of course they are among the bootlegers trying to steer up some kind of hype around their latest CD release. By trying to do this, they are , however, underestimating the knowledge among serious Elvis collectors, and thereby loosing some credibility themselves. This shouldn't be necessary if they have a much better tape source on hand. However, it is of great importance that top notch Elvis concert experts like yourself keep up your fantastic and painstaking work cataloguing these recordings. Your ciscoking.jordans-elvis-world site is probably the Worlds best data base on topic. Hats off to you, friend :o)
sunrecords56 wrote on February 29, 2012
Been there done that. Find lost Sun material
Ciscoking wrote on February 29, 2012
Hans Otto..not everyone is an expert as you are..when you have a tape which was used for one of the most famous boot vinyls ever..you just have this LP release in mind...not recognizing that has already been released years by an almost unknown label ..which just did that release...we can of course look it up when all is done...and we have experts like you who know such things by heart....the thing would be completely different if there had already been a pristine sounding audience recording by Straight Arrow....then we`d have to blame thte makers of this release because of not mentioning this......just my thoughts how someone can miss such a cd release..
Hans Otto wrote on February 29, 2012
Thank you for your kind words, Ciscoking. And it is also most symphatetic of you defending the guys at Graceland Records. However, do you really believe that they have used a lot of time, money and resources digging up a 40 year old master tape, turing it into a "professional" CD, marketing and distributing it world wide, without EVER checking out a single of the various live Elvis bootleg sites on the Internet - including your excellent Ciscoking's Corner site. Are each bootleger really just fumbling around in total darkness, without any regard to what the other bootlegers are puting out? If so, then I wonder how they in the first place know which live concert to release...? Weeeell ;o)
Ciscoking wrote on February 29, 2012
Not defending...it was just a guess..I think if they knew it..they had mentioned it.. in fact it is the bootleggers standard to claim in their flyers....speed corrected..sound improved...more complete than the old release etc....etc..anyway..you can only rely 100% to a few labels like Straight Arrow ..